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Review #1, by SiriuslyPeeved A Hebridean Rose

15th August 2011:
This was heartbreaking, and I've always seen a place for Tom/Minerva even if it was a schoolgirl crush situation. The little details really pulled the story together. I wonder what Ron and Harry will say to their supervisor, knowing that Professor McGonagall is so well-respected. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the 'tag' of this review. Tomerva's one of those things that I see sort of in the same way that I saw Voldy/Bella. I don't think he ever cared for anyone and if he sought affection it would be just to use someone.

But, on the other hand, I think Bella would do anything for him and it's possible that a younger Minerva might have found him charming.

Personally, I think they would say that it was Minerva and not someone to worry about. She'd be well-known to them.

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Review #2, by Violet Gryfindor A Hebridean Rose

4th December 2010:
This was an unexpected find on the recently added list, but I'm very glad that I stopped in to read it. I haven't seen anything like this before: a story taking place after DH that hints at Tom/Minerva and includes Harry and Ron. Very creative, and yet very canon in that it's entirely plausible, especially in how you describe both it and the backstory.

What I liked most about this story was the setting and the detail that you included, even in such a short story. The scathing and chilly wind blew through the room as I read this, and the image of the rose blowing through it was powerful - purity and beauty being handled roughly by the wind's violent hand.

One critique that I have, and it's a minor one, probably based on taste more than anything, was that your dialogue at the end felt chunky and awkward, not natural enough in its rhythm. Otherwise, this was a great read!

Author's Response: I see what you mean about the dialogue at the end. It does sound a bit forced for Harry, in particular.

I'm super pleased that you've read some of my work. I admire you and your craft, so your opinion holds water with me. I try to have original plotlines, but with so many HP fanfics out there, it can be hard, and I like that you haven't come across anything like this before.

I wasn't really trying to be canon here, but not AU, either. That's really how most of my work is.

Thanks so much for the CC on the setting and detail. I worried that it was actually too much detail for such a short story. I have this image of Voldemort's ashes being spread by the sea, to prevent further resurrection attempts, so the Hebrides seems like a good place to me. It's also where I have Harry living in one of my stories.

Again, thank you so much for the kind words, but also for the CC. Good CC is often hard to come by.

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Review #3, by spencefa A Hebridean Rose

4th December 2010:
well written, pretty interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the nice review.

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