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Review #1, by mugglemania Worth Fighting For

5th June 2011:
Awww, how touching!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks!

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Review #2, by Olwyn Worth Fighting For

20th January 2011:
This is so amazing. Congratulations on winning first in the 419 challenge! Ange put the results on her blog, if you want to look.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And thanks for the heads up! I've been kind of busy the past few days.

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Review #3, by CheeringCharm Worth Fighting For

20th January 2011:
Oh my... I have goose bumps on legs and arms... this is an amazing story and I simply love the way that you tell us about what happened at Hogwarts when we could not see what was there.

So pretty, and I know that my sisters are the only reason that I'd ever be able to reach such courage.


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words. I really wanted to have a view from inside Hogwarts. In the trenches of an ideological war. I just thought it was a neat concept.

I'm glad it inspired that feeling in you. I don't have siblings, so I was really worried about getting this right.

Thank you!

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Review #4, by Ginny45 Worth Fighting For

3rd December 2010:
Hey! RandomRed here from the forums.
Ok, I was not expecting this. I love it. That sounds bad, I meant I wasn't expecting the story not that I wasn't expecting to love it.

You have made the pillow a sweet part of the story and you gave it a whole backstory, which is my favorite part. This story is just so moving and gives a great look into the reasons people fought. Especially, when it seemed like they were losing.

Actually I lied, my favorite part is how much you have shown the connection with him an his sister, in so few words it is almost unbelieveable.

It is weird, Terry Boot is such a minor character we don't find out much about him. I kind of want this to be his back story now...
Well this is going in my favorites... 10/10! I adore this story. :)

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx

Author's Response: I'm very happy to have surprised you in a positive manner! I wanted to make the pillow as important as possible, and because it naturally lent itself to comedy, I wanted to make it Drama. Because I'm contrary like that.

I actually kind of want to expand on this and make it a story about seventh year. I'm very curious about what happened that Hermione, Ron and Harry missed out on.

Thank you very much!

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Review #5, by angeless7fallenstarsong Worth Fighting For

3rd December 2010:
Ooooh, this is so beautiful!

I love the insight into the DA's operations! And you've done such a great job with Terry, who I'm sure must have been kind of difficult to write as we rarely hear about him in the books.

Your grammar and spelling seems to be flawless, which, again, is spectacular. You don't come across very many stories like this.

I suppose I might suggest that you add more dialogue. Maybe someone tries to talk him out of what he's going to do. Or you could go more into detail about the moment when he actually volunteers.

Oh my God. "In the other hand, he clutched what was left of his little sister." This line gave me chills.

Your last paragraph is actually stunning. I that you didn't try to make him too *good.* He's not really interested in being noble or earning glory.

I am completely awestruck by your work. Thanks so much for submitting this!

Ta taaa!

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you liked my Terry. After writing this, I kind of want to write something about him in that entire year, maybe about the DA in general.

I thought about adding dialogue, because I've been told in the past that it's my strength, but I was sort of trying to challenge myself to make the narrative better.

The character who came to mind here wasn't necessarily "good". Being a Ravenclaw, I guess I didn't want him to be too Gryffindorish, if you'll pardon the made up word.

Thank you very much for your kind review!

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Review #6, by Galawen Worth Fighting For

3rd December 2010:
Hello! I got some time :)
I found this piece very sweet - like what I said before there was a poignant determination throughout that made it very compelling to read. I love that its such a simple action - spreading rumours to put it basically, but theres so much riding on it. All his emotion for his sister and the threat of repercussion build up inside of him and you write that very well.
"Waiting was the worst part. The anticipation of what might happen made it both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Oh, he knew that the Carrows would catch him eventually. And when they did, hed think that was the worst part"
I love those lines because its so true; when we're waiting for something bad we always feel like it would just be better to have it happen than the anticipation, but of course when it happens our minds change very quickly!
Anyway I really liked this and I have to say the words "For Katherine" stayed in my mind for a while :)
- Galawen

Author's Response: It's really funny that you mentioned the waiting part. I was waiting for an important presentation to start and I was really nervous while I finished writing this story.

Thank you! I really loved the phrase "poingant determination" to describe this.

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Review #7, by CornishPixie Worth Fighting For

3rd December 2010:
Wow. Short, sweet, and inspiring as heck.

This piece just goes to show that you don't need to be heavy on the words to tell a story with a solid meaning. This made me very happy in a sad sort of way, because it does point out why they keep fighting, but also shows how desperate they were in this situation. What wonderful writing!

Terry Boot: he's one of those minor characters that we hear mention of just enough that we feel like we know things about him even though we really don't. Thank you for choosing him to write about and making him into just as much of a Hero as Harry or Neville. It really is even the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Katherine, dear, you have been avenged!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was nervous that I was being a bit sparse with the imagery, but I wanted it to come across as kind of a bleak situation he found himself in.

I love Terry Boot now. He may actually make an appearance in some of my other fictions now, because he seems so interesting. I want to know more about him.

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

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