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Review #1, by Dark Whisper Death Eaters and Cake

22nd June 2011:
Sad... yes.

I'm glad Ted never found out about the two. Or if he did, he didn't believe it or really confront her about it.

How incredibly sad that Scabior was the one to give her Ted's wand. So, so sad. :'(

This was really wonderful, Padfoot Prongs. I enjoyed it immensely.

Favorited to revisit chapter two in particular! Just gorgeous!

Thank you!
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: No, I don't think he did. Maybe subconsciously, he knew something was wrong, but he never wanted to bring it to a conscious level, y'know?
I just thought it was right. Final closure, for both men. I'm glad you thought it was well done, :)
Thank you, thank you. Thank you. Just. :D You have made my night exponentially more wonderful.

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Review #2, by Dark Whisper Escape and Goodbyes

22nd June 2011:
A cottage? A waterfall's cave? Berries?
A hot bath in his arms?

Oh... what beautiful imagery you've created here. Just beautiful and wildly romantic.

I'm in love.

I can't believe this is free.

You are amazing!

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: :D Haha, you're adorable. I'm so, so glad you're enjoying this! It was a step away from what I normally do, so it's nice to see that some appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by Dark Whisper Right and Wrong

22nd June 2011:
Wow! I went looking for fics with Scabior and found yours.

This is truly amazing! I can totally see this happening. Loving two men at the same time is agonizing. Eventually someone (or everyone) will be hurt.

And yes... Scabior in DH1... Gorgeous! He made a lasting impression on me as well and I can't wait to see him in DH2.

Anyway... your writing is truly brilliant. I love the way that you weave both men around her narrative and twisting the three into a chord that won't be easily broken.

Truly a beautiful job... and I am totally feeling her anguish. I mean... the two are both wonderful in their own ways. How in the world will she choose between them?

And Scabior... accepting that she won't leave Ted begins a relationship with her anyway. Gah!

I must say, my favorite line... the 'awe' moment came at... "we loved." So sweet... And they being each other's first time... They will always mean so much to each other!

Must keep reading.
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: I did the same thing, and there's just such a shortage, I knew I had to write one, :) Suffice to say, I'm very glad you found this.
Oh, me either! He was just stunning. I'm excited to see him again.
Awh, thank you, :D Your words are so kind and really mean a lot to me, truly. I hope you continue to enjoy!
Thank you very, very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by danjc2 Death Eaters and Cake

11th December 2010:
-large intake of breath-


you break my heart with this writing lark of yours, especially when its as sad as this :( well written story, excellent as always.

Author's Response: Lmao, you're hilarious.
I totally didn't even realize how tragic this was until I went back and reread it.
And I was like, wow.
Thank you, dear!

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Review #5, by danjc2 Right and Wrong

4th December 2010:
Aaah, you're gonna break my heart you are. The torment of your passionate writing and my internal repulsion at cheating are gonna make this a brilliant read for me, as all your stories are :)

ed was always the right guy for me. He was predictable, dependable, reliable; all the things any girl should want in a girl (theres a typo in here :P)

apart from that it was fandabbydosey :)

promise to re-read Lullabies tomorrow evening, but i have to go to sleep, and i have to write an essay tomorrow :(


Author's Response: Oh, I certainly hope not!
I, too, house a repulsion for it, but I just. I dunno. It felt okay to do it here.

Haha, yes, and a painful one at that.

That's quite alright, as long as you read it soon! :D

And thank you, dearie.

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