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Review #1, by You Know Who Polyjuice Potion

19th January 2011:
I bursted out laughing, I'm sorry, but the irony killed me.

Draco Malfroy, that was great of you to do that. Now Ronnikens, hitting your best friend is a bad thing to do.

Wait, Cho has the stone. As in THE resurrection stone.

Great, now we are all doomed.

But you did good.

I have read your other stories in the past, still peeved that Harry still isn't with Ginny in the little series you wrote. I would be very glad if I could lock them in a closet for you.

Author's Response: Hey, actually I was somewhat aiming for a reaction like that when it came to Malfoy. Didn't want it to be Snape, since he's dead. Glad you thought it was okay! Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by You Know Who Prequel

18th January 2011:
Lovely banner I must first say. Splendid work the DA can whip up.
Your narration reminds me of those radio murder mysteries. The blokes with the deep voice, wide vocabulary, enjoys shorts sentences to build up the suspense.

Not a bad start

Some of the murders, reminds me of Agatha Christe and Edgar Allan Poe, great inspiration for what you want to help you with this. The dark, grim atmosphere, the feeling of hopelessness. You would want to try to get that for a mood.

You have a strong prequel, it's like the opening credits for a paranormal tv series. Just a few grammar problems here, and it's good to let a friends triple-check that. You also have a few tense changes in the beginning and end.

7.5/10 Not a bad start, is this your first?

Author's Response: Nah, it's not my first. Read my other fics one day if you get the chance!

I never read the Agatha Christe or Poe stories before, but I think I might sometime soon. Thanks for reading, and I'll be sure to have someone look it over again for mistakes!

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Review #3, by Choochachipoo Prequel

18th January 2011:
Ok sir it was ok could improve bye see you later

Author's Response: Thanks, look out for my update. It's coming in the matter of days!

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Review #4, by Miniboom4 Prequel

10th January 2011:
Short, but real interesting. Perfect prequel.

Author's Response: YES! That was what I was going for. Glad you liked it! Keep your eyes out for the first official chapter! Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by DetectiveMenace Prequel

8th January 2011:
Why?! Why Fang?! I LOVE FANG AND YOU BURIED HIM ALIVE! All horrid dog killin's aside, this did capture my intrest; I hope you update this soon! I want to read more of this...chaos! Oh, and just one more question - CHO lives while FANG dies?!

Author's Response: OMG, i'm sitting here laughing, not in a mean way or anything. My goal was to capture your attention...I guess in a sick twisted way, I did.

I had to keep Cho alive, she plays an important role in this fic. I'm glad I interested you with this, I"m going to update real soon, don't worry. Thanks for reading!

Fang- R.I.P.

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Review #6, by HarryPotter8 Prequel

16th December 2010:
I have a feeling this is gonna be good. Too bad there wasn't a way to put in two chapters, you needed this one but it would have been nice for some dialogue. I think the next chapter, if written like this, will make this story addictive.

Author's Response: Hey! First review for this fic! Yeah, I plan on growing up with this fic, updating every chance I get. Writing takes my mind off things, and keeps me busy and out of trouble, wink wink XD But really, thanks, and dialogue will be sure to come by next chapter!

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