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Review #1, by alyson An Unexpected Surprise

2nd August 2006:
you have to do a sequal I mean you left a cliffy

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Review #2, by Ms_Malfoy An Unexpected Surprise

4th September 2005:
THAT WAS SO FRIGGIN GOOD! i'm adding it to my favorites!!!

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Review #3, by Jen An Unexpected Surprise

23rd September 2004:
GASP GASP GASP! you ended with a cliffy! you evil evil evil evil person!!!!! please oh pleeeaaase write a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by Samantha An Unexpected Surprise

21st May 2004:
This is a great story, please wright another chapter even thought you said that the last one was well the last. You are a great author and I can't wait to read more stories written by you.

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Review #5, by MrNingGlry An Unexpected Surprise

13th May 2004:
That was *truly* well written! I read Purple Rose, but didn't get a chance to review yet.. will go and do that after this..=) I absolutely love that you have the story at a good pace, and how detailed you make it- enough for readers to be able to picture and see the story in their minds...((That's what I did..=D Heh..Heh..)) I only hope that you continue to write more. =)

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Review #6, by Liza An Unexpected Surprise

2nd May 2004:
that was so good!!!!

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Review #7, by Black Dove An Unexpected Surprise

7th April 2004:
AWESOME! but is that the end of the story or the chapter? I hope it is only the end of the chapter cause it is a really good story!

Author's Response: This is the Prequel to a story I have started writing, called "Purple Rose" There is only one chapter to "Reminiscing" so yes, that would be the end of the story, but "Purple Rose" follows it exactly, so no need to worry, I have more for you! Thanx for reviewing!! ~Laura~

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