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Review #1, by Snapdragons Snapdragon

8th May 2011:
This was wonderfully sweet and adorable - plus, how could I resist when the first chapter was called Snapdragon? :P Heh.

I loved your depictions of James and Lily in this. They were true to what I'd imagine them to be - only younger, and more innocent, but the seeds were planted (oh look, a gardening metaphor) for who'd they be when they grew up, if that makes sense.

The idea of the barking snapdragons made me laugh - such a James thing to do, and it really would be quite funny. I enjoyed his lighthearted innocence and also, the hinting of his relationship with Sirius - how much they explored, how he wanted to find a way to get to Hogsmeade...

Him knowing that he had to save Lily because of fairytales was really sweet - you displayed their emotions wonderfully and it was quite believable.

Some of my other favorite parts included the little comment with the jam, how Lily was both flattered and angry - truly, only girls could pull that off! haha -, and that final touch of mentioning how Lily always kept the snapdragon.

Your characterization was impeccable and it was lovely to see James and Lily when they were young. A wonderful job - perfect for brightening days! :)

Author's Response: Heh, that's the awesomest thing ever! I review by Snapdragon for Snapdragon! I am really glad you like the characterizations of James and Lily because I took a lot of effort into making them behave like (still) children and especially children that are about to grow into the adults we know them as. Thanks for the super sweet and lovely review!

P.S. Nice gardening metaphor, I loled. xD

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Review #2, by potterfan91 Violet

1st March 2011:
Very nice! You can see James has matured a bit in how concerned he is for his friend, but at the same time it wasn't so drastic of a leap that he was above asking Sirius to push Lily's books to the ground :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! And yeah, James matures really really slowly, doesn't he. xD

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Review #3, by potterfan91 Snapdragon

7th February 2011:
This was so wonderful :) I loved the little bit of personality that you gave the Fat Lady and how you captured young James and Lily so expertly.

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! :) Truth is Lily and James are really fun to write and that's why I am glad that you like their characterisation.

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Review #4, by schoenemaedchen Violet

30th January 2011:
Hi there! Back with another review.

I'm still so in love with the idea of this story! Such a lovely way to present James and Lily. So different and original. I already told you that, though :)

What really stood out to me in this chapter was how you're not just presenting different instances, it's how you're developing their characters along the way. You see the canon events developing. I love this! You do it subtly, but with great detail and importance.

My favorite part was that I swore I could smell violets as I read. Don't know why. Great quality writing! :)

Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Something happened... why did my replies disappear...

Anyway, second try.

You cannot believe how wide am I smiling at your review. :) I am so happy that you can see the canon Lily and James developing through these small 'snapshots'.

And wow - about the smell of violets. That's like the greatest compliment ever. :) I am glad you liked that part.

Thank you for the loveliest review!

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Review #5, by marinahill Snapdragon

29th January 2011:
This was really sweet! I think you really captured their youthfulness in this, especially James'. His fascination with the snapdragon was really interesting to read and well-written. When he gave the flower to Lily, it really just showed that he already knew she was special if he was willing to give it to her. A lovely chapter :)


Author's Response: I replied to this review, I swear! I don't know what happened. o_O Anyway, thank you for the lovely review! I am really glad that you think I've captured the youthful voice of James and Lily. :) That was a major goal of mine.

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Snapdragon

25th January 2011:
Hello! You seem to have done very well here with James and Lily's younger selves. James is still annoying (jam suiting her hair), still a prankster, and still a nice guy underneath it all. You captured the uneasy relationship of a preteen boy and a preteen girl very nicely, especially the bit where James knew from fairytales that he had to comfort Lily.

You had a few gems: I liked the strawberry jam, as I already said, it was classic James. I also liked Frank becoming known as the boy who runs from flowers. :P

I think the thing for you to work in is wording, and flow. Many of your sentences were choppy or missing a small word, and it made it less enjoyable to read. If you read your chapter aloud, it may help you see what I mean. It's not always easy to tell when staring at a screen. ;) Otherwise, nice work!

Author's Response: Hey! Sorry for forgetting to answer your review! I am really happy that you liked the characterisation of younger Lily and James, I was very careful with that. :))

And everyone seems to like the bit about Frank. :) Maybe I should have included him more. :D

As for the missing words - I'll definitely go back and check! I've read it so many times, I cannot believe I've still missed words! Thanks for pointing it out :)

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Review #7, by schoenemaedchen Snapdragon

24th January 2011:
Hi there!

I just saw that you like James and Lily and I myself am a sucker for them as well. I just finished a novel about them and am finally feeling up to reading some other James and Lily stories!

This is absolutely lovely. What a truly clever idea. It's unique and symbolic. Your writing style is witty and entertaining. I love the detail!

I especially like some of the uniqueness you've brought in--such as: Merlin's left sock, or Lily's befreckled and scrunched nose, or the comment about a girl's emotional range. These really left a lasting impression on me. When I have some more time I'll read through more chapters and leave reviews.

I feel a good read coming on!

-dasschoenemaedchen aka Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey Katie! :)

So happy to see a fellow Lily/James fan! And you have a novel about them? That sounds perfectly delicious and after I finish this story I'll definitely read it (I also don't like to read much fics for the same ship/topic when I am writing one, so that I don't get influenced)

And I am happy that you like the idea! I wanted a more creative spin on their whole relationship and that's how this fic was born. :)

Thank you for the compliment the writing, too! I am grinning like a mad woman now. :))) I am glad you liked it.

Thanks again for the lovely review. Have a good night! (it's late here, in our cold country ;) )


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Review #8, by James and Lily Potter Sunflower

23rd January 2011:
OMG!!! i love it... PLEASE write the next chapter soon...
i mean, i stayed up till VERY late just to read. you are very creative. i would never imagine something this good.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the super sweet review! I am really happy that you enjoyed it and that you find it creative, I wanted to do such a take on Lily and James' relationship. :)) I hope your sleep didn't suffer because of the late night stay. ;)

And next chapter will be in the queue the upcoming week, I hope you'll not have to wait too long for it. :)


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Review #9, by lily16 Sunflower

14th January 2011:
Wow, that was a lot more dramatic than the other chapters. I think you wrote everyone's reactions to Snape's worst memory really well. I especially like how you used James' reaction to show how much Lily means to him now.

Hehe speaking of James, did he seriously consider cutting his ear off for a minute? He's so adorable, and his original note was so corny :) In a nice way, of course.

Oh and I LOVED that last scene when Lily ripped up the flower and then felt guilty about it. That's exactly how I imagined her...she's fair and kind, even when she's angry.

Author's Response: Yes, Snape's worst memory is not a happy event and I just couldn't write humour here. It was a turning point for James and Lily's lives. James' true character is starting to really come through here. :)

And no, he didn't consider it for a second. xD He just likes to be a drama queen sometimes. ;) He is also a wee bit corny, but in his own sweet unique way. :)

And yes... I had this scene with Lily and the flower in mind ever since I started planning the story. Lily is a sweetheart, she is just put off by James' childish behaviour sometimes (and let's face it, who wouldn't?)

I am really happy you liked the scene and the story and thank you for all the wonderful reviews that you left me. ;)

Have an amazing day,

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Review #10, by lily16 Peony

14th January 2011:
Aww I love Sirius :D

Author's Response: Who doesn't? He's awesome. xD

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Review #11, by lily16 Violet

14th January 2011:
Lily's part was really short, but it was still really good. I love that you let readers see why she's so outwardly mean to James.

Author's Response: Yes, this story is more James-centric so we really see more of him. Lily is just for flavour but the last chapter is going to be mostly her. ;)

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Review #12, by lily16 Snapdragon

14th January 2011:
Oh my god, this was perfect! Seriously, your writing was amazing and Lily and James' characterizations were spot on. Especially considering how young they are. And I love that he gave her a snapdragon and not a regular flower :D

You're a really good writer :D

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for the super nice review! I am so happy when people find Lily and James' characterisation fitting. :) That was my ultimate goal! Ha! :D And I am really glad you like my writing, of course ;) Thanks again!

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Review #13, by Fleur Delacour Potter Sunflower

14th January 2011:
I think that this chapter was my favorite out of all of them. I like Lily's reflection at the end. It's like I always imagined her to be like.

Nice job,

Author's Response: Thank you! It's one of my favourite chapters, too, since Lily and James and everyone else is a bit more grown up and their true character starts to really show. :) I am glad that you imagine Lily like me. ;)


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Review #14, by Toujours Padfoot Sunflower

11th January 2011:
I really enjoyed these stories! They're so sweet, and it is JUST like James to try to seduce Lily with flowers. You write James very well and I love the fact that he didn't set out to give her the first couple of flowers on purpose, and that it just started off as a simple gesture and evolved into one of the only ways he knew how to show his vulnerable, romantic feelings for her.

I can't wait to see what the other two flowers are!

Author's Response: Zomg, one of my favourite authors enjoys my stories. xD It feels like Christmas all over again.

I am glad that you feel James is in character. :) That was one of my main goals. And yes, of course, he is the type to think that flowers will work, though in the beginning it was just a coincidence. :D

Glad that you like it and we'll see what the other two flowers are (of course, I know what they are xD)

Thanks again for the nice review :)

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Review #15, by ariellem Violet

11th January 2011:
Ok I am your fifyith reviewer! And of course I am going to gush on how good it was! You might like drama but you write some of the best fluff ever!
This was my favorite quote;

“James, my dearest friend, who or what attacked you?” asked Sirius.

James looked at him disapprovingly. “No one attacked me. I went for a morning fly with my broom.”

“Riiight. And why did you feel the particular need to go flying at 7:30 in the winter?”

Author's Response: Yey! Let's hope that by the end of the story, we'll hit 100 xD (very unlikely :DD)

Thanks! I really don't intend to write fluff, it apparently writes itself >_> I am very happy that you liked it (by the way Violet is one of my fav chapters) and even quoted it! *hugs*

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Review #16, by jplove4evs Sunflower

11th January 2011:
that was cute :) poor jamesy. ONLY TWO FLOWERS LEFT?! AH! DON'T END IT! :D 100/10. good work, I liked how you showed james feeling badly about it &hearts

Author's Response: Well... everything has to end sometimes xD But I promise, the last 2 chapters will be long, exciting and very worth the read. :))

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #17, by Singularity Rose

11th January 2011:
lol, this was hilarious! I love Lily's line:

"But they are dancing! They look as if a rainbow vomited on them!"

Excellent :p The conversation with the marauders at the beginning was fun too. I was a little disappointed that Peter wasn't involved, but I did love the way you wrote Remus. And Lames...haha :)

See, this seems like the James Potter from the books...arrogant, flashy, but with an undertone of sweetness.

Author's Response: Have I thanked you for the wonderful reviews? I think not, so thank you so much! :)))

And yes, this is one of the more humourous chapters, but I am glad how it came out. Peter... I try to include him here and there in conversations, but I just cannot imagine him having a large role in this situations. Maybe if I edit for mistakes, I'll write several more lines with him (I am throwing him a bone here :D ).

And finally - I am glad that you see James close to the ones in books. As you can see, this story generally thrives on characterisation and not on plot, so I've really tried to look deep inside the characters and write them as the people that are supposed to be. :)

Once again, thanks for the wonderful reviews! :) Have a nice day!


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Review #18, by Singularity Peony

11th January 2011:
Hello again :) This story continues to be really great. I loved the little bit with Professor Sprout. She seemed exactly how I would imagine her: sweet, helpful, but still gives James a detention :)

I also really liked the scene between James and Sirius. The

"Sirius snickered at his favourite (grossly overused) pun."

line made me laugh out loud. That is one of those puns that seems to be used in a good portion of marauder's era fics, isn't it? Anyway, their friendship was written really well. Of course Sirius would give James crap about wanting to give a girl a flower, but when it comes down to it, they're friends and help each other out.

And I absolutely love the last line! It's perfect and fits the chapter so well :) On to the next!

Author's Response: Yet again, I am glad that you enjoyed the chapter (I am getting really repetitive with responses but oh well...)

And yes, Prof. Sprout is such a nice woman. :)) But that doesn't mean that she will give James free passes. ;)

Yes, this pun is really terribly overused. I still felt the need to include it though (in a bit of sarcastic manner). And the friendship between James and Sirius - I imagine it being the standard strong male bonding - they tease each other but always got each other's backs. :)

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Review #19, by Singularity Violet

11th January 2011:
This was really unique. I love the way that you are tying in the flowers to the plot line. It doesn't feel forced at all. I also really love the way you are characterizing James. I've never liked him (I hiss...) because he always seemed like such a jerk in the books, so it's really nice to see a bit of his 'softer side'.

Also, the whole idea about James wanting to be great at Transfiguration so he'll be able to help his friend is awesome and I love the ending lines about Lily pushing him to be better. Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Ohh, I am happy that you don't feel the flowers forced. That's probably what required most thinking on my part - the situations that James and Lily are in so that it feels natural. And of course vary them - since if he just plainly "gives" her the flower every year, it would be boring and repetitive.

And you know - there was a time a didn't like James at all - I even thought that Snape was more deserving of Lily's love. But he was just a growing boy and I know obnoxious ones that have grown into fine men. And James certainly falls in that category. :)

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Review #20, by lacampera Sunflower

9th January 2011:
I love this story. Does he give her a flower for every year?

Author's Response: Yes, each chapter is one year of Hogwarts and he gives her a flower every year. :)

Thanks for the review, I am really glad you love the story :)))

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Review #21, by LynnelikesPotter Sunflower

9th January 2011:
I love this story more than you can imagine. Every time you update it's like you're giving a flower to me. Cheesy, I know, but I love this story so much!

Author's Response: Aw, that is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you so much! *hugs*

I promise that the last chapters will be fantastic! :)))

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Review #22, by ariellem Sunflower

9th January 2011:
Hello! I really liked this chapter a lot more dramatic but so sweet as well! I still can't believe James thought about cutting his ear off thank goodness he didn't go through with that lol!

Can't wait to see your next chapter :)

Author's Response: Ah... yes. I actually like drama, fluff is not my favourite thing (though I seem to be writing it a lot :D ) And ha! James would never do such a thing! He loves himself too much.

Thanks again hun :) *hugs*

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Review #23, by maskedmuggle Sunflower

9th January 2011:
Hello! :)
Awwh what a lovely chapter! I really enjoyed this one! Linking the sunflower to VanGOO haha! was really quite clever. Van Padfoot. Oh, you gotta love Sirius.

The card was really sweet :) And so was this chapter! The writing was greeaaat! Loved it! :)

Author's Response: *hugs* Yay! I am glad you like it. And Sirius is really a precious gem. :) I cannot wait to write a story about him finally. Van Padfoot ftw! :DD

Thanks for the compliments, hun. You are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. (I hope that's how the poem was going xD)


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Review #24, by firefly910 Sunflower

9th January 2011:
*smiles like mad woman* Finally it has been validated!

I loved it!! Vangoo and Van Padfoot, that made me laugh so much. It's a good job they have their cultured friend Lupin to help them out otherwise James and Sirius would be totally clueless wouldn't they?

I'm glad that you incorporated Snape's worst memory, it gives us a reminder of where we are at year wise and how Lily and James' relationship is as well. Plus it creates good drama.

Poor Lily, being called a mudblood and then having to be angry at the boy she won't admit she's falling in love with. It's a tough life for a fifth year Gryffindor girl. I can't wait to see how they resolve this little argument, although it looks like he's already melted her heart slightly.

I also like the fact you've shown that James is beginning to grow a conscience and think about what he and his friends act like. That part where he says that the vicious circle never stops was brilliant because it shows James is showing signs of growing up and starting to think he shouldn't be acting they way he does.

Overall this chapter was funny, dramatic and insightful. Cannot wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: Callie, I cannot say how much your encouragement means to me. *hugs*

I think it would have been a crime if I didn't incorporate Snape's worst memory. It's an important moment (although an unhappy one) in Lily and James' relationship.

And yes... James is starting to melt her heart bit by bit. :) I am super excited for the final chapter. James is certainly evolving and that's exactly what my idea was - to show this evolution in both characters and interactions between them.

Thanks again! :)

P.S. Van Padfoot has a certain ring to it, right? I like this nickname. :D

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Review #25, by Canadian_Hogwarts Sunflower

9th January 2011:
Lovely. I'm so glad that Lily's starting to come around, slowly but surely. I really liked the argument between James and Sirius. That's something that you don't see very often; people don't normally show them acting like two normal guys who fight once in a while. Also, the part where Sirius snapped at Remus about not stopping them from picking on Snape was really well done. I think Sirius probably would be the kind of person to try and spread the blame around, and he's right after all. Remus could have done a lot more. Great job on tying in Snape's worst memory! Please update soon... I'm dying to read more!

Author's Response: Hi again :)

Yes, I also don't like it when they never fight. It's a universal fact that even the best of friends fight and considering the explosive characters of both Sirius and James, I am pretty sure that they do, too. And yes, Remus is love but he sometimes shows a wee bit of a weakness in character.

So, I am really happy that you like how it's going. Let's hope that the next chapter will be out soon (what, you think that I as the author know? Meh. :DD)


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