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Reading Reviews for Zeitgeist
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Review #1, by Steph Zeitgeist

16th April 2015:
Wow, you stole my story! Congratulations. I'm actually quite happy since R&R closed down, I didn't have another copy. So this will do nicely. Still, you should nick other people's stuff.

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Review #2, by Jenna822 Zeitgeist

7th December 2010:
Hello! Here with your review. I'm gonna start by being forward and saying that I don't much care for your title. Sorry. It just seems odd. And not many people speak German. I would recommend at least explaining what it means in your summary.

Bellatrix's wand was Walnut. :D

While I admit you have very poetic writing, it felt a bit overdone at the start. I found myself growing a bit tired and wanting to skip over everything. It dragged out; making even the simple act of breathing feel like it was going on and on. While your description is wonderful, there is a limit to what can be read without getting bored. I just really feel that it took me forever to read "Sirius falls through the veil and stands back up to realize he is at Grimmauld Place".

When the speaking started, I really thought it would pick up. Also the insertion of words (like this) is a bit daunting. It seems to draw things out even more. They really knock off the flow.

You asked about plot and characterization...but there really isn't anything I can comment on. The whole story spanned about five minutes and that isn't really a plot. The concept, however, was wonderful. The idea of how to get Sirius to accept death. What bit of characterization there was, was nice. --Jenna

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