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Review #1, by theblacksisters Sorting and Sprouts

28th September 2013:
First, you mean Death Eater. Second, please update soon-I like these kinds of stories.

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Review #2, by CheeringCharm Tonjurs Pur

21st January 2011:
Just let me start by saying that this is a very good start to a story, I really like the way that you portray your characters :)
though... I couldn't help but to pick on some mistakes (not too many, anyway i figured that either you'll dislike me for prodding on your baby or be thankful for the aid (which is the way i react so just wanted to help))

"Perculiar" - peculiar

"Teddy, does which house your in matter" - you're in (and it's the same mistake in the next line as well...)

"where'll go" - where you'll go

"to but him in Gryffindor"- to put him in Gryffindor?

"then as one got there robes on"- there is supposed to be their

"opened mouthed looking"- open mouthed

"as she was shoved into."- shoved into what? Should be shoved in or perhaps shoved into a boat

There not too much I hope but some of these troubled my reading and I think it'll be easier to read with just some of those tinytiny corrections :)

anyway great start to a story and it really makes me want to read more!


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