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Review #1, by hpguafan Chapter 20 (Epilogue) – Circus

17th December 2010:
Great ending to a great story. Thanks a lot!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by irrelevant Chapter 20 (Epilogue) – Circus

17th December 2010:
Wow :) I definitely loved this story! Although I'm not exactly sure where to put Nadel after this, but whatever. Will there be a next story? :D:D I love reading anything and everything you write :) your style is great, and so mysterious and captivating! I wish you happy holidays!

Author's Response: Thanks. Well, yes, you got me. It was with a final story (in this series) in mind that I've placed Nadel where he is character-wise. Still in the outline stages, so it may be a while before I begin posting. Happy holidays and thanks again.

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Review #3, by irrelevant Chapter 19 - Speaking Again

16th December 2010:
Is Nadel the one with the black mask?

A little typo I spotted near the beginning:

"himself and the stranger and the persective moved much closer. Chandler had moved between Jam"

a p is missing from perspective.

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks again. Typo corrected. Must stop making last minute edits and stick to using Word! No, it isn't Nadel, but good guess. Nadel doesn't want to steal the Collection for himself. He wanted the Syndicates to fight over it instead.

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Review #4, by irrelevant Chapter 18 - He’s Alive

15th December 2010:
Wow, so we'll get to see truth now? I'm really curious :) Did the people who Chandler report to kill him because he was unable to properly execute his mission? That's my guess for now...

Author's Response: Thanks. James finally learns why Chandler was killed next chapter, but his failures hardly helped his cause.

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Review #5, by irrelevant Chapter 17 - Return to the Forbidden Forest

14th December 2010:
Wonder what happened there... Jenny has a piece of Murava now, doesn't she?

Author's Response: Thanks. That's quite an intriguing thought, actually. Murava's trust in Jenny arose simply because James' feelings were understood empathetically. Previously it was Majesty who facilitated actual communication between Jenny and Murava (in the absence of James), but maybe that should change now. The next chapter reverts partially to James' POV for the proper reconciliation, so I'll have a re-read tonight and think about this. As this might impact on later pieces, it might be better to develop this separately. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by irrelevant Chapter 16 - Mrs Alda’s Particular Friend

13th December 2010:
For a bit I thought you'd abandoned the story... but now I see you just didn't post on the weekend. I'm happy Aberforth made an appearence, I was starting to miss him...
Should I be sure that Nadel is a good guy? So many mysteries... :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry, I was away and got back later than expected. No chance of abandoning (I know how frustrating that can be). The story is complete with just a little editing to be done with the Epilogue (now expanded so there's more than just Harry explaining what happened.) Nadel is a good guy, but Harry is not happy with him at the moment. Thanks again.

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Review #7, by irrelevant Chapter 15 - The Court Case Begins

10th December 2010:
I wonder whether Mr. Machin will turn out to be some poor misguided idiot or a real villain.
Story still confusing, but also very addicting-I go around with the knowledge that every day I'll be closer to solving the mystery (or more like, reading the solution of the mystery).
One little typo I found:
"...ctions had prooved to..." one too many o's in proved. It's in the first sentence of the thirteenth paragraph counting from the bottom.

Author's Response: Thanks. Typo corrected. Machin has to be a suspect, although the extent of his involvement won't be clear just yet. Thanks again!

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Review #8, by Johniram Chapter 1 (Prologue) - The Best (and Ron)

10th December 2010:
Great story! Very well written and said.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #9, by irrelevant Chapter 13 - Chimera Attack

8th December 2010:
Getting better and better!
Just one teeny little thing:
“Don’t be rude, James,” complained Jenny as she stepped forward to greet Nadel’s wife. “Thanks for coming.”
Wasn't that supposed to say, "Bode's wife"?
Other than that, I'm really wondering how everything will tie in together... thou art a great mystery writer, you know :)
--what could Jenny have seen that shocked her so much? I have a feeling you won't really tell us in the next chapter... I'm still hoping though :p

Author's Response: Thanks. Great spot. Corrected now. Was a bit more mysterious than intended! No, I'm afraid they will have to try again later. The key thing is Murava is uncharacteristically nervous, and Jenny knows James has more problems than simply the court case. Thanks again!

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Review #10, by irrelevant Chapter 12 - A Bit Hazy

7th December 2010:
Whoa. Will the aeroplane have some sort of a significance later on?
Wonder what Meglion could have known... and how this all tie in with the crazy man whose name i forgot who kept coming once a month.
Still as intriguing as ever! Love your story! (And you for updating every day)

Author's Response: Thanks. Oh, they'll have to have a flight in the thing. It isn't part of the story, but I liked the idea of Harry encouraging the non-magical Matthew and helping him realise his ambition to become a pilot.

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Review #11, by irrelevant Chapter 11 - Armour

6th December 2010:
Still as awesome and captivating as ever. Can't wait til tomorrow! :)

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #12, by irrelevant Chapter 10 - The Reserves

5th December 2010:
This is getting more mysterious and confusing with each chapter. But I'll probably understand everything at the end I guess :) Love how you update every day! You are and amazing writer!! :):) Can't wait till the next chapter...
Oh and my current guess for the reason Red died is because he stole something? And the first chapter was ... idk. A modified memory? Or James found out that Red is evil? Although the preview of the 11th chapter makes me think of different reasons as to why Chandler had died. I don't like him... Something's definitely fishy. But then again, I was never good at solving mysteries... :p

Author's Response: Thanks. Ha! Yes, it is a little confusing but you are very close indeed. What I started out to do is reveal a little more as the investigation proceeds, with the idea that a mass memory modification could be used to conceal a criminal enterprise. The next chapter gives a big hint about what they were trying to steal and how far Chandler was out of his depth, but Harry won't be able to piece it all together for a while. Sorry, too soon to fully explain the first chapter yet! Thanks again.

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Review #13, by hpguafan Chapter 5 - Azkaban

30th November 2010:
Thanks for continuing this series. By far my favorite.

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope you enjoy the story.

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