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Review #1, by thehpyears Connections

9th April 2012:
Nice. I invite you to read "The Potter Years", i'm not English native, just Spanish-speaker.

Author's Response: thank you, I'll check that out

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Review #2, by snuffman Connections

11th April 2011:
I like the story. It is well written with good dialogue. Looking forward to more chapters.

Author's Response: Awhh thanks

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Review #3, by Dalek194 Connections

23rd February 2011:
Nice work again. The connection between Harry and Sirius is nicely written, as is Elena's shocked happiness. There are one or two grammar errors though;

- "as Elena and Sirius was fighting" (was should be were)
- "Sirius let you a chuckle." (you should be out)
- "wonít even let us play with him books" (him should be his)
- "more about babies then I did." (then should be than)

But these are very small things; I'm just being picky :-) I like it that Harry knows the Weasleys, especially the part when he tells Sirius about them. Really nice work, and please update soon!

Author's Response: I'll fix these errors when I actually finish it. But for now, their staying haha. Thanks for the lovely review though!!

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Review #4, by Dalek194 The Meeting

23rd February 2011:
Nice work on this chapter. It's nice to see that harry accepts Sirius rather than is afraid of him, and the reveleation at the end that it was exactly 3 years ago he proposed is clever. Good work, I look forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I wrote this when I kind of had to do this same thing in my life, and thought it would relate well to Lily/Severus deal. Thanks!

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Review #5, by Dalek194 The Big News

30th November 2010:
A very good start! I am intriuged and excited about where the story will go next; it is an excellent start to an alternate-timeline story.

It is written very well, and the only grammar I would pick out would be "her tony cottage"; tony should be tiny.

Besides his miniscule thing, this is a very impressive, though short, start to what seems like it will be an excellent story, please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much and I'm sorry I havent updated. I will add the next chapter as soon as i proof read it :)

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