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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection The Weed That Blooms

8th July 2014:
Hello there!!

I typically stay away from next-gen, but I've been reading so many wonderful next-gen stories I might have to just start actively seeking them out, and yours is no exception to that.

I really loved how you compared Rose with her namesake, giving her the image of beauty and purity, even when Scorpius knows that his family won't see her in that way. His intense affection and desire for her really came to life, and I almost felt as if I was actually seeing her there, dancing, through his eyes.

His flair for dramatic words was stunning, you show excellent word choice without overwhelming your readers with insignificant details.

It really made me wish that there was more to this story, and I could find out if he actually got to tell her how he feels about her, and how things would've worked out between them if he had.

I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, you must have a wonderful beta, or be a very talented writer. You definitely painted a beautiful picture with your prose, setting the scene and tone of the story perfectly. The pacing was spot on as well, and I really enjoyed how things moved forward quickly without being too fast, if that makes sense, especially given that this seems to only be a short moment or two.

Wonderful job!!

---house Cup 2014 Review---
Pretense of perfection, Gryffindor

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Review #2, by yeahimcrazy The Weed That Blooms

18th October 2011:
How I wish.
That would be, according to me, this story in three words. A strong, strong wish.
It was beautifully written, and it left me wanting more. It is slightly upsetting that he does not get her.

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Review #3, by Shelby Weasley The Weed That Blooms

21st August 2011:
This is really stunning, I enjoyed.

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Review #4, by alicia and anne The Weed That Blooms

14th August 2011:
I love your descriptions in this, your words have flowed so beautifully its made an extremely enjoyable read.
I must admit that I haven't read much Scorpius and Rose fan ficiton but your's is just so amazing. They sound like they're made for each other and that they fit so well.
I think I may have to read more about them

alicia and anne

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Review #5, by Indigo Seas The Weed That Blooms

9th January 2011:
Oh... my. This was. stunning. Absolutely stunning.

I actually quite like the fact that you've centered everything here. Sometimes people do that by accident and I'm not sure if you did or not, but either way it's just a lovely addition to an all ready lovely story. For some reason, it lets the story flow better than it all ready does, and it allows the reader to jump from phrase to phrase easily. I thought the alignment was a lovely touch.

Secondly, your prose are just... breathtaking. Really. You are a very, very talented writer. Not only is the story completely believable, but you've crafted it in such a way that it's just... beautiful as well. I'm pausing a lot because I'm struggling to come up with the right words after reading it. :) There are so many lines to point out to you that I just found gorgeous, but I'll stick with two for now:

1) "Lips on lips and hand on heart."
2) "A garden full of canker and weeds."

They rhyme, almost, but actually not at all. And I know that doesn't make any sense, but it these two just seem like lines I'd see in a poem, or something. :)

Anyway, I loved it. Truly. You are a very accomplished writer, m'dear, as proved by this breathtaking one-shot.

xx Rin

Author's Response: Ohh Rin, thank you!! :D This was such a lovely and thought-provoking review.

The centering was intentional :) It's such a small piece of writing and I really wanted the line between clear prose and poetry to be just a little blurred. I'm thrilled you thought that it was an effective approach!

Thanks again for such a gorgeous, warm & fuzzy review :D

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Review #6, by HP0247 The Weed That Blooms

4th January 2011:
Nicely written one-shot, full of longing and unattainable dreams, a pretty picture of words. I've read most, if not all of your stories and I find them so worthy of any praise that's delivered to you - so here's more well deserved praises! Thank you for writing and sharing.

Author's Response: Your reviews are always so delightful :D Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

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Review #7, by Voldys_Moldy (u know its true) The Weed That Blooms

10th December 2010:
this is amazing. its like poetry with a little touch of...of personality. it perfectly expresses scorpius's indecision and pain, as it does Rose's free spirit and beauty. so bravo, and please continue writing.

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Review #8, by celticbard The Weed That Blooms

2nd December 2010:
Hey Elysium!
I believe this the first story of your's I've read and I must say, this little ficlet did not disappoint! There were so many things that worked in this story, and I mean really worked. The contrast between Scorpius and Rose was masterfully done. It seems like a lot of writers just love to illustrate how different two lovers can be and sometimes, their characters suffer for it. Not so here. I loved Scorpius's vulnerability coupled with his stoicism. It was a really believable contradiction in his personality. Also, that last line, wow, I think I'm going to remember that one for a long time.

This was a lush, beautiful little fic and I'm truly glad I read it. Nice work!


Author's Response: Wow.. thank you for such a gorgeous, thought-provoking review :D I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and that you got enough out of the 500 words to read into Scorpius in that way. It was a wonderful challenge and I'm pretty happy with how this little ficlet turned out. Thanks so much for the generous feedback!

- Kylie

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Review #9, by hannah17 The Weed That Blooms

1st December 2010:
Ah Kylie
Why is it that everything you write is so ridiculously gorgeous?
Every word choice made me happy. It's like eating ridiculously good chocolate, or walking into a wonderfully warm room on a cold day.
This is beautiful.

Author's Response: Hannah, you're awesome :P The chocolate analogy makes my day... who wouldn't be flattered by that comparison? Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts!

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Review #10, by MajiKat The Weed That Blooms

30th November 2010:
Kylie this is GORGEOUS!! so poetic and lovely.
the references to myth were beautifully put and woven delicately. you never over-state things, and i love that about your work. your metaphors are subtle, and therefore, powerful. you trust in the intelligence of your reader and i applaud that as well!

the imagery is stunning; vivid and surreal and I felt like I was scorpius in this, watching her, wanting her but never being able to touch her for fear of what that would bring.

i love the references to blood status - again, so subtle. you show and not tell and i adore the way you do it.

such a gorgeous piece of writing! probably one of my favs of yours. i am adding this to my favs!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: This is why I always love your feedback, Kate... because you so get my writing and my thought process. I'm absolutely thrilled that you liked it :D I wanted those parallels with myth to come through without my having to labour them... which rather takes the fun out of it all, really. Anyway you're absolutely awesome and you made my day with this review. xox

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Review #11, by xAstrax The Weed That Blooms

30th November 2010:
I'm in love. The utter word choice and gorgeous language along with a adorable small moment of thinking of love is wonderful. I adore this! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this gorgeous review :D

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