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Review #1, by Singularity The Mirror

19th December 2010:
Hi :) So I'm pretty much the worst challenge-hoster ever. Life got busy, I got forgetful, and the board got deleted. Sorry. But I'm here now, and pleased to announce that you are the winner of this challenge. Yay for you! That means you are entitled to 5 additional reviews of the stories of your choosing. PM me with a list :)

I really enjoyed the way you characterized Bellatrix. I was a bit taken aback by what she saw in the mirror (primarily because I always assumed that she preferred Voldy over her husband), but it's very in character. The idea that she sees herself standing a top a pile of corpses is so morbid and so Bellatrix. She really is a crazy, crazy witch.

There are a few spelling/capitalization errors that I noticed while reading through. I think if you do another read through, you should be able to catch most of them. It wasn't anything too extreme.

Thanks for entering my challenge! I'm sorry my review took so long.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really didn't think I'd win, it means a lot, thanks :D Wow...

Cheers for the heads up about the capitalisation thing... apparently my fingers put capitals where my brain knows there shouldn't be any... oops... lol.

Thanks again, can I officially change the story summary now?!!? :P

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Review #2, by Kandy The Mirror

4th December 2010:
Wow. That's all I can say. Best one-shot I've read on this site! Full 10/10 for this, and a cyber-high-five from Kandy!

Author's Response: Wow... Thank you... cyber-high-five received with much gratitude :D Glad you like it :D Wow... I really don't know what to say... apart from thank you :P nice to know my work is appreciated I guess :D cheers!

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Review #3, by NervousTruth The Mirror

4th December 2010:
I liked it, I think that is something like what bellatrix would see in the mirror.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really struggled to think of what she would see, and despite the fact that she is loyal to L.V. all she really wants is power, and eventually that would mean over him too.

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Review #4, by Hyacinth Dursley The Mirror

4th December 2010:
Well done and very true to Bellatrix character. An excellent one shot story!

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad you like it :D

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