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Review #1, by Phoenix_Flames Picture of You

11th September 2011:
Hello there! I'm here with your review as requested! I'm really sorry about the long wait. My laptop crashed a few days ago, so my only access has been through my phone. So I'm reviewing on my phone. So please forgive me if my reviews aren't as lengthy as normal or if there are a few spelling mistakes. I hate touch-screen. :P But I'm so glad you requested. This was a really great piece. So unique and so creative.

I don't think I've ever read such a good piece that focuses on Snape. This was really wonderful, and the song fit perfectly.

It was brilliant. I thought that you reflected Harry's thoughts wonderfully. I bet that they could have bordered along the lines that this could have actually gone like. I never really considered the precise moment in time when Harry reflected his thoughts on Snape, but he had to at some point. And I think you did a perfect job in showing this.

It was perfectly described and so in-depth at times with Harry's thoughts and emotions. You could feel conflicted he is in his emotions, and I love how he shared with Luna. I thought that was really precious. Luna gives us a lot of insight in the books and movies actually, and I loved that you carried that over to your story. She had some great things to say to Harry that helped him along the way. Really great with that.

I saw that you were nervous about the flow of the story and the mix of the lyrics and the story. Well, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I thought it all fit perfectly. You mixed it very well with the lyrics. The lyrics fit splendidly with the plot of the story and only emphasized it so much more. Fantastic job, and the flow of the actual plot went perfectly as well. You mixed it well with the actions, Harry's conflicted emotions, the descriptions of the day, and the conversations. It was all wonderful, and overall perfect with the song.

You did an absolutely great job. This was really a wonderful piece in general. It was touching and I really enjoyed it.

I hope you found this review helpful! :)

Thank you for requesting. I really enjoyed reading it. :)

Author's Response: I've only ever written one peice from Snape's POV before and althougb his is about him it's not from his POV so I was a little worried about Harry's thoughts and feelings. I'm really glad that you thought they were explored enough and handled properly.

I love his relationship with Luna, it's such a sweet one so I hoped that I could show that in this story so again I'm glad that came over well.

I've done 1 or 2 song fics before but not like this, I wanted it to really reflect Snape & Harry's relationship and I was concerened over that so thanks for putting my mind at rest!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for taking the time out to offer a review!!

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Review #2, by LoverofRomance Picture of You

5th January 2011:
*Tear* That was one of the most beautiful things I have read in my life.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I'm not a lover of song fics I have to admitt, but this song really reminded me on Harry & Snape's relationship.

Glad you liked it!!

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Review #3, by ANP Picture of You

15th December 2010:

I love it : )

It's moving and great and gosh, I love Sev so much!

Good job, I'm glad I found this story : )

Author's Response: i was listening to my Boyzone CD & as soon as this song came on I just thought of Harry & his relationship wiv Snape & just had to do something for them.

Glad you liked it, thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #4, by spencefa Picture of You

26th November 2010:
very good, very touching, and very deserving for Professor Snape.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I was listening to my old Boyzone CD the other day and when this song came on I couldn't help but think it would be a great theme song for Harry & Snape lol.

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