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Review #1, by Sinfully_Yours I.

18th July 2011:
Loved it. So hope you do a follow up :D

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Review #2, by MajiKat I.

3rd January 2011:
hey hun
here to review for the challenge and I am so sorry it took me so long to get here!

first off, thank you for participating and accepting the challenge!
This was an excellent story - a brilliant example of second person present tense narration. I loved it!

Hermione and Blaise were wonderfully crafted. Blaise's voice was perfect, and it really drew me in - never did I feel like I didn't want to 'be' him, to feel what he felt and think what he was thinking. i loved his dryness, his wit, his scathing little tongue and i loved that he didn't love Malfoy - I like seeing them at odds and you did a brilliant job with that. I also liked the inclusion of Theodore. Well done!

I also really like the way Blaise, and therefore the reader, sees Hermione. the descriptions and reflections surrounding her were wonderful and totally believable.

you have a fantastic command of language, and use figurative devices with sophistication and maturity. It makes a story like this all the better to read and become involved with. there was a beautiful balance of dialogue and introspection, which again, makes something like this all the better to read. this flowed wonderfully - it didn't drag at all, and you also have a nice balance between short, simple sentences and more complex ones.

all in all, this was excellent!!
I look forward to where this story goes!

keep an eye on my blog - I will post the winner very shortly!
Kate xx

Author's Response: Hello, my friend (don't worry about how long it took you to get here; life gets in the way for all of us from time to time),

Thank you so much for your kind words. This was more than a challenge for me, and it took several re-writes to get it to this point. I'm so happy you liked it. Writing Blaise is so much fun; he's seems so full of it, yet proper, so I tried my hardest to get him right (he's one of my favorite characters). Also, making him against Malfoy is so much more fun than having them be the best of friends. I thought throwing in another minor Slytherin character like Theodore would be best.

Again, I must thank you for this review (and for such an awesome and challenging challenge lol). It got me to really go outside the box of what I'm comfortable with, but proved to really help me in the end. Though it was hard, I can see myself going back to doing another second-person POV story; maybe a continuation of this one.

Thanks again, I appreciate it,


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Review #3, by sweet_lovely_girl I.

13th December 2010:
Wow, I never thought that a story like this could be so long. But it is a good thing! I saw that challenge a while ago and I was like: "How could anything happen with one touch?" But you made it all clear. I just love this! What place did you end?

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. I'm glad it came across clear, because I confused myself a bit while working through it.

And I ended it right before he actually talks to her. In my mind, he isn't actually asking her out since that would be a bit sudden, but he was just going to talk to her.

Thanks for the review, I'm happy you liked it.


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Review #4, by Curiosity is not a sin I.

8th December 2010:
Hello there!

Well let me start off with saying what a fantastic first chapter! The interaction between Blaise and Hermione is so tasteful and very well kept to canon. I love the loyalty, the inner disgust, the spark of the opposites :D Fantastic to read and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I look forward to more!

Also let me apologise for the delay in coming to review! November ate me at university and things have been all over the place with exams/assignments D: I will definitely be contacting you over at the HPFF forums and thank you for taking part!

Brilliant chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much,

I tried to stick a little to canon to keep it realistic; it's hard since Blaise does have a prejudice against Hermione. But I love this pairing too much. I'm definitely working on a follow-up to this.

And don't apologize for the delay, it happens :)

I'm so happy you enjoyed this. I must thank you for placing such an awesome challenge about these two.


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