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Review #1, by Tor Petty Two

2nd August 2011:
This chappie was really amusing. I laughed out loud in a whole bunch of different spots. ;]

Author's Response: Thanks, love! Unfortunately it's not going to be too terribly amusing from here on out, if it keeps going :

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Review #2, by LilyFire Two

24th July 2011:
First-YOUR BACK! I'd nearly given up, I was actually just checking here again simply becuase I'm going through my favorites list...but you've updated! I thought you'd left HPFF forever!

To the review: This is still as good as I remember it. I like the way you've decided to tell it. I can't wait to see what happens later.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I had nearly given up as well, to be perfectly honest, but I'm giving this my best effort!

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Review #3, by Tor Petty One

14th June 2011:
Girl, you HAVE to keep writing this one. ;]

Author's Response: I lost the original! I don't know where it went AT ALL! So I have to restart from where this chapter left off D:

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Review #4, by Wolfy09 One

9th April 2011:
Please update soon! great story! also...have you deleted stories? I used to have one of yours favourited and i went to go read it and it was gone :( I cannot remember the name though.
fantastic author!

Author's Response: Ahh yes, I have deleted a few stories that I didn't feel like were up to my standards or were against a headcanon I've built up or some silly nonsense like that. I'm very sorry if you were disappointed! I've been doing a lot of crossover lately, so I don't post much here anymore. Very sorry.

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Review #5, by jay One

28th November 2010:
awesome story
update soon

Author's Response: thanks very much!

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Review #6, by LilyFire One

28th November 2010:
So, I was looking at your page and saw this and was like 'oh a new story. Let's check it out.' So, I'm reading, and liking it when -BAM- I read Ivanka's name, and figure out it's the sequal. It's really great start, even for someone who doesn't have the back story of the last one. I love Sirius' reaction when he realizes who the 'new woman' is. It's great. See, I knew you could do it, even though you weren't sure about it after Ch.1 of And In Darkness Bind Them. Great Job.
P.S. I just noticed, you don't have a summary, just a banner. It would probably attract more readers if you actually wrote a bit of one.

Author's Response: Ahh, yes, I keep meaning to write a summary. But the thing is, I don't know what the story is going to be about yet, haha! I mean, is it going to be a continuation of Sirius and Lenka's relationship, or about Harry adjusting to his godfather's suddenly skewed focus? Or Harry, having successfully adjusted, trying to get along with Ivanka with the knowledge that she very well could be his stepsister one day?

So yeah, I have a lot of stuff to consider, but I am so very happy you've enjoying the story so far!

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