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Review #1, by Secret Santa January 1, 2025

21st December 2010:
Hi! It's me back again and not for the last time, I assure you!

What really interested me about this piece is the narrator, it's interesting seeing the wizarding world from a Muggle perspective and in this case, it only really adds to the intriguing character that is Lily Potter. In some ways it adds a whole other level on which she can be a mysterious in the story towards Clark. I really love the way she sort of swooped in and changed perhaps not only what would have been a boring New Years Day, but also potentially his life for years to come. Clark himself was an interesting character also, there is very little we can conclude about him from this single chapter, hopefully soon we'll find out some more! He certainly managed to connect with her despite everything and seems pretty switched on despite not knowing she's a witch.

I also really love how you have written this, the descriptions are positively lovely and bring the characters and the location to life in a way which is both realistic and breathes life into the characters, I myself know what New Years Day in a cafe like this is like and I could really connect with the fact that it was quite odd for someone to come in, I almost shared that surprise! I also love how you've portrayed the protectiveness of James and Albus towards their younger sister, more so, the person Harry has become to be so protective of his daughter. I'm intrigued about that almost as much as I am about where she was for New Years Eve!

I'm really looking forward to see where this is going! I love reading fics about a teenage Lily, particularly because each person gives her a life of her own and the way she reacts around Clark really made this story even more intriguing! I look forward to reading more of this story as I'm really interested to see which direction it will head (in particular whether Clark will ever figure out she is a witch!). This chapter really leaves a lot of possibilities open and I look forward to seeing where they take this story!

- Secret Santa!

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