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Review #1, by Singularity In the Blink of an Eye

19th December 2010:
Hi :) So I'm pretty much the worst challenge-hoster ever. Life got busy, I got forgetful, and the board got deleted. Sorry. But I'm here now, and to make up for being such a terrible person, I'd like to offer you three additional reviews of your choosing. PM me with a list :)

I really like how you chose to use the mirror to give Cho closure on her relationship with Cedric. It's an interesting idea and not surprising at all that, at least at that time in her life, she would see him in the mirror. Merlin knows that girl needed some closure...:P

The one thing I noticed was Cho's thought that Cedric was holding the Triwizard Cup even though he hadn't won it. Except Cedric /did/ win it. If he had survived, he and Harry would have been co-winners since they both grabbed the cup at the same time. Sorry, I'm a nitpicky canon freak. I could definitely see why Cho would make a statement like that though, just thought I'd point it out just in case. I don't think it's really a big deal if you want to leave it.

Sorry again for taking so long to review this. Thanks for entering my challenge!

Author's Response: hi,

Thank you for reviewing. And that's okay. I know that life can get pretty busy :)

I was really happy when I saw you left me a nice long review and I am really glad that you liked the story.

It was exact the same idea I had in mind. So, thanks for noticing it :)

Oh, I really did? Normally, I pay a lot attention to canon stuff too. Thanks for pointing that out. It's the kind of thing I would notice with someone else, but with me, I constantly look over details, no matter how much I re-read it. I'll definitely change that when I have some time.

Thanks again for reviewing. I loved your challenge really much. And I'll PM you my list :)


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