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Review #1, by Hope's Mom Unexpected Invitations

28th February 2012:
This is just great! Poor Harry is not sure he wants a reminder of his past. I love your James. He's so smart figuring out Margie was his cousin in his fifth year! Attending this wedding and seeing his "family" will be a challenge for Harry (and the Dursleys). I hope it goes well for Margie's sake. Thank you for sharing your writing!

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Review #2, by michelle00 Unexpected Invitations

8th March 2011:
This story was absolutely touching! It was extremely heart felt, but not at all cheesy - I don't know how you did it. And as for James, I like the way you portrayed him, you really made him your own character. I actually kind of prefer seeing him more mature. Anyway 10/10 and again: think about writing a novel :D

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Review #3, by mynamehere Unexpected Invitations

27th November 2010:
love it love it love it! great portrayal of characters all around, (especially the grown up James - nice work). would love to read more!!!

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Review #4, by xXJamesandLilyXx Unexpected Invitations

16th November 2010:
This is awesome, please write the wedding too! Definitely liking grown-up James, and think the idea of Dudley's kid being a witch is actually really interesting, if not improbable... :)

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Review #5, by soulchica Unexpected Invitations

15th November 2010:
many themes revisited!

a little mushy but I can't blame you for that.its necessary especially when it concerns making up with long lost family.
Trust Harry to be oblivious, but I agree with your views that he simply must not have minded his cousin much since his other family did not want anything to do with him.

Another loverly addition to your stories!

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Review #6, by Thia Malfoy Unexpected Invitations

15th November 2010:
I loved this second story. The first was great and I think you portrayed Harry and James II great. I've always loved James as a fun loving guy but knows when to be serious and you wrote that beautifully. I really think you could turn this into a short little medleys of different one-shots telling from different views of this whole event. But it's great with just these two parts. Wonderful Job again!!!

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Review #7, by uniquevampire12 Unexpected Invitations

13th November 2010:
awesome! very aptly written around the plot!
i love James P II!

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Review #8, by You Know Who Unexpected Invitations

13th November 2010:
Good luck finding said socks.
Splendid once again. I also agree, your personna of James was refreashing. A nice change from the cliché pace I Might add. Would it be ever so kind to write one about the wedding? It's just the thought of Petunia seeing people in dress robes and Vernon seeing that Harry is married, will make the story wonderful.

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