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Review #1, by datbenik513 The Morning After

29th December 2010:
Extremely well written stuff. Tastefully erotic, between the boundaries of good taste, but no over-exagerrated smut.

You started with a nice setting giving a short back story, then BANG! threw your reader into the Maelstrom of things. The text flows nicely and reads easily, although I could spot a few minor punctuation issues. It has a light, cheerful undertone, and for some strange reason I don't think the two really mind having been dosed with this potion. At least I don't feel the two being REALLY embarrassed by what had happened.

Now you left me craving for more; I'm a sucker when it comes down to a nicely written H/Hr or H/L story. I hope you'll update soon after the queue reopens.

Bold as it may sound, let me draw your kind attention to my own H/Hr stories: To Become Whole Again and Shadowlands.

And last, but not least: Happy New Year!

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Review #2, by IzzieO The Morning After

23rd November 2010:
Loved it! :P Please keep writing, your amazing!

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Review #3, by auror_snape The Morning After

13th November 2010:
This looks like a good story. Good luck with it.

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Review #4, by Aidenk77 The Morning After

13th November 2010:
I enjoyed this so much. It was very well written, sexy and provocative. I can't wait for the next chapter, I absolutley adore H/Hr.

I'm being a bit cheeky here, but I've written a couple of H/Hr stories myself, I think you might like them :D


Author's Response: I will definitely look into them. I just dove back into the HP 'fic scene and still have a soft spot for H/Hr. I find the pairing to be pretty freakin' adorable.

Thanks for the kind words :) Eventually I'll get around to writing chapter 2, once I get out of this emotional funk just so the chapter doesn't suffer due to it.

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Review #5, by dennisud The Morning After

12th November 2010:
Plausible and there are many who'd try this either to break Harry & Ginny up, either as a prank or with ill intent.
Plus I wouldn't have put it passed certain individuals who purposefully wanted Harry & Hermione together!
Good start!

Author's Response: That's certainly a few good options as to what actually happened. I'm still mulling it over, as I had a basis for what I wanted, but hadn't fully thought it through before putting it to pen and paper. It's been many years since I have actually written anything, and I needed an outlet, so here you have it :)

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