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Review #1, by qwerty Responsibility

31st December 2011:
Please get rid of Astoria

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Review #2, by Ivory Ollivander Responsibility

8th October 2011:
Agreed! My life would be way more exciting wwith a Snape portrait :) And a Draco Malfoy! I'm really curious how things with Narcissa will work out... and when Draco will let his hostility fall down... Astoria is really nice.. and Ron... and Harry and Ginny are really cute. I love Minerva :) She is so sweet- and alltogether I enjoy reading your story! Can't wait for the next chapter! Don't let us wait too long!

Author's Response: What a lovely review. you just made my life! im in love with Snape so i have a feeling he'll just keep popping up for my own pleasure! you'll have to wait and see im afraid ;) i might do some writing now just because of this review! keep reading :) ALS x

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Review #3, by qtbaby88 Responsibility

7th October 2011:
amazing job cant wait for the rest

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Review #4, by qtbaby88 Routine

3rd September 2011:
lol that is to funny cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #5, by Hann22 Unexpected Shenanigans

22nd July 2011:
wow. you've done it again als1994.
what a truly inspirational chapter. i love the hannah abbott and blaise zabini twist! who'd have ever come up with that, but it really works, it's like theyre destined to be together.
i love the astoria bit, ingenius to add in characters who we know feature because of the seventh book. truly inspired.
you should really think of taking writing to the next level, you have a raw talent there.
keep writing!
yours faithfully, hann22

Author's Response: thanks HJ! oh thank you for help on the next one too ;)

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Review #6, by qtbaby88 Unexpected Shenanigans

19th July 2011:
hahaha to funny amazing job

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Review #7, by katkaaax3 Unexpected Shenanigans

19th July 2011:
update please as soon as posible!love the story :D :D :D

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Review #8, by Kristen Unexpected Shenanigans

18th July 2011:
LOVING this story!! please please please please continue!! I like it a lot! i think i might like it better than "grazed knees"!! Keep writing please! I'll be your fan forevers!! lol

Author's Response: of course i will continue! i quite like where this story is going :)

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Review #9, by StarGazer Nothing but Dreams

18th July 2011:
Hey! It's me again. ^-^ This is really great, did you say it was your first one? Unbelievable. =P I really loved the pictures you painted with Harry's dream. Such talent.

This time I actually copy and pasted the few mistakes I thought needed attention. Just simple typing mistakes, I believe.

"And you know Harry, he feels so bad on the people whose lives were lost in the battle, so much he canít even think about how many lives he saved."

"She slammed her book shut, but it under her arm and practically ran out of the library."

Author's Response: it is my first one yes! im glad you like it, ill try to update asap, im just finding it hard to get into the right mind set! hence my mistakes *hits head on desk* i will go back and check them eventually! thanks for the feedback - really means a lot :)

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Review #10, by StarGazer A Brief Encounter

18th July 2011:
Overall, it's a wonderful beginning. There are just a few grammatical mistakes worth dealing with. Be sure all your tenses match up, also, there was a bit of gender pronoun confusion. To be more specific, I believe you were referring to Hermione but used "him" or "his." Be sure to use commas when necessary, but beware, do not overuse them in fear of creating widely structured sentences that do not flow well.

Overall, I'm interested! I'm going to continuing reading. ^-^

Author's Response: im glad you like it! oh, thanks for the heads up, my english teacher always complains about my use of commas or lack of! thanks :)

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Review #11, by Hann22 Nothing but Dreams

12th December 2010:
please write more you beast of a writer.
your chapters make my life so amazing, that hannah abbott character sounds like an absolute ledgend! and i love how you're really captivating her beauty and portraying it using the written word.
Much love x

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Review #12, by qtbaby88 Nothing but Dreams

7th December 2010:
amazing job cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #13, by Sing4theSole Nothing but Dreams

7th December 2010:
Love this! please update soon! :)

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Review #14, by Me Nothing but Dreams

6th December 2010:
Great! Pls continue soon.

From me.

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Review #15, by A_Strange_Thought A Brief Encounter

13th November 2010:
wow.. great start :)
keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thanks! currently writing chapter2! keep reading :) xx

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Review #16, by Hann22 A Brief Encounter

12th November 2010:
That really was something AS. I felt as though every word was coming from your soul, and I can tell from reading this first brilliant chapter that you really know your stuff. I especially liked the description of Blaise, as in the past I have felt that no one see's his beauty like I do. Also, your AN was very inspiring.
On a more serious note, it was very good. as i have already told you. Muchos love, over and out, padfoot4ever

Author's Response: nice name HJ ;) i know you love it!! now its your turn to write one! ima write my next chapter when im in more of a writting mood :) love ya lots, scorp4LYF

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