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Review #1, by LivingFairytale Dangerous

12th March 2012:
Hi there, that was a good start. The only thing that bothered me a little bit, was that it all went really fast.. you didn't introduce your OC, Faye, that well, she just.. popped into the story, lol. I'd love to read more about her, more about how she looks, her personality, and stuff, if you know what I mean, a little more background information :)

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading this chapter. It was a little long, yes, but it didn't bother me that much. It was pretty well written, and I like the song! Well done, please continue :)

x Livingfairytale

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Review #2, by Anonymous Dangerous

15th February 2011:
Hey im the same anonymous as b4! I didn't realise what SONGFIC meant so i think that it was a very good idea!!
-big grin-
P.S. - the story doesn't need to be 15+!

Author's Response: Oh, okay thanks :) I'm glad you get what a songfic is now :D
Yeah, I know, but the site told me it had to be rated a 15+... don't ask me.

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Review #3, by Anonymous Dangerous

14th February 2011:
Good layout for story with italic quotes with the characters thoughts, though i thought it was slightly too long so i didnt read it all! Sorry! Dobby4eva

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :)
Some of the italics were part of a song, Dangerous by Cascada, because with a songfic you write something which is to do with the line of the song - I don't think that makes much sense :S
Thanks for reading though, again, and I'll make them shorter in future :D or some of them... :D

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