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Review #1, by Thursday Angelus Midnight

27th September 2011:
That was so beautiful and depressing at the same time...well done!

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Review #2, by evans_4eva Midnight

22nd August 2011:
This is an absolutely beautiful story. I really enjoyed it - the fact that Thunder spoke at the end made it even better :)

You have a really beautiful writing style and the idea for this is so original.

Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this piece :)

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle Midnight

10th August 2011:
Oh my goodness, I loved this, I really did! The whole plot, the whole story, the way you wrote it, all of it was just amazing. I love the plot. I liked how you started the fic, I liked reading about the change in Thunder, I liked the memories, I absolutely loved this line, "Healing is from the heart, love, not the hands.", and then how Poppy succeeded in healing her father enough for him to say Princess. That was just such a beautiful and sad moment.

I like Poppy because she's a minor character, and you have lots of freedom with that. I really loved how Poppy is Madam Pomfrey, the healer at Hogwarts, and how, even as a child of five years old, she's learning about healing, especially that part about healing coming from the heart. I also really like Thunder. Interesting name, was there a reason why you chose Thunder? Anyway, I feel sad how he was a very charitable person, but later in his own life, is now suffering. It's just all really sad.

Overall, I really liked this. A really unique plot, and absolutely amazing writing. (Btw, when are you going to update your other story? IT'S. BEEN. MONTHS. and i am unhappy because I can't read any more!) Absolutely amazing story! Really loved this!

- maskedmuggle, Ravenclaw :)

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Review #4, by Akussa Midnight

9th August 2011:

This was so touching; I loved it to pieces! I really like the rythm of this story; going back and forth from the past to the present. Mixing the memories with the hopes and fears as if everything was only one big thing. And it really is, isn't it? It all comes down to the heart.

You did a wonderful job at showing the pain, fears and hopes of this little girl. It was very believable and it is such a fitting reason as to where the adult woman we have known in the books comes from.

I really loved the message of this story; it speaks highly to me and the way you transmit it is a blessing in itself. Thank you for writting this and understanding the power of the heart.

Akussa (Gryffindor)

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Review #5, by orderofthephoenix Midnight

9th August 2011:
This is beautifully written, Tinny! I can feel the heart and emotion you put into this and it makes me want to cry. It isn't often that Poppy's childhood is written about with such clarity and depth and you provided the perfect reason for her becoming a Healer later on in her life.

Although you had all those flashbacks in there, I still thought it flowed well and provided us with interesting information about Poppy's childhood.

So, I'm guessing her father had some sort of progressive motor neurone disease that affected his mobility, is that right? Was this based on any particular real life disease or something you made up? Sorry for the questions; I love reading about medically related stories. They're always very interesting.

orderofthephoenix (Ravenclaw)

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Review #6, by Cleopatraa Midnight

9th August 2011:
Happy Hufflepuff Tuesday!!
Seeing as I love love minor characters I knew I definitely had to read this but I didnít expect this you know. Most people donít write about little children so I was pleasantly surprised by this. I like the fact this was the reason she wanted to become a healer it was very convincing but I do wonder what her father has? Maybe you mentioned it but then I read over it.
- Cleopatra ( Slytherin)

Author's Response: Yay for Hufflepuff Tuesday!

First, thank you so much for this really sweet review. I do love minor characters as well - the more obscure they are, the better. And I think Madam Pomfrey's one of those that have always been there from the start. We always see her in the Harry Potter books, but we never really knew a lot of things about her, so I sort of took the liberty to play with her character and her childhood a bit. I'm glad the story surprised you.

And I do understand what you meant about child characters in fan fiction. I don't think they're rare per se, but I do reckon there's never enough of them around and that's part of the reason why I had chosen to write her as a child here. That and the fact that it would pair well with the whole idea of why she wanted to be a matron.

Teehee. You didn't really miss anything, dear, I really didn't mention what her father had in the story. I opted to keep that as vague as possible, because I honestly have no idea what to call it, really. Basically, the disease is my invention but it is also loosely based on a real disease that causes the person to lose muscle strength and coordination. In reality, though, the disease is incurable, and I didn't want the details of the story to be conflicting, so I just didn't mention a specific name for it.

Again, thank you so much for the lovely review! ^_^

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Review #7, by thethreebadgers Midnight

8th August 2011:
This is really pretty and sweet. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm glad you loved it and you enjoyed reading my story. And thank you very much for taking time to leave me this short, sweet and lovely review. It really made me smile. ^_^

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Review #8, by Riya Bannerjee Midnight

10th June 2011:
AWW!!! this was just awesome... ^_^
Your grammar and vocab is so good and the style of writing too...
I have just started writing and I am not at all good at grammar(you can read them if you get time and give suggestions)

The reason for poppy being a healer is very convincing!
So sad for her dad.
but just 1 question.
what had happened to him? I mean why was he leaving senses one by one..?(Sorry if you have mentioned it up and I didn't understand)
I also liked the A/N part about children.That's so very true.
Wonderfully written! *^_^*

Author's Response: Oh, wow! This review really made me blush! *squee* Thank you very much for leaving me this amazing and lovely comment! *hugs*

I'm glad you found this story convincing! The story's been in my head for ages and I was a bit worried when I posted it because it's not my usual style. It's been getting a lot of good feedback lately and I am so happy because you guys liked it! Yay!

You know, you're the first person to ask me about what happened to her father. And I'm glad you did, because I love giving trivia tidbits away! The two stories in my author's page are both based on actual diseases, which is completely unintentional, I promise. :P This one's patterned after ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, if you really want the details), which is basically a disease where a person gradually loses motor function over time. It normally starts from the lower extremities going up and early symptoms include muscle weakness and eventually paralysis. A lot of people thought I invented the symptoms in the story, though. Haha! Some of them are purely imaginary but most of them have medical basis. I didn't say anything specific in the story nor did I name the disease because it really a combination of what's real and not real and doesn't have a name.

And yes! I love working with children more than anything (I'm a nurse) and it's always so inspiring to see the world in their eyes.

Again, thank you very much for your review! It really made my week! ^_^

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Review #9, by LoopyLemon Midnight

7th May 2011:
I want cookies!!!

This piece is really well written. It is completly believable with the perfect amount of childish innocence. Love it!

Author's Response: *hand a plate of cookies*

Thank you! This review really came as a surprise for me. I'm glad you liked my version of young Poppy Pomfrey! ^_^

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Review #10, by draconian88 Midnight

9th January 2011:
Tinny! You made me cry! I almost envy Poppy with her relationship with Thunder, he's like a great male authority figure for her. A source of inspiration why she's a Healer.

Thank you so much, reading this again made my day! And I hope this gets chosen :) (Don't ask me what for :P ).


Author's Response: Saeli, my dear! *glomps*

How sad was it that I only saw this last night? Teehee. But thank you, thank you for this lovely review. It really made me smile! Yay!

I'm sorry, though, that I made you cry, but but... that's a good thing, yes? Not that I enjoyed hearing about you tearing up. :P You know what I mean. Haha. I'm just glad that this affected you somehow. ^_^ And yes, I played around with the father-daughter relationship in this fic, because it's something that I'm more familiar with, tbh. Parents inspire us in many different ways, but children tend to gravitate towards one parent more than the other sometimes, you know? And in her case, it was her father. Glad that you liked it!

And why oh why are you saying thank you? I should be the one thanking you, lovely! So thank you very much again for leaving me a comment on this story. I was rather iffy about this at the beginning, because it was fairly different from my usual style, but I've been hearing some great comments from you guys and now I'm more confident about this. Thank you!

AND OMG CHOSEN FOR WHAT? You're killing me here. :P Tell me! I will stalk you and pester you until you cave. Teehee. I'll see you around, kk? ^_^

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Review #11, by Reuben Midnight

28th December 2010:
Hey Tinny!

First off-this was really well written. Exceptional. I love how you were really able to capture the thought processes of a five-year-old, that magical suspension of disbelief which makes everything possible at that age. So I'll give those cookies I got for reviewing right back to you, for an amazing one-shot! :D

Technically, I saw nothing wrong with the story. Well-written, with good grammar, spelling, and flow. The story continued at a constant rate, and didn't speed up or slow down at any point, which is good.

On to the actual storyline: sad, moving, with a hint of hope at the end. Beautiful. The whole thing felt like it really came from the heart. I also love how you showed the reason Poppy Pomfrey became a Healer-so believable. The bit showing how her father's condition declined was so sad! Slowly moving diseases are some of the cruelest of all.

A well-deserved 10/10 for you, my friend. I believe you said this won one of the challenges you wrote it for, yes? I'm surprised-I would have thought you'd have won both :)

Sorry for the gushing review. I really tried to look for things to criticize, I did! But alas, I didn't find them :P

Author's Response: *is blushing like a tomato*

I must admit, I was rather surprised when I first saw this review; after reading it, I was simply speechless. Thank you, thank you for taking time to leave me this lovely comment, Sam. I really appreciated it. You were actually the first person to give me cookies back, which was awesome, and very nice of you, btw. lol

The image on my mind that actually inspired me to write this story was that of a little girl perched on a bed looking at a man. I just had to figure out what age I'd put the girl in and decided that since preschoolers were more adept with magical thinking than any other age group, might as well make her one. The whole concept of magical thinking just fascinates me, tbh. In adults, of course, I find it silly; in children, exactly the opposite. They see the world in a different, arguably better light, and that's what makes it so much more appealing. Reality can be exhausting sometimes. Thank you for saying that I 'captured the thought processes of a five-year-old' - I think I also have my Pediatrics notes to thank for that. Haha

Hooray for the story being well-written! Woo! :P I'd be honest with you and tell you that I was a little worried of the flow of this story. There was a lot of flashbacks and I didn't really like the idea of italicizing huge chunks of paragraphs - it looked odd, in my opinion :P - so I just polished the transition a bit, which obviously worked for you, so yay!

Gosh. You really made me blush and grin like crazy with all your compliments, Sam. Thank you for saying that this was believable. As I said, the challenge was for me to relate why Poppy wanted to become a Healer (which she eventually did, of course), and I thought I'd put in something personal and memorable and strong enough to make her carry that aspiration as she got older, because let's face it, what we wanted to be when we were five was not always what we wanted to be when we got older, right? And yes, there's nothing really more draining than watching someone you love wither because of a disease. :S I didn't want this to be a sad, depressing story, though, so I was glad that you found this hopeful - exactly what I intended. ^_^

Wowowow. 10/10 was just... thank you! Heehee. Challenges are fun, especially when you win it and I totally respect the decisions of the challengers, but thank you for thinking that this was good enough to win both. You're very kind. :P

And gah! Don't be sorry, sweetheart. This review really made me happy and gushing or not, I didn't really mind. lol Thank you very much for this review. See you around! ^_^

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Review #12, by Alife74 Midnight

19th December 2010:
Wow, what a truly touching story. Your back-story on Madam Pomfrey gave such life to her character. And I do agree with you in your author's note, children's views on the world are precious and very interesting to behold. I absolutely loved this one-shot. You are a fantastic writer! Thanks for sharing your fic with us.

Author's Response: Gosh. Thank YOU, my dear, for leaving me such a sweet and flattering review! ^_^

I'm happy that you like my story. Yay! Madam Pomfrey, in my opinion, is possibly one of the most overlooked characters in the books, so when I picked her for a challenge and it required for me to write her as wanting to be a Healer, I just took that as a sign from her urging me to write this. Weird, I know, but that was sort of what happened really. Hahaha. For the challenge (When I Grow Up), I wanted to give her a deep and personal reason for wanting to be a Healer, because to practice medicine, you really have to have the biggest dedication for the job sometimes, because it could be really challenging and not really something you'd be inclined to give up just like that. I wanted her to have something to hold on to, you know? Something that would remind her why she became a matron in the first place. And lol, I sort of cringed a bit when I reread my author's note when this was published, because I sounded a little preachy, but teehee. I was just fascinated with the whole concept of magical thinking in children, tbh. There's nothing really more magical than seeing the world through their eyes sometimes and that was something I intended to capture in this little one-shot.

Thank you for all the kind words. I try to be a fantastic writer. lol Still working hard to get there, actually, but you just made me blush with that comment, so... yeah. Thank you! You're the best. This review really made me smile. ^_^

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Review #13, by spangles Midnight

15th December 2010:

I love Poppy Promfrey! This story just totally bumped her up on my favorite character list. No lie. It was adorable, I hope she eventually made Thunder completly better. This was so cute I completly fell in love with it and I think it's going to have to become on of my favorites. Great job!

Author's Response: Hello, Molly! *tackles*

Yesh, I finally know your real name now. Woot! :P

Thank you for this very sweet review! And lol glad that this story made you see Poppy Pomfrey in another (hopefully better) light. And I bumped her up on your fave character list? Score! Don't you just love minor characters? Teehee. They're just adorable and I always enjoy reading and writing them. There's so many things you can do to them and I think as a writer, that's both an opportunity and a challenge. ^_^

Madam Pomfrey always had a special place in my heart, so I'm really glad you found her adorable in this story. Whether or not she made her father completely better is actually up to you! Personally, I'd like to think that she did, just because he was a good person and we could never have too much of those in fan fiction, right? Hahaha.

Thank you very much for the nice and encouraging words. It means a lot. Seriously. I was a little unsure of this one-shot, tbh, but you just made me so happy that my confidence is really up there right now. lol You're awesome. This review is awesome and again, thank you! *glomps* ^_^

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Review #14, by IwRiTe4mE Midnight

22nd November 2010:
Oh my goodness! it is so nice!i really like it! very cute. poppy was smart at five :D

Author's Response: Hello, Kat! *tackles*

Thank you very much for the review! I never really expected this, but you made me smile!

lol I have to admit, I have to snoop around a bit to find out whether you're the same Kat from the forums. Heehee. Sorry about that. :P

Poppy was indeed a little smart for her age, no? I dunno. I've always imagined her that way for some reason. I'm glad that you liked it. Again, thank you for dropping by, my dear! ^_^

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Review #15, by liza_potter Midnight

19th November 2010:
This never fails to render me speechless. Just the beauty and emotions of it... Wow.

*takes a deep breath*

Tinny, you're amazing. This is vastly different from SUWAM, but that's good. Not only can you write humor, you can step outside your comfort zone to write this touching peice.

There are many things that inspire people to take certain paths in their lives. Especially in the health profession, people sometimes have a shaking purpose behind their motives, don't they? I have no doubt this was part of the reason Poppy became a Healer. The beginning broke my heart. Especially those flashbacks. Merlin, they were so utterly depressing and moving. But the ending was just so, so inspiring and up-lifting. The beginning was worth it, just because the ending was so much more satisfying. Tragedy, and our childhood, can really shape us, and I think that really convinced Poppy to become a Healer.

Poppy is such an overlooked character, and I'm so happy you decided to write her. In some ways, she's such a blank slate since all we truly know about her is that she's a stern and strict matron. But you have to be, I think, if you're the only Healer in Hogwarts. Though I have no doubt she's quite fond of her patients, as well. I can just see her at midnight, when all her patients are sleeping, to stand over them and hope they get well.

I didn't find any glaring grammer mistakes, so kudos to you for that! ^_^

The tone, I think, was what really set this one-shot apart. It was so innocent yet haunting. This is about a very young girl, after all. ;) The flow, even with all the flashbacks, was good as well.

Thanks for entering my challenge! *hugs* Hopefully, I'll have the results out soon. This was a very well-written story (and I'm not just saying that because I'm your friend.) Keep writing, dear!


Author's Response: Woah! This review rendered ME speechless... ^_^

Thank you very much for your kind words, my dear! *tackles* It means a lot to me, because I really feel a little iffy about this one-shot. As you already said, this is hugely different from SUWAM and I've been investing a lot of thoughts into the humour genre lately, so this is kinda like testing the waters for me. Haha. I'm new to the fanfiction writing and I'm still trying to find my strengths, I guess. But your lovely comments really gave me the confidence, so thank you!

And you are absolutely right, of course. Our experiences are really a big influence on our decisions on how we choose to live our lives, no? And I wanted Poppy's reason to be a Healer to be deep, personal and has a huge attachment to her character, because medicine is not really something that you'll be inclined to enter on a whim, I think. It requires a deeply rooted desire to practice your profession, because just the way to get there, to reach that point where you're officially licensed to do your job - it's not very easy. You doubt yourself, you feel exhausted and inadequate and sometimes, all you need really is that one thing to remind you WHY. I think that 'one thing' has to be strong enough to allow you to move forward. I am so glad that the story convinced you somehow. Success, eh? Heehee. And yeah, the flashbacks are depressing and to be honest, I find it a little hard to write about them. Haha. I feel bad for the character, but the story needs it, so we must set our personal emotions aside, I guess.

And yes, Poppy Pomfrey, in many ways, is almost like an OC, so when I saw Kate's challenge and I picked her wanting to be a Healer, I immediately took that as a sign that she wanted me to write her. Bahaha! Weird, I know. And then it just so happened that this went very well with your Minor Character Challenge, so I decided to combine you guys. Gah! Can you imagine how much has changed since I signed up for those two?? We barely knew each other back then and I think Kate and I have never even met then. lol We've come a long way, lizzie! Who would've thought? Anywho, I digress (as always :P), but yeah, I feel a special fondness for Poppy. Probs because I work in the same field as her, so I understand the pressure. lol If you can only see me in the hospital, I can be terribly strict and bossy as well. :P

Thank you for complimenting the tone. It's something that I had to re-think a couple of times, because my character's a child and I dunno, they just don't view the world the same way as we do. lol I actually had to review my notes of Pediatrics for this. Ack! I was that conscious. Haha. And gah! The flow! The flow really worried me, because of the flashbacks and it didn't feel right to italicize them, you know? I'm so happy that it didn't confuse you. Yaaay! ^_^

It is a pleasure for me to write this for your challenge. Again, thank you very much for this very sweet and flattering review. It made me smile *is blushing*. You're the best! Thank you! I'll see you around! *hugs*

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Review #16, by butterbeergal Midnight

17th November 2010:
Dude. Wow.

*is speechless*

I've been meaning to read this since the time you told me that this was up. This was just... wow. I don't even have the words to convey how utterly moving this was. It was so heartbreaking in the beginning and I thought I would feel that way even when I got to the end, but no, oh no. The ending was truly, truly inspiring.

I know that while tragedy can destroy some people, it can also inspire others to achieve great things. Poppy is one of the most overlooked characters in Potterverse, and I thought you gave her such a phenomenal story that I hope others would get to read. You've somehow convinced me, despite knowing next to nothing about her, that this was what really led her to get into the world of healing.

Honestly, dude, this was really great. Everything flowed smoothly, and the tone was just right. You should definitely be proud of this one.


Author's Response: *hugs suuuper tight*

Gosh, Gilly! You have NO IDEA how special this review is. Hahaha. I had a long tough night (hence, my short absence from the cyber world - it's not that noticeable, but I was out all day yesterday :P) and seeing this very sweet review really made me feel better. How come you always have perfect timing? Soulmate senses probably? Heehee. But seriously, dude, thank you very much for this! Just you reading my story is really good enough for me, but you taking time out of your busy schedule to leave me this lovely and rather flattering review really made me happy. ILY, Potpot! *tackles*

I agree that the beginning to this was a little depressing, especially those little flashbacks of her Dad's deterioration. But I felt that I needed to do that to make this story work, you know? And I think it made the ending more satisfying as well. Haha. Glad it worked for you! Yaay! It means a lot for you to say that, because you're one of my fave authors in the archives (and that's not because we're friends, mind you - I truly enjoy your stuff and I admire your talent ^_^).

I know what you meant about tragedy changing a person. Haha. I dunno if it's too obvious, but I'm a rather passive person and I think I'm more of a reactor instead of a catalyst, so it takes a LOT for me to be riled up about my life. My point is, I intended for her to experience such a tragedy (sort of) really young. because I know that it would shape her future decisions and that's kinda the point of the When I Grow Up Challenge (I think :P), so I was sort of projecting myself a little bit right there. Heehee.

And gah! IKR? Poppy Pomfrey is probably one of the obscurest characters in the books and if you think about it, she's practically like an OC as well. I dunno, probs because I'm a nurse too, that's why I feel a special fondness for her. I am sooo happy that this convinced you that she got to be a Healer because of this experience. lol Pardon me for sounding like Freud, but our childhood can really shape who we are and who we'll be in the future, no? :P

And thank you for complimenting the flow and the tone. Gah! I was a little worried of the flow, to be honest, because of the flashbacks and you saying that really made me feel relieved. Hahaha.

You're the best, Gilly! *hugs* Thank you very much! I'll probs be smothering you with more love over the forums as well, so be prepared, kk? Heehee

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Review #17, by SeverusLove Midnight

9th November 2010:
Yesss!!! First reviewer, Finally!

And I can't believe Cally is more awesome than me. :( I thought I was the awesomest!

Tinny this was absolutely amazing (and yes, so are you)! So touching and deep, different then your usual humour. I love it so much, I'm going to add this to my favourites. :P I could feel her innocence reverberating off the page! I congratulate you on a job well done as well, because I couldn't seem to spot grammar/spelling mistakes at all!

What I loved most about it is its innocence and its deepness. And well, you know me, I have a thing for angsty deep stories. :P

It was a pleasure, and an honor to read this.
~ 'DJSevvy: The awesomest.

P.S. I can't stop saying it was so ah-mazing! AND heart-touching!

Author's Response: Hooray! You got first dibs! *dances*

I didn't say that Cal's more awesome than you! Hahaha. He is pretty awesome but you're awesome yourself, young lady, so stop the drama. :P

You have no idea how much that comment means to me! I was so nervous about how this story will turn out actually. First, it's not my usual stuff and second, Madam Pomfrey isn't really a popular character in the HP fandom, is she? I kinda wrote this story more for me actually. Heehee. Thank you very much for your kind words, my dear. And you favourited this, too! *sniffs* That's very sweet of you! Thank you! You just made me more confident about my writing and it means so much to me, honestly. ILY! ^_^

Reverberating... big words right there. Heehee. I'm glad that her innocence registered with you. I sort of had to review my Pedia notes a little for this, because it's been a while since I've interacted with preschoolers and I want to be as accurate as possible. Heehee. :P

And this is rather deep, no? Well, at least deeper than what I usually write. I'm glad you liked it! Yay! Again, you're lovely comments really made my day! Thank you! ^_^

I'll see you around Sevvy, The Awesomest.

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