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Review #1, by Jazz One

22nd October 2011:
Slightly weird... Where is Harry potter?

Author's Response: Um... Harry Potter doesn't actually show up in quite a lot of the stories on this site? The Founders era, for instance, or the Marauders era. HP fanfics aren't necessarily all about Harry, or involving him in some way... it's about the entire Harry Potter world :)

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Review #2, by Cleopatraa Four

22nd March 2011:
Well this is Cleopatra once again from the forums with a review for the 20 prompts challenge. Like you said nothing really happened in this chapter but thatís in my opinion just great because I donít know if you checked the average teenagers agenda but most of them donít have a Harry Potter life you know. So itís great to see some normalcy ( have no idea how to spell that) in a story.

I just noticed I was the first reviewer! Yeah!

Well back to the story... Like the fact I saw some of what I presume their the Lovegood gene. The fact they sometimes experiment. I also liked the fact the teacher oveheard Marly. Things like that happen how much we donít want it to happen.

Iím wondering if Tony and Lysander will become an item. Hmmm.

I liked the fact when you said. ďShe agreed on everything he said, much like Lorcan did whenever she said something. But she couldnít seem to notice the similarities between the situations.Ē Because alot of people donít notice it when they do it just like Marly.

Well till next time!



Author's Response: Hi! Sorry it took me a while to respond :S
Haha, true. Most people's lives aren't really exciting at all.

Ah, yes. The Lovegood gene :D Though I suspect that the Scamander gene doesn't make them anymore normal. And I'm glad you liked that :)

Haha, well, maybe, maybe not.

Thanks, that's good to hear :) I agree; they don't notice stuff like that all the time.

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #3, by Cleopatraa Three

11th February 2011:
This is Cleopatra once again from the forums with a review for the 20 prompts challenge. What a suprise he! The lousiest challenge maker has come to give you a review. Once again sorry! Iím ashamed of myself at the moment.

Well I sorta had forgetten what the story had been about. Well I knew the big line but not the little things. So yeah Iím glad the clone finally has a name. Iím thinking that will not be Tonyís romantic interessant or not. Iím sure they will become friends or maybe just fellow students but not lovers.

Love the little comments about how short he is. And also i love the little thing going on between Marly/Tony/Lorcan such things happen in real life. So it makes the story more realistic. The little obsession, a crush, disinterested. Yep! Seen it happen before in real life.

Iím glad the twins have something of Luna in them most of the time you will take over your parents view on things. It would be weird of Lunaís kid would not believe in such things.

Great that nobody knows Tonyís secret identity. Hahaha... It sounds like Iím talking about spiderman or batman or some other superhero.

I hope you enjoyed writing this chapter. I have to say it is a great beginning and Iím curious what you are going to do with this. Hope to hear soon of you again!



Author's Response: Hello :) Once again, that's fine :) I'm pretty late with my reply as well...

Yes, the clone finally has a name... I bet it was a great surprise ;) And you'll just have to wait and see what role Lysander will have in the course of the story :)

I'm glad you like those little comments (or should I call them hints? :P)! And you're right, things like that happen all the time :) I'm glad you think they make the story more realistic.

I couldn't really imagine the twins not having views like that, with Luna as their mother. However, as you'll see later, they don't necessarily believe all those things, but they don't really... think that's a problem. Hm... they're somewhat atypical teenagers, it seems :P

Oh yes, but maybe he is ;) (uh, yeah, right)

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #4, by Ginny45 Three

21st January 2011:
The clone now has a name, haha. I'm glad you never out him with Marly or Lorcan, it would have been too obvious. I am torn between believeing Lysander and Tony will be good friends or if they will just know each other. I am leaning towards good friends.

I think it was a really good idea to bring some quirks from Luna into the twins. Growing up with her as mother they can't not mention the Nargles and Wrackspurts.

Interesting development, Marly not liking Lorcan. I can't wait to see where that goes. This story doesn't need to be action packed, it has an interesting plot line and you keep the pace steady.

Let me know with the next chapter is up. :)
Just leave it on my page or in my review thread, I can't wait to read it.

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx

Author's Response: Haha, yes, he does indeed! And you'll just have to wait and see for that ;)

Thanks, I'm glad you think so! I figured it would make sense - I doubt Luna would suddenly forget about all her beliefs and, if she could, she probably would raise her sons to believe in those things as well.

And no, Marly doesn't like Lorcan much - but Lysander even less so. Well, you'll see, I guess. I'm also glad that you don't mind the fact that this story isn't exactly action-packed, so thank you :)

Okay, thanks! I'll definitely inform you about when the next chapter is up :)

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #5, by Ginny45 Two

21st January 2011:
Hi! RandomRed here from the forums. I know it has been like 4 months since you told me this has benn updated but I am here now. I will review your third chapter as well to say sorry, although I was going to read it anyway.

Anyway, before I give my usual praise you have a typo in the last paragraph. "diner and some time spent in" - I'm guessing you meant dinner.

You have great progression in this chapter as the subtle hints from Marly in the last chapter have grown and Tony is, sort of, coming out of his shell. (In his own special way.) I like how there is a base of friendship between him and his dorm mates now.

The whole Lorcan and Lysander plot line made me giggle. The clone sounds so evil but it is genius. I also love their interactions, it was just brilliant. You have characterised them really well.

As I mentioned in the last review, I love Tony. I honestly adore him, he is a great character. I think this story may find it's way onto my favorites list. :)

I am off to review the next chapter. :)

RandomRed/Ginny45 xxx

Author's Response: Hey! That's alright, everyone's busy now and then, right? Sorry, therefore, that it took me so long to reply. Haha, thanks! :)

Ah, yes. You're right. I only found out a few weeks ago that there is a difference between the two, actually :S So thanks for pointing it out; I'll change it when I can.

Thank you, I'm glad you think so! Yes, Tony seems to be coming out of his shell just a little - well, he'd have to some time ;) I'm glad you like that base for friendship as well!

:D That's great to hear, I'm glad you thought that was funny! You're right, 'the clone' sounds pretty evil indeed - I hadn't thought about it like that yet. Thank you, it's good to know you like their characterisation!

And I'm very glad you like Tony so much! He's not always easy to write, so this is definitely good news :)

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #6, by closetgeek Two

27th December 2010:
Looks really great so far- I like that not much has happened. It shows your writing skills much better than jumping into things. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you think so! And that's good to hear too, that's a really nice compliment, so thanks! :)
Thank you for your review!

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Review #7, by Cleopatraa Two

16th December 2010:
Well hello FlyingRabbit here I am with my review for the 20 prompts challenge. Yeah!! Sorry that it took so long again I have a very busy schedule because I have exams next year so I donít have much free time and I canít be on the forum alot. Once again sorry!

I presume Mary likes him or not. If thatís the case she will be in for a big shock when she finds out you know. Also when you were talking about Lorcan and his clone I presume you were talking about Lorcan and Lysander, sons of Luna, right? They have such weird names actually. Donít pay attention to my ponderings? But they donít seem very fond of Tony. Weird.

But seeing Iím time depraved at the moment I canít make this a long review like usually ( not that my reviews are long but longer then this I think). So sorry! And I hope you will update soon!



Author's Response: Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back at you - I don't quite know why, but I've been out of it for several days now. Pretty annoying, but hey, what can you do about it ;) So it's more than alright that you took a bit longer and such. And exams are important.

Oh, yes, she likes him alright :P She will be in for quite a shock indeed, though I haven't reached that part yet. Still figuring it out, whether it would even be believable and all that. And yes, by Lorcan's clone I mean Lysander. I agree, their names are a bit strange. Not quite sure what made Rowling name them that. Oh well. They're not very happy with Tony indeed. Hopefully that'll improve in time ;)

That's okay! I'll try to update soon again (probably some time (shortly?) after the queue closure).
Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #8, by DemetersChild Two

9th December 2010:
It's nice to see him loosening up a bit around his dorm mates. Marly is obviously very interested in him, and I'm curious as to why Lorcan and Lysander aren't too keen on him.

It was another slow chapter, though. Nothing really happened. I think you could liven in up a bit by describing some things instead of just telling. Like the twins conversation, maybe include what they were saying and how this made Tony feel.

It's just feeling a bit dead at the moment. There's definitely potential for the story, though I'm not at all sure where it's going. I've never read a story about the twins, so that's interesting. It just really needs more action!

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: Thanks, that's good to hear :) Marly's very interested in him indeed, and the twins' dislike of him will be further explained later :)

That's actually a very good idea, thank you! I'll definitely try to say something more about that conversation. Yeah, I know - I usually have some trouble getting started with a multi-chaptered story. It's no excuse, I know, but... I can see where you're coming from :)

I'll try to work on that, and I'm glad you think there's potential for the story. Thank you! Haha, you've just given me an idea I could try to incorporate for some action, so thanks for that as well ;)

Thanks a lot for your review!!

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Review #9, by DemetersChild One

9th December 2010:
Hmm, interesting. I can't quite figure out Tony's character. He's quiet, that's obvious, but what is he like when he's comfortable? Very curious to see that.

It's so strange reading a story where I don't recognize anyone's name! So many OCs! I look forward to seeing who they are, too. :D

It was a bit slow, to be honest. Not sure why. Most likely because there wasn't much happening. Introductions and dinner. That's about it. Well, purhaps there's more going on in the next chapter?

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: Ah, thanks :) Tony's... a bit odd, I suppose. I'm not too sure if he'll feel comfortable soon, but I'm sure he will some time, so we'll see, right? :P

I know, it is strange writing it too. Thank Merlin the twins are coming in in the next chapter ;) I'm trying to keep the amount of OCs as low as possible, but I'm not sure if it works.

Oh, okay. I agree, not much happened, but I needed a point to start the story and it didn't feel like a story that I could just start in the midst of the action.

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #10, by Cleopatraa One

20th November 2010:
Well hello FlyingRabbit here I am with my review for the 20 prompts challenge. Yeah!! Sorry that it took so long but I havenít been on the forum for a long time.I also promise I will review your other story soon. Once again sorry!

I actually had to go back to see which prompt you had and it was: 17 A girl-disguising-a-boy joins a boys' boarding school (or does like she's a boy in a boarding school for boys and girls) because of . while ... notices ... is actually a girl and falls in love with her but she doesn't notice he knows.

Well I presume Tony is the girl. I love the fact you didnít once tell that he is a girl. Itís original. And I think most people are wondering why does he has that strange behavior. Or should I say she. Iím getting a bit confused here. Hahaha! :D Like the fact he has to avoid going at the same time to the bathroom.

I also like the fact when he talked about being reserved. I thought yeah yeah excuses excuses. A real human like trait.

I hope you enjoyed writing this piece so far and please tell me when you updated. Also yeah I jope you enjoyed taking another one of my challenge



Author's Response: Hello :) Thank you! That's okay, everyone's busy at times, right? :)

Haha, yes, it was :) But I haven't really got there yet. I'm still working on it.
Well... you'd probably be right. But for the sake of the story, I won't fully confirm that :P Thank you, I'm glad you think that's original. I figured it'd be nice to try something like that. Hopefully readers like that too. Hehe, his peers definitely think he's a bit of an oddball already :P And let's just say he - it might get confusing later on, but now, it's just he. Ah yes, the bathroom... that'd be rather awkward, I think ;)

I think the talking about being reserved isn't all excuses, but you're definitely right about the fact that he uses it to his advantage a bit as well.

I will tell you when there's an update, and I'm definitely enjoying writing this!

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #11, by Potter_Princessx3 One

20th November 2010:
Hello! Autumn (PotterPrincessx3) from the forums here with your review! Sorry it took me so long; my apologizes. Anyways, on to your review.

Since you just wanted a general review that is what I will give to you! So, I love the beging it was perfect; not to long or boring it was wonderful. I love your OC Marly she kind of reminds me a little bit of Hermione... :P I can not wait to see what happens next, Feel free to re-request when the next chapter is up!

Great job, keep on writing.
~ Autumn (:

Author's Response: Hello :) Thank you, and that's alright; we're all busy at times, right?

I'm glad you liked the beginning, it's good to hear that it wasn't too long or too boring. Thanks! She does? That's funny, because the way she's in my head, she isn't really like Hermione, but I suppose this shows how opinions can differ :)
That's also great to hear, and I'll definitely re-request!

Thanks you for your review!

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Review #12, by Ginny45 One

17th November 2010:
Hey RandomRed here again! I am fair making my way through your stories.
I think you have set up a great first chapter and I am the reader connect with Tony already. I think it is his rituals, well not rituals but quirks. Being in the bathroom by himself, being clean and not quite getting school life.

I think for a first chapter you have given a great base for Tony and you've introduced other characters without it feeling awkward and forced. Linking in with your summary, the bit about the head girl, you show her feelings a tiny little bit in this chapter. Which I really like, I mean it isn't being shoved into your face but it is subtly there.

There was one sentence that seemed a bit akward but I cannot seem to fine find it. 2 seconds.
Found it! He hadn't been Sorted into Gryffindor for nothing, he figured.

It might just be me but the "he figured" bit sounds like it has just been added on as a last thought.

Anyway... I really like this story, you must let me know when you update and I will come back. :D

Oh. PS. I read any type of story short, long, slash, no romance, whatever anyone needs. I decided this rule thigs I had were stupid.
Byyyee! :)
Ginny45/RandomRed xxx

Author's Response: Hello :) Thank you! Haha, you sure are. I hope you don't mind.
Oh, that's great to hear! Thanks! I'm glad you like the first chapter, and I'm also glad you think it's easy for the reader to connect to Tony. He's got some quirks alright ;)

Thank you, that's great to hear as well! I'm glad you thought the introduction of the others wasn't forced or anything. It's also good to know that the Head Girl thing is just good enough like this :) The other summary feature will come into play next chapter, by the way.

Well, I thought that the part 'he figured' was sort of necessary here - if I had left it out, he would be confident that he had courage and such, and now he's not too sure. He assumes that he must be courageous, because if he wasn't, the Sorting Hat wouldn't have placed him in Gryffindor. Hopefully that makes more sense :)

Oh, thanks! I'm very glad you like it so far! I will definitely let you know when I update!
Okay :) That's good to know, I'll keep it in mind! Bye!

Thanks a lot for your review!!

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