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Review #1, by LizMalfoy Nice Flaptop!

18th June 2014:
That was adorable. Also, you should definitely continue the Hogwarts series. I can't wait to read about Draco meeting hermione's parents.

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Review #2, by brittanyd8907 Nice Flaptop!

9th August 2011:
Amazing! You are so very good at what you do. Keep it up!

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Review #3, by alias093001 Nice Flaptop!

29th January 2011:
I don't think Draco really thought his whole plan through. His only concern was getting revenge on Harry for the Lord of the Dance. Maybe if Draco were not so conceited and actually planned everything out - such as messing with Harry and Ginny, the way Harry did with him and Hermione - his idea would have worked out a little better. Although, Harry as an ass was pretty funny.

Author's Response: Oh, Draco never thinks much out other than immediate revenge, which is of course why it all backfired. But never a dull moment with him!

Thanks for reading & reviewing. :)

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Review #4, by fuzzylogic Nice Flaptop!

16th November 2010:
Lol I loved this one even better than the first. You are so good at scripting the characters!

Author's Response: At least those voices in my head come in handy for something, right? Thanks a lot for reading both stories!

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Review #5, by J E P Andela Nice Flaptop!

31st October 2010:
HA HA HA, this is hilarious!! I totally love it!!
There are no need to explain this further!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much...good to know that I haven't scared any readers away with my insanity!

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Review #6, by No1HarryPotterFan Nice Flaptop!

29th October 2010:
Oh my God! I keep getting strange looks because I can't stop laughing (in public!!!) I have missed your stories so much! I love the Hogwarts series! I may have to read them again...!
10/10 AWESOME!!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! You need to contact me on my Meet the Author page--there's a lot more where this craziness came from, believe me!!

And thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by BKL8008 Nice Flaptop!

29th October 2010:
I love it! Classic "Draco chat"!
Definitely a favorite, which I must read in more detail.
Great to see another one from you.
Still pissed over ibpfree's service here, too!
Miss you all.

Author's Response: I know--I can not believe the amount of great material we lost on PHFF! Miss you lots!!

No matter...I am in the process of setting up a replacement forum. Just a few more days...

And thanks so much for the review--I really appreciate it!

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Review #8, by gnilworkj Nice Flaptop!

29th October 2010:
I too had to let out a *SNORT* with that line "SUDDENLY, INEXPLICABLY, THE COURT JESTER WAS STRUCK MUTE." followed up by "...A ROYAL ASS" Such perfect timing on the punchlines Purps. I do hope that if I ever tell someone I love them they don't respond "Merlin's bloody blue balls" Somehow, I don't think that is the response I'd expect to hear...
Great story as always Purps. Totally enjoyable and the laugh that I needed.

Author's Response: Well, let's think of "Merlin's bloody blue balls" in the best light possible...

Nah, you're right. There really is no light under which that looks good.

Thanks for the review Jude--always a pleasure to hear from you! And it's great to know that even insanity can be appreciated. :-D

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Review #9, by didi4299 Nice Flaptop!

28th October 2010:
haha wow i loved this!! ive reread ur whole hogwarts series liek four time cuz i'm in love with them!!!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks! I really love it when I hear that someone has read the whole series--that made my day!!

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Review #10, by dracosgem Nice Flaptop!

28th October 2010:
Dude, I actually logged in to this mess to leave you a review! Don't you feel lucky... ; )

ANYWAY, I snorted my little tookas right off when I read this:


EPIC. Seriously, this gave me a good laugh before bed. Keep up the good work! Hit you up tomorrow, Screech! WAH HA HA!!

Author's Response: Funny how easy it is for me to morph right back into Malfoy snarkiness...WAH HA HA!! I forgot how much fun and cathartic it really is.

Yo, thanks a lot for logging on to review--I wasn't expecting that! Of course, it wouldn't feel like a real story without one of your reviews. And let's keep the Screech Affair under wraps, okay? People think I'm insane enough as it is...

Oh, wait--they're right! ;-P

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Review #11, by katiefelton Nice Flaptop!

28th October 2010:
Wow, I actually really loved reading this! It was so funny! The dialogue between you and draco was hilarious:D Are you going to continue??

Loved it! 12232/10!


Author's Response: Well, this is a one-shot, but being as I LOVE to write Draco-dialogue so much, I wouldn't be surprised if another story ends up getting writtten...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Miss MarlaG Nice Flaptop!

28th October 2010:
that was pretty amusing. especially the bit about padma and parvati dressep up as winnie the pooh :)

Author's Response: Oh, good...I was hoping that wasn't too far of a stretch! ;-P

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