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Review #1, by Singularity Mighty

2nd October 2011:
I enjoyed your interpretation of Dorcas. She reminded me a bit of Bellatrix, actually. A heap less crazy, but still. She has that same power-radiating presence that Bellatrix exudes and that same single-minded focus that everyone on the other side is scum. Itís a very interesting parallel actually. Iím not sure if you meant it to be that way, but Iím going to assume that you did, so awesome job. ;)

Initially, when I got to the part with her being an animagus, I wasnít sure what to think. It sometimes seems in fanfiction that /everyone/ is an unregistered animagus, despite the fact that itís supposed to be really difficult and really dangerous, and closely monitored by the Ministry. However, the way youíve written Dorcas, it seems to fit her personality. Sheís obviously very bright and very powerful. Plus, she doesnít seem to have any qualms about breaking rules. And heck, it never specifies that sheís unregistered, so maybe she is an official animagus. *cough* Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked there. I think Dorcas as an animagus works within the context of your story. I especially liked the way that you talked about it, how she felt more free as a fox than as a person. It was very well done.

I like that you included Poppy and Madame Bones, but I wouldíve liked to see more of them. It seemed a bit out of place with the way it was written, and kind of broke up the flow of the story. Maybe just a bit more detail would be helpful, like some explanation of where they were in the first scene or how Dorcas knew to be there or something.

The ending was really well written, I thought. You description of Dorcas in battle, not even stopping to heal herself, was very well done. And the image of her raising her blood-coated hand to the sky before she died was very haunting, but also kind of beautiful.

Part of me really wants this story to go on for another couple paragraphs, though. Even though it is the story of Dorcas, and she has died, I want to know what happens after. What does Sirius do now that he is faced with Voldemort? What does Voldy do after he kills Dorcas? More, more, more!

*cough* Yeah, Iím a bit greedy sometimes :P

Overall, I thought this was a really well written story. You characterized Dorcas brilliantly. I could definitely see her fitting into the original order and into canon. Great story! :)


Author's Response: For some reason I always always always stick Bellatrix in my story somewhere, not always directly but there. She's just... so... CRAZY. o.O I was thinking a little of Bellatrix when I wrote it, just putting her as someone to match Bella in the strength and focus that turn out to be, ultimately, both of their downfalls.

NO NO NO I really ACTUALLY thought this Animagus one out. *nodnod* Please just ignore the fact that every single other character in all my stories just happen to be Animagi. Please. Ignore.

Just kidding, I promise :) I was a little hesitant because, like you said, the Animagi bit is a little overused. However, I decided to portray Dorcas as a very talented and bright witch. She actually did go through the trouble of becoming a registered Animagi, though with very little patience. She found it worth the trouble, though. And her name was on a list of VERY VERY OFFICIAL REGISTERED ANIMAGI until she kicked the bucket, after which it was scribbled off.

I also just really wanted to write an Animagi transformation. It seems like such an interesting experience, switching forms. I'd never actually done it myself, so I figured I'd try and take a swing at writing it and hopefully I'd figure it out along the way.

I'm actually a little dissatisfied with the Poppy-and-Madame-Bones bit. It was a tad spur-of-the-moment. I completely agree with all you said. I'll probably go back and edit it waayyy later, but until then, I'm keeping it in. NO REGRETS.

I actually started the one-shot with the scene of Dorcas in battle, intending it to go from there, but it didn't happen and I'm kind of glad (cause I got to write that cool Animagus bit.) When I wrote it, it didn't really affect me at all--I'm really insensitive when I write--but reading it was kind of sad for me because I definitely did like Dorcas. She was one of, if not my most favorite character.

HAHAHAHAH I did this on purpose to keep you wondering. You can make up your own interpretation. In my dream-ending, the battle is broken up because of the death of the main fighter. Voldemort and the Death Eaters vanish into the night. But that's not set in stone. Imagine what you like.

Thank you SO SO MUCH for the lovely long review. My day is absolutely made. *huggle*

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Review #2, by Debra20 Mighty

28th August 2011:
Oh, thank you for this wonderful piece! More than anything, thank you for inspiring me on Dorcas's personality. Thanks to you, now I can only envision her as a reckless, fiery, loyal witch. And she seems so fit for this type!

I love reading stories about the First War. Even more if the main protagonists are minor characters. I really value what you have written because you have opened the gates to a new and fascinating character. I loved how you depicted her. How she would be willing to fight Lord Voldemort himself to revenge everyone who had died, especially Marlene. There were only a handful of people courageous enough to do that. I also found it interesting the POV switching. It offered more perspectives of the same events.

Oh, and Sirius going after Dorcas. That was incredible! It really offered candy to our imagination in terms of the kind of relationship they might have had. I always thought he must have been interested in someone from the Order and Dorcas seems the best candidate. What a great love/hate (well not literally hate...) relationship it must have been. There is always something fascinating in the clashing of two powerful personalities.

I thoroughly enjoyed your action scenes. Brief as they were, they offered a lot of imagery. A very nice one shot!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I tried to make her as charismatic and memorable as I could, and her personality was surprisingly easy to write (though hard to let die...)

I haven't seen a lot of stories really written about Dorcas, and the ones that were often didn't portray her as a very strong character--I mean, it's hard with a name like Dorcas. I was like IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE and decided she'd be almost the antithesis of Bellatrix: insane, impulsive, powerful, but working for good.

I kind of left the imagining up to the reader in the Sirius/Dorcas part of the story. You could take it either way. Every Order member cares deeply about the survival of their comrades, so when James and Sirius went after her, it was a little to be expected. But Sirius and Dorcas do seem the kind of people to be either great friends or a little more, just because they're both very strong people.

Thank you so so so much for the review!!!

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Review #3, by ciararose Mighty

24th March 2011:
Wow, lot's of action in this one! You had great pacing here, the theme of running was well suited to the fast paced action in the story. I liked that you wrote about Dorcas, a character who is rarely examined, and gave her some real personality. She kind of reminds me of Ginny, unable to keep out of the fight. But she also seems fiercer, in a way.

The part with Poppy just confused me a little because it seemed as though Dorcas walked out of a forest and came across Poppy and Madame Bones in the middle of a field somewhere. But that could easily be my misinterpretation. Other than that, I liked that you wrote in several perspectives, it lent another element of quickness to the story.

All in all, a great snapshot of a character whom many just ignore, and a believable account of the way she died. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Dorcas was interesting to write. Her name kind of made me flinch when I first heard it... who names their kid Dorcas? "Okay, so we're deciding between Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Dorcas--" "DORCAS FOR SURE."

Um. Sorry. I'll get to the response now.

I could see how the part with Poppy would confuse you, that's pretty valid. I meant for them to be in an office. Oh, I should've added a part where Dorcas breaks and enters, THAT WOULD BE SO FUN OH MY GOSH.

You are so cool. No seriously. There should be something named after you. Like... a flower! Git your roses here, awll kinds, we 'ave white roses an' yeller roses and dem ciara roses too!

Oh wow, I really need some sleep.

Thank you so much for the review!! :)

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Review #4, by libby103 Mighty

3rd January 2011:
Hey! It's Liberty from my review thread on the forums!

This story is very haunting. I feel like I can see Dorcas's blood-red hand raised to the sky while she mouths Marlene McKinnons' name.

The plot is unique and amazing. I haven't seen anything quite like this.

The scenes shifted really well. The entire story flowed just right.

Dorcas' character was really well-developed without having a back-story. I love her character. She was very strong and hurt. She was just lashing out at the source of pain in her life.

I love how you incorporated all these canon characters and didn't bring in any OC's really. It must've taken some thought. James and Sirius being there as her friend was really nice, for a second, it did occur to me to wonder where the rest of the Marauders were, but it worked without them.

I love the part where she turns into a red fox. I feel that there's not many descriptions of animagus and their experiences. That part is so...poetic? Not really sure how to describe it, but that part just makes me feel.

Only one typo noticed!
"The light from the spells shot at her leave afterimages on her eyes as she whirls in an extempore dance of destruction." There's no space between "after" and "images."

Overall, this piece was perfect! I just felt emotion rising in my throat throughout this entire piece.

Sorry if this wasn't all that helpful...
Liberty (libby103)
p.s. Feel free to re-request for different stories on my thread.

Author's Response: I thought you said your reviews weren't great. YOU LIED, they're amazing :)

Yeah, the one scene with the hand was kind of my favorite, if that's not gross and gruesome and stuff...? I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you!!!

Oh dang, you're right. I just kind of left out the rest of the Marauders, didn't I... :P

Thank you so much again!!! You're just AMAZING.

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Review #5, by GreyLady Mighty

22nd November 2010:
Wow. Just wow.

That. Was. Awesome. Had to read it a few more times because it was that awesome. So well written, I might actually cry at how amazing it is!!


Author's Response: Thank you!!! It was very fun to write and I'm SO glad you liked it. :) --L

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Review #6, by liza_potter Mighty

19th November 2010:
Hello, this is lizzacc from the forums. ^_^

I enjoyed this story quite a lot. Seems like many people are writing about the deaths of my minor characters. :P Still, there isn't much known about Dorcas, only that she died at the hands of Lord Voldemort. I think it was a fair account of how she could've been murdered.

I enjoyed your characterization of Dorcas. In a way, she reminded me a bit of Bellatrix. They're both a tad mad, aren't they? Marlene's death drove Dorcas around the bend, in some ways. Her grief turned to anger and it was taken out on the Death Eaters in battle. How Poppy saw Dorcas in battle reminded me of Bellatrix, as well- the wild eyes and hair. And they're both strong and powerful. Of course there are differences between the two of them but I thought it was interesting how even the Light Side had a Bellatrix. ;)

She is the fighting arm of the Order. The muscle. The wildness of it, the fight-fire-with-fire.
^One of my favourite lines. It says a lot about Dorcas' character. It's true; she has strength and power and it's obvious. She's wild and reckless. She won't stoop down to the level of the Death Eaters, but she's not above getting revenge, either. And it was that desire for revenge that made her a bit loony, I think.

I also enjoyed how you mentioned Poppy Pomfrey. Yet another unappreciated minor character. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thought Dorcas and Marlene would've been good friends.

I didn't spot any grammer mistakes, so good job there. :) The flow was nice as well, but I felt something was a bit off.

Overall, it was an enjoyable story. Thank you for entering my challenge. Hopefully, the results will be out soon so keep an eye out for that! ^_^ See you around, dear, and keep writing!

Author's Response: Ooh yay!! Hey!! :)

Thank you! Dorcas was SUCH A FUN character to write. She is just a little mad... but I prefer to think of her as fiery. :) Hmm, that's a really good comparison... PSH. Of COURSE I was thinking of Bellatrix and the Light Side and all of that when I wrote this stuff. Ummm...

And Poppy was also nice to think about. I was wondering about her for a little bit, and I thought it would be nice to put her in my story. :)

Thanks for reviewing!!! --L

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Review #7, by silver_cloak Mighty

4th November 2010:
Dorcas is my favorite character of yours and of all other stories. Of all time.
You write this in a very simple, raw way.
It's beautiful.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think so! I absolutely love Dorcas and am so sad that I had to kill her off... but I figured it was fitting. ILY M! --L

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