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Review #1, by CantGetEnoughHarryGinnyLove Absolutely Nothing

30th January 2012:
excellent, even with the change in age I loved it, gradually working through early childhood .. My only nitpick is I thought the ending happened abruptly, would have enjoyed more elaboration with the leaving with barman scene but alas good job!

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Review #2, by Miri Absolutely Nothing

22nd January 2011:
Wow. That was one of the best Teddy/Victoire stories that I have ever come across. Good Job.

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Review #3, by inconsistentlysane Absolutely Nothing

27th November 2010:
I thought this was a really good story, it was so sweet to see Teddy and Victoire as kids.
(Also, if you give a mouse a cookie is a great book :D)

Author's Response: aww thanks! and it is an awesome book!

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Review #4, by ravenclaw_chill22 Absolutely Nothing

21st November 2010:
Hi! I thought this was a very good story and I liked how it went up in years! Great job! :)

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #5, by _hedwig_ Absolutely Nothing

14th November 2010:
Aw...I'm favoriting this. Now, all you need to do is update Poison & Wine! Now! Please?

Author's Response: working on it! I just sent it to my beta haha

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Review #6, by angelaaa  Absolutely Nothing

9th November 2010:
this was really interesting . :) i love it !

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Review #7, by iamlilypotter Absolutely Nothing

7th November 2010:
I'm breathless. This is absolutely amazing. Honestly thank you for writing this. I really like the age-by-age thing too(:


Author's Response: Awww thank you so very much!

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Review #8, by lilylunapotter26 Absolutely Nothing

7th November 2010:
Oh my gosh. That was the sweetest story I have ever read. I cried. I really really loved how you had each year of their life. Everyone was growing around them, but they never split apart. They were like two peas in a pod. SO unbelievably cute! SQUEE!!! Your such an amazing writer. It felt like I was standing there each moment with them. Watching them grow up.

I think at age 15 they were talking about each other, were they? That's what I got from their conversation. Holy moly, I LOVE this story. I can't even put it into words!!! Amazing job!



Author's Response: thank you thank you thank you thank you!

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