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Review #1, by Slytherdor18 III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

25th March 2016:
PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY NOW! I've read both Etc. and Capers and I absolutely love them!! I also wrote the longest review ever on Etc yesterday haha. I really enjoy this and I think it's quite realistic (even though I do love a good cliche!) and gives the reader something different. It's written really well and I like the realism of what her definition of love is because I would say that same thing as well, it might even be universally true because it's quite commonly said that you marry your best friend. Anyway, love their relationship, I just wanna read more and more of what happens! Great job, as well as your other ones - because everyone knows they are all great! Now that you're done with Capers and almost complete with Etc, do you think you'd follow through and write the rest of James' and Ellian's story? Pretty please? :)
- Morgan

Author's Response: I'm glad people are still reading this silly fic erhurhur, it's so patently ridiculous, but I do love ridiculousness.

You might've caught on to my love of best friend relationships now :D That, and hard-to-label relationships. They have a Capers-worthy wacky future that I don't think I'll write in novel form, but I might write some ficlets once I'm done with etc. It also involves Muggle-magic madness and profit, ofc 8D

♥ eek thank you for reading so much of my stuff lately!

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Review #2, by ginnypotter242 III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

12th June 2015:
Aww, that was a sweet ending. I didn't read the original, but I'm sort of glad that Ellian didn't return his feeling, even the hopeless romantic that I am. Even in just the two chapter, I never got the vibe from her- I actually kind of got the feeling she was asexual to be perfectly honest!

I do really like how this turned out though. They're little "us" is so adorable. Even though the romantic in me desperately wants Ellian to fall head over heels for James, them to get married and have tons of little cute Potters...I think the way it played out is actually best. It's a lot more realistic,and way more fitting with the personalities. Poor James though, he so confused by everything. He did have a very short amount of time to 1.) realize he loved his best friend, 2.) tell said best friend he loved her 3.) deal with getting rejected. He took it all rather well though, and I think their relationship is very good for the both of them . I want more on these two now though! What happens in the future? Do they end up get married, or stay best friends... updates please!

This was a really cute little fic, and I fell in love with the characters almost instantly (though, James Sirius Potter, how could I not?). I really love your writing style in this- it was all very fluffy and sweet, but not overly romantic and unrealistic. Great job!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: You're the first (who I haven't told) who's figured it out: she IS asexual! :D that's the part of her that she doesn't realize yet, because she doesn't know it's a thing.

I have a vague idea of their future--it involves a lot of James' schemes of course, one of which is an elaborate Muggle money-making scheme that takes up the next decade. I imagine during this time, they're best friends and traverse a bunch of other relationships to figure out what they want, but ultimately find that there's no one else they want to spend their whole life with, and end up being life partners-in-crime :D So, totally happy ending!

Thank you so much for reading :)

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Review #3, by ginnypotter242 II. Getting the Girl

12th June 2015:
Aww, poor James! That sucks :( And poor Ellian too! She thought he was joking- which to be fair, it is James Sirius Potter, but still! I'm so proud of James though, he finally told her! There's his Gryffindor courage! Thanks to Albus I suppose- speaking of which, I loved the little conversation between Al and James "I was named after two war heroes" and so forth was a great piece of dialogue, and I can totally imagine the two of them arguing about their names. Ellian's description of love was really sweet. And I liked James' "You're supposed to know because you know everything!" Umm, Hermione and Ron anyone?? It was cute. The interactions between all the characters are great and seem perfectly natural. I really love your writing style, and it fits these characters so well! I honestly feel for James, and your descriptions make it feel so real! I feel for Ellian too with her "I'm not your type" comment. I totally know how that feels (even if you don't actually like the person in question, it's a horrible feeling). The characterizations of all your characters is great! Love it :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Jokes about Albus' name never gets old!

This fic was so fluffy and sweet to write. I feel like the sap in me got to let out the floood of cute things. Cute dialogue that I could never fit in everywhere else. James' earnestness about the cheesiest things makes him so endearing to me, and it's something very present in Albus as well in 'Capers', which I find funny because James picks on him.

Thank you again!

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Review #4, by ginnypotter242 I. The Girl

12th June 2015:
Oh James... I really liked how this started. This type of experiment does seem like something James would do-at least, making a fool out of himself in public seems like something he would do. I like the description of the three friends- it has almost a Golden Trio-esque vibe, which works very well. James being to persuasive is a really nice characteristic for him. It works pretty well, especially in this task- though I have a feeling he's going to need more than pretty new parchment to get through this.

The moment of realization is amazing. I liked how James tried to rationalize it at first, very fitting. It's a lot like how Harry tried to rationalize his feelings for Ginny. He does have a good point though, with the eyes. Very good rule James, I approve. (Though frankly,because of that, I think he's kind of screwed.)

This is an interesting plan. I do wonder why James knows so much about Muggle dating advice books though... This is off to a great start!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Hee, thanks for starting this silly story of mine. The best things come in threes, no? Trios, chapters, rules.

I love the endless amount of stories that James creates. Indeed; why DOES he know so much about Muggle dating advice? How did the asparagus butterbeer fiasco happen? Why does he distrust yellow scarves?? I'm not sure I wnat to know 8D

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Review #5, by NARWHALSNARWHAL III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

10th January 2014:
Heart. Heart. Heart. Heart.
Best. 'Just friends'. Story. EVER.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D glad you enjoyed it! ♥

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Review #6, by peppersweet I. The Girl

2nd January 2014:
Gina!! Itís-a-me, Julio. Here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge. Todayís challenge is reading angst-less stories, swear Iíve never had to do anything so difficult in my life. Also, Iíve wanted to read this for about 6561928723 years.

Anyway, enough about me.


I love the fluffiness of this (Iím still recovering from NYE and need fluff like I need calories and caffeine rn) and Iím only like, halfway through chapter 1 and already giggling and awing - the line about the 50% off sale at Gladrags attracting girls and James considering putting a similar sign on himself cracked me up. You know those people who are employed to stand on street corners holding signs advertising pizza places and stuff? Iím just imagining him standing outside the Great Hall with a big placard saying ĎDATE ME and get a FREE £5 GIFT CARD FOR HONEYDUKESí or similar.




IS THIS THE CAPERSVERSE?? (If youíve told me that before Iím sorry that I have a memory like a Leaky Cauldron but it is a BIG REVELATION and the merest hint of a velvet blazer might make me fall off the sofa)

"That's one voluptuous graph," he said one evening with a low whistle, staring at the diagram she was working on. /ď Normal people call it a bell curve," she said smoothly over the scratch of her quill. This exchange made me snort with laughter. One might say Ellianís work has curves in places, occasionally the right places.

If James thinks Ellian is romantic as a fencepost, Iím shipping them already. Land ahoy, shiver me timbers and such. Jallian. Eames. EAMES. EEEAMES (fandoms within fandoms)

James seems like a bit of a jerk but in a wholly loveable way?? Also, knowing (or assuming, more like) this is Capersverse makes me so happy because FRED, the point-man, oh oh Fred, knowing what I know about your futureÖ

Eames 5eva. See you at the next chapter (once Iíve, er, left my six other reviews for this challenge - todayís gonna be a whole lot of reading) ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO RESPOND HERE I AM A GINO. You've wanted to read this since earth was a flaming piece of rock, thank.

THE GLADRAGS BIT IS MY FAVORITE LINE i added it in an edit though, so not everyone had the chance to see it. I'M GLAG(rags) YOU'RE THE FIRST TO MENTION IT. I think James would look spiffin in a placard. Or a giant suit of anything, really, even a hot dog.

THIS IS THE CAPERSVERSE as it says in the note at the beginning~ Scorpius isn't here but there is a brief Bea and Lucy cameo! I'll bet that Scorpius is one of the boys who looks like a sparkly flowerpot at the Yule Ball though.

EAMEs. ok that's too good, the ship has to sail. Actually I had an old dumb bit where James ships himself with her and calls it "Jelly" hurrhurhur

JAMES IS BASICALLY OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T HIMSELF but he's a puppy so he needs people around him to be happy. Fred's bit is a wee sad if you remember him pining for James in the beginning of Capers. THESE ARE THE ANTICS JAMES PUT HIM UP TO.

♥ ♣ ♠ to spice it up. THANK.

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Review #7, by patronus_charm III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

1st January 2014:
Hi Gina here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge on the forums! I did intend on reviewing each chapter, but I wanted to know whether James got the girl or not so if all my thoughts seemed swirled together and hard to read itís because theyíre based on all three chapters :P

Haha, you have another brilliant set of characters and your characterisation skills were so amazing again because all of them were so unique and original and nothing like Iíve really seen before. I absolutely loved James, he was hilarious and this was one of my favourite characterisations of him! I think it was the fact he was so full of himself but at the same time he was sort of trying to be sincere too and the mix of that had me giggling. I think my favourite scene was when he was trying to pretend to Ellian that he had a ton of girls wanting to date him when it just wasnít true.

I loved Ellian too because it was nice to include the scientific element to her given that the general view that science is for boys which isnít true. It was also really fun to her quoting the latest experiment results in Hogwarts as it was just so surreal to see science go on there. She also had this confidence about her, like she knew how she viewed herself and how others did too, and that was a pleasing change from the constant characters which always doubt themselves.

Aw, Albus asked her to the ball, that moment was so cute I was gushing throughout as he was so awkward and I wanted to squish him because of that. Plus, heís a Hufflepuff which seems to make him even cuter. ♥

Aw, he said he loved her then wah she didnít love him and they kissed and there were no fireworks and James was just like a lost puppy but I feel proud of Ellian for not just agreeing to date him so to save their friendship but standing by her feelings and what she really wants.

I really liked the ending to the story because the unconventional romance was such a pleasant change and the way James wanted to be twirled had me giggling. Even though the majority of the story was fluff, I didnít feel like being sick from it like I usually do but I really enjoyed it so kudos for that and for writing such a great story as this was really lovely!


Author's Response: Heee hey Kiana! I'm so glad you chose this fic. This is what my fluff is like when it's all concentrated, like a sheep in need of shearing. It's got all my bad puns, silly pet quirks, and too-timely quips; basically all my favorite things rolled in one.

Dumb James is my favorite kind of James. I could never take smouldering-hot James seriously (though my headcanon agrees with the fandom trend that he's the hotter Potter, probably because he isn't plagued by a name like Albus). I love him as a bit of a jock and a sweetheart, well-intentioned but spoiled. He was the first to know himself as the son of the boy who lived.

I love my confident characters! For me, it's much easier for me to write them than characters who doubt themselves constantly. And they're more fun to write when they get shaken up. I imagine Ellian as someone who has got her confidence and daily life down to a *science* and does not like James messing with the status quo.

Whenever I write a romance, I try to show at least some things different from the norm of how a relationship is written, because there are so many interesting relationships out there that can't be easily labeled. I've found that people have a really hard time accepting that! As if a fulfilling love only goes on a certain path and meets certain requirements, as if x will always provoke x reaction, etc. James and Ellian's full story is actually quite romantic, and I'd like to one day share a bigger chunk of it.

Thank you so much for reading! ^__^

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Review #8, by willow1 III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

4th June 2013:
aawww! so cute! so fluffy! so fun to read!

Author's Response: Thanks! c:

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Review #9, by Jess the Enthusiast III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

12th March 2013:
I love the way you ended this! I still have to read And Capers Ensue, but I love how this is set in the same universe. I'll know though that I'll have some intense shipping feels once I read it and James makes an appearance haha.

Great job! :D

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! It's actually quite odd - the Capers universe spawned from this universe accidentally. I never meant to do it!

♥ thank you for reading! c:

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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast II. Getting the Girl

12th March 2013:
Awww this is so cute onto the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: I think this is /the/ cutest chapter I have ever written for anything ever xD

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Review #11, by Jess the Enthusiast I. The Girl

12th March 2013:
I don't know why I haven't read this before now, but I love it!!! You always have the most unique plot lines :D

Author's Response: Aw, thanks Jess c:

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Review #12, by Glassw III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

13th December 2012:
Please please please please update this I want it I want it!

Author's Response: Oh dear, but it's complete as it is! It's just a short story :) There's more to James and Ellian, but that would be in a new novella.

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Review #13, by Siriusly89 III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

10th December 2012:
Hi there! :) Siriusly89 here from the review swap :)

My geography books are scolding me, because I was only supposed to review the first chapter, as I have a test tomorrow, but did my brain listen? Nope! So here I am, three chappies in :P

I love James and Ellian! They are just two normal people, like everyone in the world, but that's what makes them so extraordinary! I just love this so much! You've told a better love story in three chapters, than some write in 13! So kudos to you :) I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan girl, and I do ever so slightly stalk your authors page for new updates. . . . . . . . . but anyway! Enough about me! I want to steal Albus! He is mine! All mine! I know he was only in it for two seconds, but me want! Really bad! And I'm kind of glad in a way, that Ellian wasn't head over heels for James, it gave the story something different! And I just love James' observations :) And Fred. . . . . .. ah Fred, how can you not love him? :)

10/10 of course! xx

Author's Response: Bahaha, well I'm excited that you got to the end, because then you got to read the whole fic in one go :D And it reads very much like a oneshot in this way.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and it really is a love story, even if it isn't necessarily the normal ending, and hee, Albus' cameo is welcomed, I see.

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #14, by AlexFan II. Getting the Girl

9th December 2012:
Ouch! That's gotta hurt James, getting rejected. And I was so hoping . . . ah, well, ONTO THE LAST CHAPTER I GO!

Author's Response: Oof, the words no one ever wants to hear! Hope you like it!

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Review #15, by AlexFan I. The Girl

9th December 2012:
James has got it BAD. It was so much fun watching him sweat over Ellian. It's funny how he notices just NOW that Ellian is actually a woman.

It's funny because, he's thinking his dad must have Veela blood because James can convince people so easily, yet he can't convince a girl to go to the Yule Ball with him. Oh, the irony.

Author's Response: Bahaha indeed. Terribly unlucky right when he needs that spot of luck :'D But then, Harry wasn't reaaally all that lucky with the girls either!

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Review #16, by Kristina I. The Girl

9th December 2012:
Hey Gina!

Could you be anymore perfect of a person? Seriously, I stalk your graphics on TDA and now I'm going to stalk your writing on here. To be honest, I've heard lots of great things about your writing, but this is the first time I'm reading it.

I really like the beginning of this story. You have such a great way with words, characterization and dialogue. I like how Ellian isn't just a fan girl of James and how Fred is sooo much different from other stories. I really love a good bromance and it seems like Fred and James have one. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. I'll also have to check out your other story. ;)

Everything about this story so far is awesome and I'm for sure going to keep on reading it. Seriously though, stop being such a talent hog. ;)


Author's Response: Waah, hey Kristina! :D I'm glad you like the story so far! I'm totally huge on bromance -- it's basically in everything I write along with stubborn, competitive leads, hehe.

you are wayy too kind ^__^ ♥

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Review #17, by ValWitch21 I. The Girl

9th December 2012:
Ah, James. His stereotypes on dating and complimenting are just too much fun to read.

Once a bloke started describing them with any non-color adjective, it was the beginning of the end ó nonsense about pianos and circles and other love-struck poetry.

^ This has got to be one of my favourite quotes. The way you get into James' (quite) blown-up head is perfect...

I kept thinking of Lily screaming at the first James Potter that his head was too big for his broomstick throughout this - which shows how spot on you are, because you remind me of JK.

Also, Freddy in a blazer? Him too? Are you planning to ever write one of your male characters in track pants and a sweatshirt? :)

All in all, this was a great chapter and I'm off to read the next!

Author's Response: Bahaha, a few people pointed out that line - compliments to my bf, who likes to tout his vast dictionary of 20 adjectives.

Remind you of JK? I could never! :0 ♥

Bahaha, Fred has always been in blazers and nice coats. He's a man of style. They aren't tangerine like Scorpius likes 'em.

Thank you! :D

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Review #18, by my_voice_rising I. The Girl

8th December 2012:
Umm is that Ingrid Michaelson? Because I love you. I mean that. I love that.

I am back for the holiday review swap to read one of your lovely stories!! I'm so glad you're participating, I've been reading Capers (probably without reviewing, because I am a bad HPFF-person) and wanted to catch up on some of your others. So here we go!

Warning: I am going to try not to fangirl but I find it really difficult with your stories.

I absolutely love that your fics are driven by the characters' desire to make a profit somehow, whether it's pride, winning an argument, buying out somebody's invention, or coming up with a scheme to make money by researching flirtation tactics. Brilliant! I'm already hooked.

I love that you've got a Next-Gen trio going on here, and that they each exhibit some of the characteristics of Ron/Hermione/Harry, but they also form their own, unique and entirely realistic friendship. "Fred thought that was bollocks, but Fred thought everything was bollocks at first." I really admire how you can describe pretty in-depth character traits within the span of one sentence.

Ahh! I spot a mentioning of Bea! :)

Isn't it Beauxbatons, with an S? I see one or two places where you've forgotten it. Also, I think in canon Durmstrang and Beauxbatons are co-ed, I'm curious to see if you'll be following that or making them a girls' and boys' school, respectively.

I see that you've created another intelligent, wry, opinionated, deadpan, Ravenclaw-esque OC who's just one of the boys. Although these pop up often in your stories I feel like you give them each a different spin, and they're so fun to read. I'm excited to get a better feel for Ellian.

One critique: I feel like James suddenly admitting his attraction to Ellian is a bit too sudden. Not in terms of it being in the first chapter, but we hardly get a glimpse of her in this story, and he seem to view her the same way he views Fred until he sees her flirting. And I know it's that kind of moment that causes you to re-think things, ie. Harry, Ginny and Dean Thomas. We know it's a James/OC from the summary, the Ci and the banner. But I wish that we were given something a little earlier on; even if he mentioned her "bright smile" a few paragraphs ahead.

Hahaha. Your hips. "Your...hair." And I love James's rule about not using any words other than color to describe a girl's eyes. I see now the difference between Ellian and your other OCs; she's not so tomboyish and not afraid to be flirtatious. I love her already!

I also love how upset James is that he's losing to Fred, who wasn't even trying that hard anyway. He must get that, erm, competitive spirit from his mum ;)

Ohhh my gosh. Stop writing such amazing stories, I'm never going to stop reading them and leave this computer! Of course, as always, adding to my favorites. :)

Author's Response: IT IS. She makes the perfect Ellian, I can't imagine her in any other way, even though it was so hard to find good pictures.

Wah! Just knowing you've been reading more is exciting ^__^

Bahaha, the whole profit thing is so derived from me. Because I am such a James. I have terrible ideas that I drag everyone into and I'm always finding ways to make a profit, and I would be pretty darned good at it if I actually stuck to something, but I have the attention span of, well, James.

The pacing is a little bit odd in this fic, as most of the information about Ellian and James' relationship occurs in the second chapter, but I've never been quite happy with the suddenness of James' feelings, so your note reminded me to go back and add something - and so I have! :D thanks! And I totally didn't know it was Beauxbaton*s*. Oh dear, I think I have to check everywhere :P

I think I'm pretty doomed to write about girls who hang around boys, because I'm largely more comfortable with guys than girls, and being in comp sci, I hang around primarily guys day to day xD There's a lot I quite like about Ellian even though I don't get to explain a lot in this, since I intended to write a longer fic about them. Number one is how she reacts to feelings. She is so terrible at it, and it's not in an *aww* way, either; she gets this oH MY GOD GET IT AWAY FROM ME sort of fear in her eyes. It's the tops!

James is vastly offended if he loses anything. Unless the winning is whoever loses first.

♥ thank you so much! :3

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Review #19, by Jchrissy I. The Girl

7th December 2012:
I've been feeling very fluffy lately and this just fit my mood perfectly ♥

I love the idea of James wanting to write a book on love, well I guess not on love. A book on getting girls would be more accurate :P. I also like the setting you put us in. It gives them plenty of girls to try and give it a go with, but then they aren't left with all these awkward hang ons after the girls go back to their respective schools.

I really love you you've managed to write something happy, fluffy, funny without it being too much. I don't care if something is cliche, I don't care if you know how it will end before you start it (not that you writing is any of these) but I hate when something awesome is ruined because it's over the top. And this is the most amazing balance to give me fluffy feelings but not make me feel like I'm oozing sugar.

And now your AN has made me want to check out that story! Your style of writing is lovely, by the way. In case you hadn't yet figured that out from my gushy review.

Author's Response: James likes his profit! Book on love or vegetables or what you have, It's totally about the profit. And what with the Yule Ball totally convenient for his purpose, how could he deny fate?

I loveee writing bits of fluff; the cutest things are in the everyday, and I love when my next gen universe is full of dorks. I've been told that my stories give off sugar highs xD My profile isn't kidding when it says baked goods in starring roles (rolls, even).

♥ thank you so much! :3

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Review #20, by MagicalInk II. Getting the Girl

19th August 2012:
Oh gods, I'm such an awful person for taking, what? Months to continue on to reading this, I had forgotten! *headdesk*
I'm so so so sorry.

Anyway, why did ellian do that?
Did I ever mention I'm in love with James?
Hehe, I think I adore your characterizations, and you put me in such a good mood.

I love how, at 15-16 or something, James is still very much childish and a nice cloak of ego. I've always thought Harry and Ginny would have taken it off him, but you make me want to think of them as overly nice parents that would only feed his ego. He's just so naive and adorable.

And Albus as a Hufflepuff! That is so awesome, I've actually thought of him in the yellow tie do many times but too scared of writing, but you did it just greatly! Shy little boy :3

And Ellian. I love how she also has a crush on James, but is scared of it. She probably thinks it's too good to be true or something of sorts, or maybe she just wants to be in control of everything? Anyway, I think a lot of us can relate to her and I can't wait to read how she deals with it! (I will read it sooner this time, I promise!)

So I don't know how this was before the re-write, but I think you're great at fluff and humor. And that scritch scratch squeak was very creative and funny, it really helped with picturing it all. I think if you could put those sounds in every two chapters you wrote, that's be hilarious.
I'm so sad there's only one chapter left, hopefully I'll get into another of your stories before school starts!


Author's Response: hee, this whole short story is just silliness and a good time, and I love it for it.

I think James just gets enough ego from himself 8D what did Harry think would happen, naming his oldest son after James and Sirius? This is the scamper who stole the Marauder's Map.

Albus is all Puff in my headcanon :3 Too perfect for words in that House.

It's funny you should say that about Ellian! You'll find out next chapter I suppose. There is something I actually don't ever mention in this story that is very important, but I'll hopefully get to address one day.

Eep, thank you! :3 The characters make it easy for me. Such a charming lot ♥

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Review #21, by MagicalInk I. The Girl

7th July 2012:
Well then, I think I'm in love with "plot-less". haha
But seriously, your fluff is just amazing. You had me grinning the whole time so thank you! And thank Merlin nobody was watching xD

I loved all your characters. Fred's peculiar mood is very funny, and Ellian's bookishness is lovely. Basically, they're all charming but why I really loved James is because you didn't make him a replica of James I. He's got the Potter charms, but is still all awkward and childish, his own personality.

The whole book idea shows his determination of being foolish without knowing (:P) and is really clever of you as I loved the way you introduced his sudden thoughts and 'protips'. He's just so lovable. And then how he critiques Fred's love dreaminess and then suddenly gets all his crazy symptoms is quite cute and all naive.

I'm definitely going to finish this story (after I get some sleep) because as you can tell from my rambling, I fell in love with all you characters, and did I mention your writing style? It's quite simple so it flows greatly and I'll probably be halfway through Capers before I know it ;)

Hum, just realized I didn't give you any CC. Oh well. Never stop writing! 10/10
Val ♥

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! ♥ Hee, I like charming awkward fluff, which probably explains my general cast of people, and also super dorky James. I always preferred his charm to be of that sort - silly rather than suave. And his arrogance extends to thinking that he's all-wise and even if he knows he's not, sometimes he's bigheaded enough to forget that!

I'm so glad you like it, I hope you'll lke the rest! ^__^

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Review #22, by ruby_slippers III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

3rd July 2012:
Loved this story and that it didn't end up with the cliche ending of her just returning his feelings. I like the more complicated version, its more real.
I love When Capers Ensue and can't wait to see what happens there and how it might impact this story too!
Much love to you!

Author's Response: Thank you! ^__^ I liked writing something with a happy, fluffy ending -- if not the perfect fluffy ending.

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Review #23, by forsakenphoenix III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

22nd May 2012:
No lie, I kind of blurted out, "What the hell?" when I first read that Ells didn't return his feelings. My broken heart! How dare you?

But you know, it kind of works, I guess. This whole weird "us" thing they have going on. James is still as sweet and I want him to sweep me off my feet. The way he focuses on Ellian like she's the only girl in the room (even when she is, that's besides the point), it's enough to make any girl swoon - except Ellian, it seems.

This was a nice little story, sweets. I can't lie and say I'm not a tiny bit disappointed in the lack of fireworks, haha, but I think you ended it on the right note. Sorry for the short review - I owe you!

Author's Response: SORREH :c it was someone I've known for tooo long and I had no idea how to break it to James nor anyone who wished for all the tied ends xD I really wanted this sort of alternate happy ending, because I love their relationship and nothing's really changed - they're still as close as ever and if anything, growing closer. But there's just no... kissing! xD There may not be fireworks, but there is a lot of mushiness!

♥ thanks so much, Missy! :3

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Review #24, by forsakenphoenix II. Getting the Girl

22nd May 2012:
So I had this idea of writing you an epically long review in which I proclaim my love for you and your characters (of which, this should come as no surprise considering I propose marriage to you every time I read something else of yours), but to be honest, I'm not sure how I can possibly leave you a long review that didn't simply contain lots of squeals and sighs (of the dreamy, romantic kind) and you know, general flailing about. So basically, you're going to get what you get.

I'm kind of in love with your James. A lot. There's something sweet but amusing about how clueless he is when it comes to girls sometimes, or well, girls named Ellian Cearney. I love how he fights with himself this whole chapter, trying to man up to ask her to the ball, and the convoluted way he tries. Al coming in to ask her, too, was really cute. Potterpuff.

I may have squeaked a bit when James said, "I think I love you." Oh my gosh, can that boy be any more precious? I think not. The whole ending was just awkward and sweet and I was waiting for Ellian to be all bashful and then they could live happily ever after, and then she shot him down. Poor James. I have faith that all will be well and I will get my happily ever after - I just need to be patient, that's all.

See you for the last chapter!

Author's Response: I WILL ACCEPT EVERY TIME :3

Teehee, what I love most about James is that he's charming because of his dorkiness, which is a lesser-used quality sometimes in leading men. He is a one-man show.

THE WHOLE POTTER FAMILY IS SO PRECIOUS REALLY :3 well, maybe not Lily. Mostly because i imagine her as both spoiled and take charge and she could probably herd her brothers like sheep (but mostly because they let her).

Ellian does not do bashful! But she does do a lot of fluster ;D

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Review #25, by meadowlarks_cries III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

9th May 2012:
Oh my! "One moment of their lengthy relationship" !?!? More please!!! Someday, of course, not now. I can't stand the wait for Capers as it is! You are SUCH a talented writer and it is a total joy reading your stories :) Your characters are so believable and human, ack I love it!

Author's Response: Ahh! I'm so glad you like it! I've got so many WIPs lined up; their story has been in my head as long as Capers has (along with even more plunnies!). And ee, that's totally one of the biggest compliments I can get :3 ♥ thank you so much!

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