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Review #1, by MERLINEXISTSWITHINMEFOREVER Fighting, Screaming, Plotting, and Acting Like Kids

29th June 2012:
Haha, this is flipping amazing :) please upload the chapter son x

Author's Response: will do my best. thanks for the review and compliment.

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Review #2, by that random kid Fighting, Screaming, Plotting, and Acting Like Kids

10th June 2012:
Oh, hello again. I almost thought that you forgot about us readers. I loved Scorpius and Al, Scorp was hilariously childish. Poor Bastard was funny as well, God Fred is probably a very mean drunk. To be honest I am waiting for a plot. But Im eagerly waiting for Louis' demise, so PLEASE don't make me wait so long this time! :) Au revior!

Author's Response: i'm terrible at updating, i know! but i (think) i'm getting better. at least my chapters are getting longer, right?
plot. what's that again? my stories don't really have a plot (which is absolutely terrible and should never, ever be done because it's a very bad idea). but would it make you feel better if i said i'd try to both get a plot and to make you wait a lot less? i love Scorp, by the way. and Freddy is a spectacularly mean drunk.

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Review #3, by adele2014 Races, Maps, and Very Strange Irish Girls

2nd June 2012:
MARY IS ALL-SEEING O_o no rlly she's quite amazing not to mention hilarious lol I love all the characters so far...obviously my and potter r clueless but thts only to b expected :D

Author's Response: indeed. however, who knows? maybe that cluelessness will change... yeah, Mary is amazing. nbd. i love her.

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Review #4, by nednedned Fighting, Screaming, Plotting, and Acting Like Kids

22nd May 2012:
The "Poor Bastard" was cute! It was funny how Amy was nonchalant about it afterwards. I liked Al and Scorp's dynamic in this chapter, they were interesting to read. It was also funny the way James and Myra resort to pranks to push back their feelings.
One thing of constructive advice, though: while I know that the story warning is mature, there is quite a bit of, erm, coarse language. As in every few paragraphs. Now there isn't anything really wrong with that, but it does get a bit awkward and odd to read where the characters are blurting out the f-bomb and others all the time. It started drawing away from the actual story-line. So keep that in mind, yeah?
Overall, the story is quite entertaining, so keep up the awesomeness! And woah, nice new banner! I read half of this chapter around two hours ago and came back to finish it with the banner changed. It's pretty nice!
Nice job on this chapter :)
Ps, sorry if I wrote a lot!

Author's Response: first of all, i don't care if you write a novel. i would read it and enjoy it. thanks for the advice, i hadn't realized that. hmm. maybe i spend too much time with dirty-mouthed people (such as myself). i will attempt to dial that back. let me know if i'm successful. i love the new banner. it's amazing, isn't it? yeah, i like Al and Scorp too. they're fun to write. thanks for the review and the compliments and the advice! now just hope that i update within the next few months...

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Review #5, by bookworm_hermione Quidditch Practice, Orange Lollipops, and Veela Pretty Boys

27th April 2012:
Love Mary. she's my favorite
great story by the way!

Author's Response: Mary is amazing. i think she's pretty much everyone's favorite. aw, i love hearing people say my story is good! thanks!

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Review #6, by Crescent Moon  Quidditch Practice, Orange Lollipops, and Veela Pretty Boys

20th February 2012:
Very funny, loved it XD
I can't wait to see what happens next please update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: you got it! i'll do my best to get the next chapter up ASAP.

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Review #7, by that random kid Quidditch Practice, Orange Lollipops, and Veela Pretty Boys

19th February 2012:
U put it! U put it! Oh yeah u put the quote!! *running man* omg u just made my day! Ive been waiting like 2 months to see that!! Oh yeah, the chapter was really good, i like the over use of the word "bitch". Haha yea i was laughing, please dont take as long next time to update. And as to your question: louis is a brat and mary is badass. Kudos!!

Author's Response: I'M SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO UPDATE!!! when i was done with the chapter it got rejected and then once i fixed it and put it back in the queue it took six days to validate!
i'm glad that i made your day. i love that quote. it's amazing and i'll probably use it again in a different story. yeah, Louis is a brat. he gets better, though, and he appears more throughout the rest of the story. of course Mary is a badass. she's absolutely amazing.

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Review #8, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Fighting, Gibb Slaps, and House Elves With Gambling Problems

15th February 2012:
I think you should bring the mauraders Dom Amy and asha out more and we haven't even heard about Krum again. Just try and string it together. Good story though


Clea :P

Author's Response: thanks for the compliment. the ninth chapters waiting in the queue now, and i did expand on Dom, Amy, and the Krumster.
the Marauders and Asha shall come next chapter. as well as some Griff action. hopefully. if all goes as planned.

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Review #9, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Lovely Messes and Not a Lot of Creativity

15th February 2012:
Sorry I haven't reviewed until now (especially because Merlin KNOWS i can't afford to loose karma points). I love Mary occoner. She is a beast at the very quintessence of the slang meaning! This great so far and i look forward to reading on

10/10 and please don't dock me karma points

Clea :P

dude, no, it's cool. you're good with karma points. reviews make my day, whether late or not.
thanks. i love hearing people talk about how awesome my story is. i really appreciate your use of the word quintessence. very nice, very nice indeed.

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Review #10, by PhsycoPenguan64 Fighting, Gibb Slaps, and House Elves With Gambling Problems

31st December 2011:
OMG THAT WAS SOOO GOOD! i just read your story today and it is amazing! i love the sexual tension! i cant wait for Myra And James to hook it up! But i can already see well my version in my head! they like get in an epic fight and then BAM start makeing out in the locker rooms! Cuz they always fight over quiditch i can totally see that happening!ANd like Dom barges in and goes like "YOU LIARS I THOUGHT YOU WERENT BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND!YOU LIED TO ME!" and yea! i feel bad for ash though! having to marry someone! umm your question. Scorp seems a little flat and albus too. We only hear about them when the maurders are skeeming. Also some of Myras friends like Amy. we really havent heard allot from her. that doesnt mean i want you to stray from Myra and James you could just put little side storys from there point of view once and a why'ell. Like their prosective of Myra and James! I love this story update soon plz! :)
P.S. the fight AMAZING! shirt reaping hilarious!and Mary i love her!

Author's Response: thank you so much! well...i dunno...i wasn't picturing DOM bursting in on them...but there definitely was a broom cupboard involved ;)
thank you for the feedback on my question. i'll definitely used that to help me write my next chapter and expand on my characters. and oh yes. sexual tension. trust me, i haven't even BEGUN to ramp that up. it will get worse. and funnier. MWAHAHAHA!
i would hate to be a character in one of my stories. until next time, lovely reviewer!

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Review #11, by liveyolifeAYE Fighting, Gibb Slaps, and House Elves With Gambling Problems

31st December 2011:
this is really good! i think all the characters are perfect! and i dont think you write too much about james and myra, those are the best parts (:

Author's Response: thanks. i love james and myra. they are so funny together.

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Review #12, by that random kid Fighting, Gibb Slaps, and House Elves With Gambling Problems

30th December 2011:
Ok I have a really awesome line/come back that I think would fit this story. Wanna hear it? "Does your arse ever get jealous of your mouth from all the shit coming out of it?" Yea just a suggestion, but you be amazingly awesome if you included it at some point. But I'm loving the story so far!

Author's Response: it's already in the next chapter. thank you so much! i love that insult, it's amazing. i'm honestly going to have to use it some time in real life. but maybe not. because i think my friends would all punch me and/or slap me if i said that. oh well. everyone has to hate on the genuises, right? next chapter is on it's way!.eventually...

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Review #13, by sara Broom Cupboards and Slughorn

16th August 2011:
i like the story and its pretty funny!
keep writing more when are u going to update ??

Author's Response: thanks! i will definitely continue writing, because i like this story too. i'm writing chapter 8 right now, but i don't know when it will be done.

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Review #14, by mollylovesharry Broom Cupboards and Slughorn

16th July 2011:
I cannot wait until they finally hookup hahahhaha

The Mary chick is a little weird, and some of the things she says are a little cheesy, but other than that I love all of the characters. And Mary. Cuz she's still awesome.

Author's Response: mary is awesome, if a little cheesy. yeah, you're gonna have to wait for a while on the hookup part. i'm glad to hear that you love it. that kind of makes my day.

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Review #15, by mollylovesharry September 1st...Oh Joy, Is That Potter?

15th July 2011:
This is great so far!!

I mean, we all know were this is going, but its really entertaining nonetheless! :)

Author's Response:'s pretty obvious how it's going to end, but my job is to surprise you on how you get to the ending. and it is pretty entertaining.

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Review #16, by ME!!!! Broom Cupboards and Slughorn

4th July 2011:
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... if you didn't get the memo, i loved the chapter. Also if you don't update soon i will be furious!

Author's Response: thanks! i love it when people say they liked (or loved) my chapters! so sorry about my horrible updating habits...

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Review #17, by S. Greengrass Broom Cupboards and Slughorn

13th May 2011:
Hey =D
Well, I have to say this story is awesome.
I like Cheetos better than Doritos, though. Mwahaha, crazy oddball here!
Love the story so far, I hate how you don't have that much reviews, when your plot is brilliant and your sense of humor is just absolutely gorgeous ;D
Congrats on the story ma'am, you sure have done a hell of a great job with your attempt at Next Generation fanfiction.
And yes, everybody loves Mary! xD
Favorite quote (among a few more favorites, that i'm just too sleepy to put up):“Excellent! MWAHAHAHA!!! My evil plan is about to start! Go, minion, go! I must have my distraction whilst I free our devilish compatriots!”

(And I would review each chapter and be more detailed and absolutely bore you to death with the things I've loved most in this story and your writing style, but unfortunately, I've been procrastinating going to bed to end up reading all you had posted and it's now 3:02 a.m., so I guess I'll leave it for some other time, sorry :/)

Once again,
congratulations on the fantastic story and good luck hunting wild gooses (if you are, indeed, as insane as you say you are mwahaha ;D)


Author's Response: holy crud. that was an amazing review. wow. please review more!
i procrastinate a lot, too.
thank you. i am that insane.
i stay up late to read&review, too.
i can't wait for your next review!

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Review #18, by bluerosebud96 Lovely Messes and Not a Lot of Creativity

24th April 2011:
Hi! I liked this chapter! ( Well, I like all the chapters...But this one especially! Hmmm.This isn't coming out right.) I am terribly sorry to inform you that I cannot remember any famous people for the life of me...IM SORRY! I'll try.Just for you and your awesome story :D
I could just use google. Hmmm. I'll be back...
I'm back! Well, I googled punk actresses. Hayley Williams is pretty and punk.and has piercings and dyed hair. I don't know what I'm doing.
Let's try James!
Robbie Jarvis played young james potter in Order of the Phoenix... He's pretty good if you find a dark haired picture..
Was this any help?
Well, I tried. :D


Author's Response: that was TONS of help, thank you so much! i LOVE your reviews sosososososo much! please don't ever stop reviewing. ever. because that would be terrible.

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Review #19, by Brenna Lovely Messes and Not a Lot of Creativity

23rd April 2011:
I had almost forgotton about her wierd dressing! I liked it except for that! I thought it totally went against her personality! I loved the rest of it especially James's outburst after running! Soo funnny! And it was funny how Myra was totally into finding her friend a husband!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! yeah, james is a funny guy. i like him :)

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Review #20, by AMAZINGPERSON!!!! Lovely Messes and Not a Lot of Creativity

22nd April 2011:
Really. I have been waiting long enough for another chapter update and you aren't giving me one.

Oh and great job on the chapter 10/10

Author's Response: i'm sorry! i'll get to work on that, promise. i have this weird thing, though, were after i'm done writing a chapter of this, i have writer's block for the next one, so i'm an awful updater! sorry!
thanks for the review and rating, i'll be looking forward to any reviews in the future because i live off of them.

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Review #21, by bluerosebud96 Marauders, Mary, and Marriages

6th April 2011:
Kewl chapter, bro :D I absolutely looove Mary. Did I mention that before ? Whoops :P I HAVE to know whats up with Ash's marriage thing. I've gotta admit, you spooked me with that title there. I was all, MARRIAGES? WHAT THE FLIP? Buuut, that twist there- genius. Then again, this story is genius.

Author's Response: thank you so so so so so much! i love your reviews! and you'll find out about the marriage thing soon enough ;)
i love mary too...but i've probably mentioned that before, also.
thank you so much again!

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Review #22, by bluerosebud96 Amortentia and Potter

19th March 2011:
New chapter new chapter new chapter!!! YAY! Oh my goodness!!! Amorentia, yusss. Gotta love it :D I loved the Mary as a general bit - Pure awesomeness :P

Author's Response: thanx so much! i just want to make things as awkward as possible between myra and james, just because i'm awesome like that ;)

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Review #23, by Kathryn Potter September 1st...Oh Joy, Is That Potter?

15th March 2011:
I enjoyed this a lot:) Im not sure how much i like Myras punk look (cause she seems athletic and athletes dont usually dress like that) but its ur story. I like the plot a lot Its funny how shes the quidditch captain instead of James

Author's Response: thanx for reviewing! yeah, i'm not all that sure about the punk look anymore, either... :(
my stories always seem to change with time, though. thanks again and i hope you keep on reading!

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Review #24, by bluerosebud96 Races, Maps, and Very Strange Irish Girls

5th March 2011:
OH THE SARCASM. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I love Mary too! Irish FTW, Dude! ( If you can't tell, I'm Irish :P ) But YAY, new chapter after a bajillion days of new chapter-less days!!! ( No offense ) Be quicker next time!!! ( I'm just kidding, if it takes a bajillion days to write your awesome chapters, than so be it, I'm willing to wait ) AND DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE BASTARD ABANDONING READERS! THEY'RE BASTARDS. ( and I mean that in the nicest possible way :D ) BYE


Author's Response: thank you SO much! im really sorry about not updating in so long! it makes me feel so much better to know that someone likes my writing! im not Irish, but i've been to Ireland and my mom is like half Irish, and everything to do with the Irish/Ireland is awesome and amazing!
p.s: im writing the 4th chapter now and im making great progress. XD

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Review #25, by bluerosebud96 Sorting, Mayhem, and Yelling

16th January 2011:
Ooh, Keep writing!I like how you keep some parts of it a mystery ( like why Myra can see thestrals) It gives people a reason to keep reading ( besides that awesome story line :P) Write more soon!!! ( OH, look at the went from a 9 to a 10!!, HUZZAH!)

Author's Response: thanx for the may or may not figure out why Myra can see thestrals, but thats for me to know and you to find out. *laughs evilly* thank you for reading! seriously, my reader and reviews are like candy. and soda. and freakin' unicorns. needless to say, they are amazing. seriously.

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