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Review #1, by noname Choosing New Names

19th April 2011:
this is great! how come last chapter had weird question marks? make more

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Review #2, by Helene Choosing New Names

19th May 2006:
it's a really good story so far.... so come on with a new chapter

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Review #3, by HermyLeslid Choosing New Names

27th July 2005:
I loved it! PLEASE update soon!

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Review #4, by Reka Mina Kintar Choosing New Names

14th May 2005:
I like it! please please get the next chapter out soon!

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Review #5, by amberg93 Choosing New Names

10th May 2005:
again a little short but great!

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Review #6, by amberg93 Sirius's Brilliant Idea

10th May 2005:
a little short!

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Review #7, by siriusblack_4_real Choosing New Names

30th December 2004:
plllleeeeeeeaaaaaassss write mor

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Review #8, by siriusblack_4_real Hermione Meets the Marauders (Again)

28th December 2004:
one word. AWSOME

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Review #9, by moonflower Choosing New Names

16th August 2004:
yeee!! i love it!! where the hell did james get ian miller?? lol

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Review #10, by Khalida Choosing New Names

7th August 2004:
Hey, when are you gonna update??? UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!! And read my story. No one is reading my story. Oh, and you can comment on X-Men:HFBT. I want to read what you think of it. You said you read thru chapter 5. So comment it at FF.N. Puhweeeeeeze..... Luv ya!!!!

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Review #11, by Starz Choosing New Names

29th July 2004:
Very well done.......keep going!! (P.S. I am really very awful at reviews:)) ***************

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Review #12, by Sophia Choosing New Names

20th July 2004:
Like the story! Remus and Hermione !! I Like it very much!! Hope you write an other chap soon , please

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Review #13, by minina Choosing New Names

17th July 2004:
oh please update reallllly sooooon!!!!!!!! i always thought that someone should do one to the future realising that they all go to the past!!!!!! thank god she goesf for remus not sirius!!!!!!

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Review #14, by tessakk11 Choosing New Names

16th July 2004:
when u gonna update

Author's Response: i'll update soon... my job takes my time...

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Review #15, by tessakk11 Hermione Meets the Marauders (Again)

7th July 2004:
i love this stor why did you stop?

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Review #16, by Khalida Choosing New Names

12th June 2004:
It seems strange that Dumbledore seems to be taking this so lightly. I figured he would have frowned a couple of times maybe--or at least given a disapproving look or two. Anywho, it's still cute. I loved that, "Ian Miller?" thing. HAHA! It reminds me of Chris. Anyway, good job. You need to get more up. I want to see if this really develops into something cool.

Author's Response: Yeah... I thought that it reminded me of Chris... (we are thinking of the same chris...right Krissy?)... *nods* I think we are. *laughs like a crazed hyhena*

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Review #17, by Khalida Hermione Meets the Marauders (Again)

12th June 2004:
Good good good. Jolly good! Haha! I'm in a goofy mood. Anyway. Fantastic job. The weird font problems irked me a bit, but I got over them. Anyway, can't wait to read the next one. Though, I don't think Hermione was nearly as assertive and bossy as she would be in the books, but that's okay. Canon and OC's don't bother me much.

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Review #18, by Khalida Introductions and explinations

12th June 2004:
This is well written, though kind of dodgy, in the sense that everyone knows the whole story of Azkaban... or should if they're on this site. Anyway, I liked it, but you could have saved a lot of time just saying something like, "And they recounted the story of blah dee blah dee blah..." I don't know what I'm talking about! Anyway, great story so far. I'm going to read more. *flies away straight into the wall*

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Review #19, by Khalida Sirius's Brilliant Idea

12th June 2004:
Very very very fast. But that's okay. I see you are the type that enjoys leaping right into the story, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm going on to read more. The idea is very unique and exciting. I'm enthralled thus far. ~Krissy

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Review #20, by looneylupin Choosing New Names

30th May 2004:
I love this story I think it would be great, I can't wait to read more

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Review #21, by Luna_Lovegood Choosing New Names

28th May 2004:
Great story! Update soon!

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Review #22, by littlewolf Choosing New Names

29th April 2004:
This is a really good idea, I mean, not many people write about the marauders in the future. Your idea of Hermione falling for Lupin is very amusing. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm glad you agree.

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Review #23, by Amy Hermione Meets the Marauders (Again)

14th April 2004:
Its story is good so far, I hope you continue it soon!

Author's Response: I'll continue as soon as I can.

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Review #24, by Lizabean Hermione Meets the Marauders (Again)

12th April 2004:
please continue!!!!! it was so good!!!

Author's Response: i shall.

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Review #25, by m Introductions and explinations

27th March 2004:
awesome! cool idea...never heard it before....update soon!

Author's Response: thanks.

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