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Review #1, by Azaelas happily-ever-after

6th May 2015:
I'm slowly getting back into HPFFs (not that slowly, quite rapidly) but this was the best one shot I favorited in my middle school years that I still definitely agree is on point. Loved this.

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Review #2, by themaraudersandthegoldentrio happily-ever-after

19th July 2014:
Omg! I can't it's actually amazing! ;-; so beautiful, the way you put Teddy and Victoire is simply amazing and beautiful at the same time

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Review #3, by remadora happily-ever-after

18th January 2014:
I love the way that you've depicted the characters. People love to depict Victoire as very vain and mean and it's just not right! That's fleur! Bill's the complete opposite so i have no clue why she's always depicted so unpleasant :( Thank you for portraying her as someone that Teddy would actually fall in love with!!

My favourite part is the end! It's just so sweet how after all the pain teddy went through she finally returns those feelings! And i love how victoire is completely oblivous that she's the love of his life

Great story!

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Review #4, by Patty happily-ever-after

7th January 2014:
In all my 16 years i have never read anything so amazing :')

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Review #5, by milly happily-ever-after

25th December 2013:

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Review #6, by Kellyyyy happily-ever-after

25th December 2013:
Teddy and victoire are amazing and this piece was just beautiful

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Review #7, by Sarahxox happily-ever-after

20th August 2012:
It's really gorgeous your very talented you Gould be an author

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Review #8, by padmoonyfoot7 happily-ever-after

14th June 2012:
Absolutely beautiful is the only way to describe it. The way you wrote his feelings for her was beautiful and their conversations were beautiful. I am very glad you took time to write this.
Keep up the good work!!

padmoonyfoot7: over and out!!

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Review #9, by i freakin love malfoy happily-ever-after

15th May 2012:
Aw this was just the kind of fluff I needed! I loved it!

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Review #10, by CloakAuror9 happily-ever-after

18th February 2012:
Aw!! That is so cute and adorable! I want more! hahah, I really love your writing and characters! 10/10

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Review #11, by untitled happily-ever-after

10th January 2012:
Sometimes when I get into that stupid teenager "I'M SO BAD AT EVERYTHING I ATTEMPT AND NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE ME OH GOD I'M DYING ALONE" kind of mindset I find my way to this story and I read it and it gives me goosebumps and it motivates me to write and create things a hundred times over, but mostly it makes me smile a really cheesey smile. Especially when I read the Atlas line. It's so, so beautifully written. Thank you for existing.

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Review #12, by ThestralPrincess happily-ever-after

29th November 2011:
Its so damn adorable :O I want my own Teddy...

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Review #13, by Grace happily-ever-after

16th November 2011:
Quite lovely. Made me melt:)
Love your stories!

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Review #14, by Bellabug happily-ever-after

15th October 2011:


It is the absolute cutest thing I have ever read! I want something like that! GAH lol

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Review #15, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley happily-ever-after

24th August 2011:
It is so gorgeous and makes me feel sort of wistful and teary. Thanks :)

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Review #16, by Nadia happily-ever-after

14th August 2011:
Well, an hour, right? I can see that. I mean - I can't believe in it. It's not like fairy tale, more like 'never-can-happen'. Boys are not like girls and in this story Teddy is girlish. He thinks like a girl, he acts like one. Maybe I'm wrong, don't know, but I simply don't see it. It's too sweet, too easy, there's obviously something missing.

It's not like I didn't like it. Well, maybe I didn't, but it's not like I regret that I've read it. I don't. It's neither bad, nor good. You can do better.

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Review #17, by Lollipop1123 happily-ever-after

14th August 2011:
Aww this is so sweet! Epic love story!!! Aw

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Review #18, by jelly happily-ever-after

3rd August 2011:
awww ♥ this is so adorable and sweet! loved it. and the banner fits the story wonderfully, it's very cute.

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Review #19, by lilyroxjames happily-ever-after

31st July 2011:
This is the perfect love story. No overpowering conflict that makes you want to scream. No frustrating characters that won't get together, no matter how much you wish they would wisen up. Just two people. Two people that love each other. The perfect love story. Too bad that's not how it works in reality

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Review #20, by Toujours Padfoot happily-ever-after

20th July 2011:
This was a very pretty, picturesque story. The words you used were chosen quite well, and they painted the imagery seamlessly. The story flowed from start to finish, evoking all the right emotions, pulling me in so that I became invested in Teddy and Victoire's relationship. I was genuinely beginning to worry that they would not get together in the end, as this is the sort of story where not tying up all the loose ends and giving it anything less than a happy ending would be nothing short of tragic. Teddy loved Victoire for so long, safe in secrecy and endeavoring to hide all turmoil when Victoire floated from one prat to another, that he deserved to have his feelings returned.

Well, done I enjoyed this. 10/10.

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Review #21, by Lizzie happily-ever-after

19th July 2011:
aw i love it! teddy and victoire are so cute! :)

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Review #22, by Jasmine_d_Princess happily-ever-after

5th July 2011:
It was beautiful!! ♥♥♥

No other words for it.. I liked the way you covered their lives since when she was four to when she was nineteen.. :)

Oh and Teddy, he's awesome!! :)

I am not a fan of "happily ever afters".. they are not realistic enough but stories like these give me second thoughts.. :)

Keep writing!!

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Review #23, by FrostyFannie happily-ever-after

4th June 2011:
LOVE! So dreamy and cute and pretty I could just curl up on this chair and read it all day long.

But then I wouldn't be able to read all your stories.


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Review #24, by Emandem happily-ever-after

20th May 2011:
I love Teddy/Victoire. Honestly. I just don't like how people usually portray them. But THE CUTENESS.

I died inside. A bit. In a my-heart-melted-away-so-I-died way, mind you.

( he couldnít think past his heartbeats, and she was crying. )

That line - a clear example of what I meant before. I literally had to stop reading because my mind was going a thousand miles a second.

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Review #25, by candclover happily-ever-after

15th May 2011:
You. Are. Amazing. I love your one shots even more than your novels (didn't know that was POSSIBLE!) and I read them over and over. I think this is the... 5th (?) time I've read this.

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