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Review #1, by ArtyGirl Obstacles

22nd November 2014:
I read this in two days...

I just strongly suggest you go back through and edit. There's so many grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. It seems to get worse the farther along I read.

I like the idea of the story, but if I were you I would condense chapters and make them longer. It felt like I missed a huge chunk of story in the beginning where Draco and Hermione are suddenly in love. It felt too rushed. I feel right now this story (despite the 43 chapters) is still skin and bones. You have good dialogue and a great sense of Ron and Lavender's characters, but I feel like with Draco and Hermione, things need to be fuller. I really feel like I missed a huge part of the story with their romance.

You also write Luna very well. You should explore that.

Good, all in all, but I think you could do more. BUT to say the least, you got me to keep reading. Props for that.

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Review #2, by fangirlfanatic Obstacles

22nd July 2014:
Oh my gosh. Poor Draco... Dramione is my favorite Harry Potter ship and I'm so happy to see them come together throughout your story :). I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the epilogue :)

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Review #3, by marauderslover15 Let the Games Begin

2nd July 2014:
I'm glad the rules were ridiculous ! They do seem very much reasonable and how conceited of Draco to say "DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH ME" Merlin, he would have earned a punch in the face with me. Can't stand cocky people. BLEH.

I do hope Draco falls in love with Hermione first so he can shut his stupid little mouth. BUT Hermione seems like she is feeling this more. Although, I am getting the impression that Draco WANTS Hermione to fall in love with him. For what reason? I don't know yet (not even a theory).

And I saw the preview as well. Ron needs to get punched too. How about throwing punches like a madwoman lol That could work...

Anyway, wonderful chapter again. Truly enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by marauderslover15 Coming Clean

2nd July 2014:
WOW. I am glad they reacted. Although I think they over reacted to the baby. Ron's a grown man. I'm surprised they did focus on the cheating bit b/c well Hermione is like a Weasley she grew up with that family as much as Harry did.
I think its a bit much the expectation for marriage, but I get it. They need some unity to raise a child. But I also understand Ron's anger. Who would want to marry someone like Lavender? She IS a total downgrade.
I was mad at Ron for blaming George. Like no one was going to notice a baby popping out and calling him DADDY? o.O WTH Ron

ANNNDDD Ron became the new Percy lol Let's see how that works out

Great chapter agaiN!

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Review #5, by marauderslover15 Truths

1st July 2014:
I have to say, I REALLY like this. Most stories of Ron cheating totally disregard what his family might think. BUT in all honesty, I imagine the family like George reacting the way you describe. I can't wait for Molly's reaction! =) Great chapter once again!

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Review #6, by marauderslover15 Blown Cover

1st July 2014:
I think it will be a girl and I don't think it's his baby. I think she is just a little evil witch and lied. BUT even if it isn't, Ron cheated so he needs to live alone by himself b/c cheating is unacceptable!
I do like the Ron/Lav focus, but I am SO ready for Dramione action & I hope George blabs to the whole family including about Hermione new boyfriend (if he find that out which I hope he does!)

ANYWAY another good chappie =)

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Review #7, by marauderslover15 Playing Games

1st July 2014:
oh, Draco, why do you have to be so hot? Why do you want to make a girl break into the unreality of fic and take you away! LOL I'm kidding. Draco is only reserve for Hermione and she is only for him.

I'm am sooo curious by what "rules" she needs to play by! TBH I can't wait to read the next chapter so I am wrapping it up here =) GREAT CHAPTER!

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Review #8, by marauderslover15 Big Mouths

1st July 2014:
HAHAHA this was perfect. Stupid Ron. I knew he was going to say something stupid as h-e-hockey sticks. And I want Hermione to rub it in all their stupid littlle FACES! MWHAHAHA! Oh, erum well then my emotion got the best of me. lol Again GREAT CHAPTER!!

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Review #9, by Questioning Crash and Burn

29th June 2014:
Why did Draco call Hermione a "filthy little mudblood" two chapters ago if he really loved her?

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Review #10, by Questioning Crash and Burn

29th June 2014:
Why did Draco call Hermione a "filthy little mudblood" two chapters ago if he really loved her?

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Review #11, by Dragon Dancer Obstacles

25th June 2014:
I absolutely love your story! I think what I like the most about it, is that the circumstances could all work. An evil plot, and Lavander wanting Ron, Draco wanting to make Ron jealous... IT ALL FITS!!! Your a very talented writer and I hope to be reading the epilogue soon! XD

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Review #12, by marauderslover15 Returns

24th June 2014:
Hi again
So I can't begin to even explain how happy I am that Ron does not like lavender because I don't like her but that isn't a good reason lol that is just so canon though him not liking he hw eventually did find her annoying in the canon I love Harry he is clearly mad at Ron which he should be but also there for the two. I am totally stumped as to what Ron has to say he better not explain himself great chapter

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Review #13, by marauderslover15 Some People Change

23rd June 2014:
I love this chapter.
I like seeing it from Harry POV. He's always stuck in the middle of those two. I feel bad for him!

My favorite part was when he was reflecting back when they were young. It shows and reminds us of the special bond between all three of them!

I was really hurt for Hermione when Harry saw her office. Just by the observations of what she did to her office, you can tell she is...I can't even find a word to describe the level of hurt she must be feeling.

Oh and Lavender just go somewhere. Like bye you witch or as you nicely put it another word that rhymes with witch LOL

WONDERFUL CHAPTER! Moving on to the next =D

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Review #14, by marauderslover15 Heartbroken

23rd June 2014:
Okay, hi again!
So, I am glad Ron really--er--fudged up. My inside felt hallow because I know how much Hermione is hurting. It hurts me to see her like that! Once again, Lavender was canon-y and so was RON! Especially when he asked""So…are we…ok?" Like yes, Ron, let's ride rainbows on flying unicorn while eating cupcakes and blushing at each other and singing sweet words. THAT WAS SO LIKE HIM TO ASK SOMETHING SO STUPID. Hermione did say he was really insensitive & had the emotion range of a teaspoon or something like that. Anyway, what I am trying to say, you portrayed Ron really well and Hermione. I can just imagine her usual shrill voice crying in anger. This was REALLY wonderful! I can't wait to the read the next chapter which will be in a few seconds lol

Author's Response: Hi!
Ron did fudge up, Classic Ron. .-.
I felt really bad for Hermione as well! I obviously had to have her break up with him, or there really wouldn't be a story to tell, but I still felt saddened.
So glad they're canon!
Lavender...Bleh. I always just imagined her being totally awful and this is something I imagined her doing. I enjoy wiring her, but she's still awful.
Ron would say something like that, wouldn't he? Like yes Ron, of course you're okay! -_- boys! Tsk. Tsk.
So glad you're enjoying!

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Review #15, by marauderslover15 Whispers and Secrets

23rd June 2014:
So I dropped the other fic I was reading YIKES! I tend to get too bored easily. But this? I won't be!
Hermione is so confident and sassy, it is refreshing to see. It's like she matured in a way and I'm sure Ron gave her confidence. And you capture Lavender just like I imagined and very canon-y if that makes sense. I like Ron alot actually, but in my heart I don't want to like him b/c when Draco comes along I don't want to feel bad or anything like that for Ron. Sorry, Ronald, even if I like you in canon.
The ending, wow. I am itching to read more and I will like right now. With that said, I am moving forward to the next chapter! GREAT CHAPPIE! XOXO

Author's Response: Aw, you're too sweet!
I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, that makes me really happy! I've been going back through the chapters and improving them and reworking them. I believe the first edited two chapters are up and ready, and the third is rewritten and I'm about to submit it I the queue (I'm so loving the short queue time).
I'm currently about halfway through chapter four and I plan to update as frequently as possible to improve the story.
I'm so happy you're enjoying the characters and that they're relatively canon. I was really trying to make them that way.
Draco comes along quickly. For some odd reason when I wrote this my chapters were all ridiculously short, but I'm fixing that as quickly as possible.
Soo glad you're enjoying though, and thank you very much for the sweet reviews! :)

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Review #16, by ms.malfoy Plots and Paternity

16th March 2014:
Hello there! I just have to tell you how amazing your story is and how I really wish you would update the next chapter. Your story has mystery, betrayal, love and overall I have not idea what is going on ( but in a good way of course.) Just when I think I know where you are going with this story you totally do the unexpected. Which I love by the way! I really think a story this good deserves a proper ending, so I am looking forward to you updates. And I also want answers to the many questions I have. Haha please update soon and Good work!(:

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the kind words.
I submitted chapter 41 today, June 17, 2014. It explains it all. I hope you read and enjoy it and that it doesn't disappoint.

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Review #17, by Starlite88 Plots and Paternity

18th February 2014:
Love this story and that doesn't happen often. Please complete!

Author's Response: Thank you. I updated today 6/17/14. It should be up soon.

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Review #18, by Dramione Plots and Paternity

18th January 2014:

Author's Response: I updated today, June 17, 2014.

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Review #19, by Fantastic_Beast Plots and Paternity

17th September 2013:
I like this story, but it's really confusing. And it'd be nice if you could possibly write a new chapter; some readers are feeling like they got 'left hanging' a bit!

Author's Response: I updated today, June 17, 2014.
I'm so sorry for the wait, but I'm glad you enjoy it.

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Review #20, by ms simone Plots and Paternity

1st September 2013:
so much going on.. love it, so much!!! yah!! update real soon, pretty please... 7 stars rating!!

Author's Response: I updated today, June 17, 2014.
Thank you very much.

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Review #21, by Betty Sexton Baby, I must confess...

28th August 2013:
hi im so sorry to hear about your puppy. my dog passed away earlier this year and i have a new 3 yr old dog n he hashelped me alot.; im loving ur story very much. pls continue until its completed. thank u. i cant always review but know that its great. keep writing.

Author's Response: That's very sweet, thank you. I now have a new dog and she has turned around my life.
I'm very sorry to hear about your dog and I wish you the best with your other dog.
I'm glad you like it. I updated today, June 17, 2014. I hope you read it.

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Review #22, by Quinn Plots and Paternity

17th July 2013:
What? Blimey, things have gone very wrong and the events are confusing. Are you trying to make a point that the pregnant woman is not Lavender, but someone else who used the polyjuice potion? So what happened to the real Lavender? What will happen to Hermione, especially with the news that the baby that Lavender (if it is her) is holding in her uterus is Draco's.
This all very much reminds me of my mom's soaps. (I mention this several chapters earlier.)

I doubt there will be a happy ending to this, but then again I am not a seer. You got a lot of explaining to do!

Author's Response: I updated today, June 17, 2014 and it explains all of it I believe. There will be two more normal chapters and an epilogue left if it goes as planned. All your questions get answered.

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Review #23, by Quinn Time Is Running Out

17th July 2013:
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me get this straight... Lavender is pregnant with Malfoy's child? And Roger and Pansy are in this scheme too? That is just bloody messed up.

Well it is dramatic, and you have already heard an earful with your twisted plot so I won't say anything foul. And anyway, this is what makes a good fanfiction! You kept us on our toes. I applaud you! Nice work.

Author's Response: I updated today, June 17, 2014 and nearly everything gets answered.
I apologize for the confusion. I took a long time to write this story and I grew and matured, as did my writing, so a lot of the earlier chapters need a lot of work. I'm sorry.
I hope the ending is something you enjoy.

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Review #24, by Quinn The Wedding, Part 1

16th July 2013:
Oh my, what a spectacular wedding! It was truely beautiful and I shedded tears as I read it. You have captiviated a grand event perfectly (and I bet Mrs. Rowling would agree with me on this). Lovely chapter; I felt proud to almost imagine myself being one of the new couple's invited guest. Truely brilliant!

Author's Response: You have made not only my day, but perhaps my life. Even the idea that Ms. Rowling would approve of it and think I did her characters justice, makes me beyond happy. Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #25, by Quinn Coming Clean

16th July 2013:
*low whistle* Damn! Sorry for the language, but that was quite a scene! I found some truth to Mr. Weasley's speech. I actually applaud him for saying everything I had in my own mind. Ron really does need to grow up and take responsibility. It's hard to Ron to accept it but he needs to think what is best for the unborn child! No child should grow up without a father. Even, if, he decides to take a fatherly role to the child, it's best if he marries. Well done on this chapter! You are quite an extraordinary writer when it comes to drama!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed.
And yes, I agree. Ron needs to man up.

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