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Review #1, by Persephones_Child Cosmic Love

3rd July 2013:

Author's Response: .I.UH.

(hides under blanket)

omg was that a compliment THANKS SO MUCH WOW

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Review #2, by Wowzers Cosmic Love

7th April 2013:
Oh my God this story is perfect in every way!! I've read this three times now, and it still takes my breath away! I. Love. This. Story. :) :) :)

Author's Response: i'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #3, by nikitablaise Cosmic Love

16th February 2013:
Hands down, the best Rose/Scorpius story that I have ever read. Thank you for writing.

Author's Response: Wah!??! really!? you're too kind lol. every time i read that fic i'm like "i wrote this because...?" haha i'm glad i didn't take it down! thanks for the review ; )

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Review #4, by catty Cosmic Love

9th February 2013:
I love this song it really means a lot to me.I also love scorpius and rose so when I saw this is was really excited! Didn't disappoint really well written story with a great ending line!

Author's Response: I still can't take good reviews from this story XD but i'm happy you read it and liked it, because i know the feelings you get when you read a fic that hits the right spots to a song that you love. i'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

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Review #5, by SaritaMalfoy22 Cosmic Love

5th March 2012:
This is a beautiful story. I love the honesty of feelings and description of detail... especially when you talk about the rain. I love Scorpius and Rose so I love love love this :)
-Sarita x

Author's Response: I'm so glad! I still don't like it :P but I'm happy that you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by sarah c Cosmic Love

26th January 2012:
2 words... Love. It.
U put 2 of my fave things into one.Florence and the machine an hp! Really good plot loved the narration ...pretty much epic in my opinion! Keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the mix! :)

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Review #7, by Mischief_managed18 Cosmic Love

31st October 2011:
Oh my goodness. You are such an amazing writer, words can't even begin to describe it. You have a true talent. I absolutely love Scorose stories but this may top them all. I was so on edge the whole time, I felt my heart contracting as Rose's did and I could feel the emotion between the two of them. I'm in love with this story. It's beyond brilliant. Keep up the amazing work.

Author's Response: You are so wonderful! Thank you!

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Review #8, by hermione119 Cosmic Love

30th May 2011: first evr rose/scorp
i am so in love with this story.i dont know how anyone can give this less than 10/10

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! :)

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Review #9, by peace2lovepotter Cosmic Love

14th May 2011:
Wow. Honestly, thats all i can think of. Wow. Well- go Sco/Ro! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: They are my favorite next gen. pairing :)

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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast Cosmic Love

6th May 2011:
This is beautiful; I absolutely LOVE this song and I really like how you incorporated its haunting lyrics! The relationship between Scorpius and Rose was beautifully written. Thank you for writing this :D

Author's Response: Really!? I'm always so shocked when people review this fic because I felt like I really failed lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it and like the song! It's a favorite of mine.

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Review #11, by Gal22 Cosmic Love

7th February 2011:
This is amazing. I can't even explain how amazing this is. Spectacular one shot :)

Author's Response: Awe thank you ^_^

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Review #12, by mrsphantom Cosmic Love

15th January 2011:
Whoa. Intense. That's a much more interesting and creative way to have Rose confess her love. Sounds like something I would do, just randomly blurt out his eye color. :) Very nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you kindly ^_^

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Review #13, by LovelyMioneWeasley Cosmic Love

10th January 2011:
Ah. Florence & the Machine.

I love her and I love Rose/Scorpius. What a rather cosmic combo ;). I did really, REALLY enjoy this. I think my favorite part was the palable tension during Al and Scor's conversation and right when Rose admitted the color of Scorpius' eyes.

I'm pretty sure I was holding my breath bahaha. Its just cause it was so much more interesting than anything else my friends have been talking about lately. ^_^ So I choose to live vicariously through HP characters.

The incoporation of the song in with the one-shot was flawless. It did not read like a song fic and I know it didn't mean to but I think it really added to the one-shot instead of taking away. A real accomplishment I must admit.

This, too, was very cute; almost differently from Timbomb or FLB Annoyance because there was a lot of thought and meaning behind this. I did adore it. Thanks for sharing another good one


Author's Response: Oh my god, you are the cutest thing. Let me tell you - I was in a fit a joy when I read that you held your breath during that one part about Scorpius Malfoy's eyes! That man... he's a wonder. And I've always wanted my stories to have THAT kind of impact on my readers and I'm just so wehrf;aoisje;rfwijer. I'm so happy you got into it emotionally like that :D Makes me so happy!

I live my entire life on hpff, what is a social life?

I was considering making it a song fic, but I didn't want it to incorporate song lyrics...because honestly, it wasn't about the song. It was how the couple reminded me of the song. I'm glad you appreciate that :) some people thought it should have been a song fic. Thank you for this wonderful review, I'm so happy you enjoyed!

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Review #14, by Miss Writer Cosmic Love

10th January 2011:
No dawn! No day! I'm always in this twilight! In the shadow, of your heart... Oh My God. I am in love with this song, it has got to be one of my favourites at the moment. And you matched it to the story so well.
I noticed heaps of little quotes from the song and they fitted, it didn't feel forced in, which is amazing. :)
Okay, so I love this one shot, it tells a magnificent story just so perfectly. :)
Well done!

Author's Response: You just made me the happiester person ever :) Thank you!

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Review #15, by xLauriePotter Cosmic Love

9th January 2011:
Oh wow, I love this. I saw the title and just had to read it because I'm a massive fan of Florence & The Machine and this is actually my favourite song by her♥

It was written beautiful and it was good to see Albus as not so "smart" and more Scorpius as being the logical one in the bromance ;) hehe.

It was super lovely.

~ Laurie.

Author's Response: I am a massice Florence Welch fan, too! don't even worry about it; i've read loads of fics solely because the title belonged to one of my favorite songs haha :P

Hahah, well having Rose and Scorpius as the more studious intellectual types, I had to make one of them a sort of oddball :P you can't have a bunch of geniuses just running around you know lol.

Thank you for the rating & the wonderful review ;)

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Review #16, by Sarah is awesome Cosmic Love

8th January 2011:
Holy moly!! That was amazing!! I love ho they both haad feleling for each other all along!! :) 100/10 definatly!

Write more soon!


Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #17, by cozitsworthit Cosmic Love

6th January 2011:
This was so beautiful and felt so real.!!! :) Thank you so much!

Author's Response: I actually don't like this anymore lol. But thanks anyway =]

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Review #18, by Tallie Cosmic Love

6th January 2011:
I would just like to say how sweet and moving this story was.
Honestly it was such a wonderful story to read and I believe you should be incredibly proud to have written it.

Thank you for this beautiful one shot.

Author's Response: oh gosh.

sjfr;wlkerasd it isn't my best, but thank you for reading it and enjoying it ^_^ thx for the great review!

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Review #19, by Hufflepuffgirl93 Cosmic Love

6th January 2011:
Wow, that was intense! Love how you captured Rose's thoughts and feelings. Her fear felt really real. Also loved your intellectual Scorp, and the theory too! The running/memories worked really well and Scorp and Rose saying how they'd secretly liked each other for sweet! Loved all the emotion and drama...great work!

Author's Response: I really wanted the reader to feel just like Rose was feeling, so I'm glad you felt it all! Thank you for the great review, love ^_^

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Review #20, by magical words Cosmic Love

6th January 2011:
I absolutely love love love this song! And I love Florence + the Machine. :) And ScoRose. Yay Rose and Scorpius!!!

While this was good, I have some criticism. I don't think this song works that well with your story line. It's not horrendous or anything, just incredibly cliche. In fact, it would have probably been better to have made this a "real" songfic, with lyrics showing up every so often. (Usually, I wouldn't even suggest this, since I abhor songfics.) The theme of darkness didn't mesh very well with the story line. But I must say, I liked the whole half-blind theory.

Otherwise, it was quite enjoyable. :) Write on!

Author's Response: I know, and you are right. I usually dont write fluff and cliche but I knew that the love concept was going to have to be more heartfelt, so I didn't care if it came out predictable. I started it and half way through I couldn't connect to it anymore, so I sorta quit :/ But I thought I owed it to myself to finish it & post it.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by dream_BIG Cosmic Love

5th January 2011:

Author's Response: Awe ^_^ Thank you! I honestly don't like how I wrote it, but I changed it a million times and decided to stay with this version :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #22, by myname Cosmic Love

5th January 2011:
Amazing!!! Great story!! I really love the way you characterized everyone. Off to read your other stories!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!

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