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Review #1, by Jen Chapter V

23rd March 2015:
Ah I miss this story so much. Please update this story xo

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Review #2, by Rachel Chapter V

6th February 2015:
Just found a version of The Memory Box online!
But apparently you can't post links on here...
Sooo just google harry poter fanfiction the memory box and click on the that says printer friendly version. It looks like its only the fourth chapter but you can get them all.

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Review #3, by Rachel Chapter V

6th February 2015:
The Memory Box is the first Harry Potter Fan Fiction I ever read. Gosh it must've been four or five years ago now that I started reading that. It is story that sticks with me. I truly consider part of the Harry Potter saga because it meant so much to me. I feel like this was a missing book in between the third and fourth books. It's been a good while, probably a year or more, since I've checked in on these stories. I noticed you completely took down The Memory Box. I would love it if you were to put that back up somewhere on the internet so I could enjoy that story again. I'm sure you have far more important things going on in your life than worrying about your HPFF fans, but if you do ever get a chance you really should finish this story. It is far to great of a story to go left without an ending. Your true fans that have been here since the beginning love you and miss you and wish you be entertain us with your fabulous writing again.

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Review #4, by Fan! Chapter V

31st December 2014:
Please come back! This story is truly special and it something to be truly proud of. I hope all is good and you come back soon! I can't wait x

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Review #5, by Desperate Reader Chapter V

22nd October 2014:
I know its been a long time since you've updated. But your story is literally the best fanfiction I've ever read. It's the example I use when defending the craft of fanfiction and the amazing authors who give up their free time for the love of the story, and the joy of writing. Please, even if it's just to tell us you aren't going to finish the story, please stop by and don't leave all your readers hanging. I really can't explain how it feels to never know how this tale will end. Don't leave us!

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Review #6, by Raych Chapter V

21st October 2014:
Please please please come back and update this story! I've
spent the last two days re-reading The Memory Box and now
this and it is just so perfect and I NEED to know what
happened! Please! I just love this story so much, I've read it so
many times and I never get bored because it is so brilliant.
Please come back!

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Review #7, by Mrs Sirius Black Chapter V

15th September 2014:
It's been a very long while since I have checked to see if you have update this story.

Today, sick in bed I felt it necessary to check if one of my favourite authors had update their story and what do you know to my great delight I found an update!

It's actually basically been a year since you brought us this chapter so hopefully the next chapter is not to far away (finger crossed).

I really enjoyed this chapter as we see everything unravelling, finally the truth and secrets are being revealed.

I hope this story will be finished eventually, even if you uploaded it in draft.

Thank you again for taking the time to bring us this chapter.


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Review #8, by juno Chapter V

5th September 2014:
Please update I can't for whats going to happen next. And I hope they find Bella and Cassion. And also yay! I'm the 500th review

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Review #9, by fso;dgs Chapter IV

28th August 2014:

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Review #10, by sgfsgf Chapter V

27th May 2014:
when will you update?? dont let it be another 2 yrs!!! this story is brilliant!

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Review #11, by siriuslyawesome Chapter V

30th March 2014:
Every time a find a new chapter is posted I have to read it no matter where i am. I love this story so much I hope you have not abandoned it. It is my favorite fanfic ever. I hope that you end up finishing it and please report the 1st part.

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Review #12, by Annaliese Chapter V

26th March 2014:
When are you gonna update, gurl!!! dont make us wait another 2 years!! this story is way too good to be abandon! you're so fantastic!

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Review #13, by Bethan Chapter V

8th March 2014:
It's been so long since I last read HPFF, but I always come back every few months in hope that you've added to this wonderful story.. Thank you for continuing. Hope to see more soon :)

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Review #14, by liesers1234 Chapter 1

2nd March 2014:
update soon please! or tell us when it's gonna be!

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Review #15, by jay Chapter V

1st March 2014:

I can't believe you have a new chapter up

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Review #16, by sara Chapter V

24th February 2014:
i love you i love you i love you. please write
more. we need this.

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Review #17, by Aishwaria Chapter V

20th January 2014:
Its been 3 months. Please Update soon. I check everyday, and its sorely disappointing to not have an update

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Review #18, by JT4HP Chapter V

16th January 2014:
I tried really hard to figure out how to work your MTA, but couldn't so I'm writing here.

I cannot remember if I reviewed Memory Box, but I hope I have because you are a genius. I'm serious (siriusly). I can't tell you how much I love the way you've written the Maruaders and the girls world, but also included the golden trio. I absolutely loved The Memory Box, but it's even better the second read through (I like re-reading my favorite's a bit weird). Of course, I had to re-read the sequel and was so happy to see that you updated in October!! THAT'S BASICALLY REALLY RECENTLY IN HPFF TIME. haha.

I really hope you keep going with the sequel because I would read it as soon as a new chapter came out. I completely understand being busy, but just know that I am on edge waiting for what is going to happen. Are they going to get to Izzy in time? And Cass? Gosh, I love grown up Cass. So snarky and fun plus that temper. Also, just to let you know I've fallen in love with your characters. All of them are brilliant and as Harry says, I could too recognize Marlene's voice and Izzy's laugh, etc etc. I mean...if they were real of course. You get what I mean, right? You've basically made them real.

Ugh. I could go on forever about how great of a writer you are. Absolutely brill. I just love this entire story of the girls. Especially Izzy and the East.

Anyway, sorry for the long review. It's overdue though, I think. Hope to see a sixth chapter soon!

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Review #19, by Sami Chapter V

6th January 2014:

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Review #20, by can'tremembermypassword Chapter V

3rd January 2014:
I just couldn't be happier to see that you're updating this story again. I thought you given up on it, and to be honest I didn't blame you because life does get in the way of these things, but I am JUST delighted that you're racing on with it!! I've had such a grim day and this has warmed me through :)

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Review #21, by d;fsamsla Chapter V

29th December 2013:
please update soon! i love love love this story so much!

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Review #22, by Via Chapter V

28th December 2013:
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

I'm overjoyed and at the top of the world right now! There is nothing better than googling my favourite Harry Potter fanfic author and seeing a new chapter in The Never Forgotten. So once more, thank you!

Sorry for an incoherent and short "review" but I just wanted to thank you for a million times and tell you that your biggest fan is still here, impatiently waiting for the next chapter :)

Thank you for writing this fic (and not abandoning it, I literally started crying when I saw that you had updated it) and happy new year!

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Review #23, by Teal Chapter V

18th December 2013:
We are so happy that you're back but after three years, WE *NEED* CASSION AND SIRIUS TO REUNITE

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Review #24, by updatepls Chapter V

15th December 2013:
your such a good writer! please update soon or let us know when you will! this story is so great!

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Review #25, by Alice M. Chapter V

3rd December 2013:
I just read a reaction of yours to someone else's review where you said that the story has to be made 12+. Why on earth would you do that? It is PERFECT the way it is! I'm truly in love with it and I have been reading the memory box since the first month you put it up. You had me hooked from the beginning and it only got better. You are a fantastic writer. Please update soon

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