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Review #1, by Emma Secrets of a Tigress

28th November 2012:
Good chapter. Very Intriguing

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Review #2, by Emma The Trolls of Christmas

28th November 2012:
You are an amazing writer. Your words are moving and your stories are delightful and well-written. Never stop writing or I will be as mad as a Gryffindor keeper when a Slytherin chaser scores!

Author's Response: thankyou so much!! and i'm really glad that you are liking it so far...

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Review #3, by Llama Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold

24th October 2012:
i love this you should write more:)

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Review #4, by Rae Ella Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold

27th September 2012:
I love this story but please give me a new chapter soon it's been too long!

Author's Response: aww. I am glad you like it. Unfortunately, my creativity is at all time low due academic priorities... ill try as fast as I can.

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Review #5, by AriesGirl40 Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold

23rd July 2012:
Poor Lucas, betrayed, he knew better too. Awesome chapter, creepy too, I loved it :)

Author's Response: thankyou! im glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold

21st July 2012:
Great update, but Scorpius with those two girls - hated that! ;)

Author's Response: well guys do stupid things when they are jealous

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Review #7, by Avanell 2 The Beltane Ball

1st July 2012:
Very intriguing update. Great job!

Author's Response: thankyou! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #8, by Mugdha Rane The Beltane Ball

29th June 2012:
Very nice !! but what next ??

Author's Response: .that shall be revealed in the next chapter. I'm trying my best to complete the chapters fast. But I also want the chapters to be good.

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Review #9, by iyanarulz792 The Beltane Ball

28th June 2012:
Write this story faster please. I really like it and I read it a bit too fast for my liking. And if there is more to read, the better! You are a great author, you just have some minor mistakes anyone can make when typing. I make mistakes all the time when writing stories. I hope you enjoy writing stories as much as people love reading them. Never abandon your stories. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I'm not really a good author. That's the main reason it takes time for me to write chapters. But I do love this story!! I wish u cud view my head. The story is continuing at an increasing pace. But don't worry. This is one story that i shall never abandon

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Review #10, by Marauder_Weasley The Beltane Ball

19th June 2012:

Author's Response: haha, we're almost there.patience, fellow potterhead!

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Review #11, by luvharrypotter The Beltane Ball

2nd June 2012:
i absolutely loved ur story. probably one of the best i've ever read. plplpl update as soon as possible. can't wait for what happens next. hey! that rhyhmes! :)

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Review #12, by AriesGirl40 Admiring from Afar

24th April 2012:
It really is a good story, Read it all in one sitting. Scorpious needs an intervention :) That wicked girl needs to be shot down off her thrown, and Rose needs a great boyfriend. See you next chapter

Author's Response: I agree with you. but sometimes what you is not what you want. Rose is too stubborn to understand that

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Review #13, by mmauvahp1 The Plot Thickens

8th January 2012:
Great chapter! Love the story! Update again soon please!

Author's Response: Thankyou!!

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Review #14, by mmauvahp1 Unplanned Plans

21st September 2011:
GREAT chapter!!! I LOVE this story!!! Update again soon please!!!

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Review #15, by mmauvahp1 Revelations

18th July 2011:
Great chapter!!! Love the story!!! Update again soon please!!!

Author's Response: thnx =D!! glad u like it!!

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Review #16, by connie Secrets of a Tigress

14th May 2011:
OMG...i love scorpius.i just don't understand why he dates Loreli.she is the female voldemord!anyway...i LOVE your story!

Author's Response: wish i cud tell u more abt loreli! u dont knw how im itchin to tht. but ill keep my trap shut.
=D thnx!!!

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Review #17, by wolverine83 Clear Line Drawn

11th December 2010:
This is such an interesting story and I often find myself wondering exactly what the heck is going on. You have definitely created an amazing storyline and web of characters with this story. I'm curious to know what Loreli's deal is and why she acts the way she does? I also am curious about Scorpius telling Albus that he doesn't understand what is going on and why things are the way they are but seems afraid to tell him? I'm guessing it has something to do with why Scorpius is dating Loreli when he clearly has feelings for Rose? I hope you can update soon because I'm dying to see what happens next?

Author's Response: thnx!!! i knw i made it obvious that loreli is the villian and that Scorpius has feeling for Rose, but that was my intention. I wanted to focus on other plots, rather than hiding the bad guy. As the story unveils it will slowly reeveal her past, present and all her intentions, as well Scorpius'. thnx again for ur compliments!!

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Review #18, by fluffy :) Friends and Foes

14th November 2010:
Woderful story.really interesting...pls update soon :)

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