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Review #1, by PygmyPuffLover Seasons

22nd December 2011:
oh wow, that was so beautiful!

it was amazingly written and although it was short it seemed to hold a complete plot. i love it! i just stared at the description for a minute and then decided to read it, and im so glad i did. i really enjoyed it.

you have an amazing way with words.

ellie :) xx

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!

The length was somewhat of an issue, because I didn't know if I should have added more. I'm really glad that you think it was fine the way it was, because it was a question I had about the piece for a little while.

Thanks again for your review! I really appreciate it. :)

x Rin

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Review #2, by Happy Birthday Seasons

17th March 2011:
She had laughed, a sound of a cobblestone city church bell and 23 canaries singing all at once Beautiful imagery, but I have to ask - why 23 canaries? not 24? not 22? I am so curious!

But yes, gorgeous description as usual. I can't help but sigh with delight when reading things of yours because they're so understated and yet so beautiful. You're a master of your craft.

In so few words you've painted a picture of the adorable relationship between Teddy and Roxanne. I love how she says no twice before saying yes and how he peserveres and how you've not told it from this overly tragic point of view. It's fluff at its best and cutest. Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you (both for the review and for the birthday wishes)!

23 canaries! Ha, I dunno. I suppose I just liked the sound of it. :) 24 seems a little clunky and boring, and 22 has a repeated letter when you say it that I don't want. So... 23. Specificity, non?

Anyway, thank you for your lovely comments. They've made my week.

xx Rin

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Review #3, by RonsGirlFriday Seasons

4th March 2011:
Rin, you're fabulous.

As I was reading this, I had this question in the back of my mind, why she didn't accept him the first two times. And then I reached the end, and I started to realize, as Teddy did, that nothing really mattered but the eventual acceptance.

What I really loved was their natural and familiar way of interacting with each other - the way Roxanne refuses him the first two times, with a little smile, and the way Teddy just sighs and drops it. And then when she finally does accept him, in the spring, kneeling in the flower garden, there's such an organic feeling to it. The changing seasons provided a wonderful backdrop for it, and your descriptions and imagery are gorgeous, as always.

Nobody writes poignant one-shots quite like you, Rin!


Author's Response: Gah, thank you, Melanie! You're lovely.

I was worried that people would get upset that Roxanne didn't accept him at first, so I'm really relieved that you "got it." And I tried to let him down as softly as softly as I could, and he still smiled about it in the end, didn't he? Anyway, I'm glad you understand. It lifts a considerable weight off my shoulders to know that at least ONE person gets him!

Melanie, you are lovely. Thank you so much for the wonderful, flattering review! I hope you have a spectacular day because of it.

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Review #4, by butterbeergal Seasons

3rd March 2011:

What a lovely, lovely entry to the challenge! ♥ I felt like I was floating the entire time I read this. The image you painted was so vivid and beautiful and just... put it this way, you would think that it would be absolutley crushing to be refused twice, but I didn't feel that way when I read this because this just made me feel like a giddy school girl all throughout! I adored your descriptions - sometimes some authors tend to go overboard with it and it ends up with the piece being cheesy, but here, it was just the right amount to make you see and appreciate the scene playing before you.

I dunno if you understood any of my ramblings up there, but suffice it to say this was a gorgeous piece and definitely worthy of placing first in the challenge. :)


Author's Response: Ahhh, I'm SO glad I didn't go overboard! Sometimes I do that, so it's something that I've been trying to stay away from lately. Gah. Flowery words just give me fluffy thoughts, so I tend to use them more than I should. So your review is SO, SO comforting. I can't even tell you how relieved I am.

Gah. You're lovely. I love you. You are a wonderful, beautiful, kind person for going ahead and writing all that. I love you to death.

xx Rin

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Review #5, by xtinjsc Seasons

13th January 2011:
Hello! ^_^

If there's really a word that can describe your writing style, I think delicious would be it. Beautiful could work as well, or brilliant, or captivating, or awe-inspiring... but, delicious is really the first word that came to mind after I read this lovely piece of work. Doesn't make sense, I know, and if you're really one of those nit picky people, I think you'll say that it's very inappropriate adjective to describe a person's writing style as well. Oh well. :P Again, this is just delicious.

Flowery words and I usually don't get along, but I adore the flowers you used on this one. Not really subtle, but not overflowing - just the right balance and it is perfect. I'm in love with your style. I'm really amazed that words be used like this. I am fully aware of how powerful words can be, and I am also aware that, in the hands of the right person, words can be more powerful to the point that they almost come alive - you did just that. You are made of awesome and your talent, it's ridiculous. You just made me gush and I try, believe me, I do try NOT to gush when I leave reviews, but you made me break my resolve. That means you are great and if you'll grant me the permission to squee right now, I definitely will. :P

There's just something about human emotions and seasons, no? They're unusually harmonious and I love how you played with that idea here. If done the wrong way, the change in the setting could've been choppy, but your flow, the transition - flawless. This is actually one of those stories that, if made into a podcast, would definitely be a relaxing listen, if I'm making any sense. :P I dunno, I just feel like closing my eyes and just imagining the scenes here while listening to the words as they sing to me. Teehee.

Your characters are lovable. I have special fondness for the guy, who, for the purposes of this review only, I will call... John (Really creative, I know :P). Persistence can take you places and I cheered for him when Roxanne - the playful, sweet girl with a little touch of sadistic tendencies in her - said yes. Way to go, John! You know, I can almost see him, telling this success story to his grandchildren and they'd look up to him, because he didn't give up. All right, enough with the day dreaming. :P

Before I embarrass myself even more with my inane ramblings, I just like to say, just in case it's still not very obvious, that I truly adore this story, so thank you for writing this. I'm sorry if I cannot offer any CC's. I think you don't really need it. You're a very talented writer and I'm really looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I'll see you around! ^_^

Author's Response: Wow - this has completely made my week. I mean... wow. And month. Probably year, too. It's made my decade? Yeah, that sounds about right.

I can't start to thank you enough for all your praise! I'm truly, completely flattered. And speechless. Because really, I don't know how to respond to this. At all. MY speechlessness is also compelling me to speak in fragmented sentences also, it appears.

Thank you! Characters and flow. Gah. Those seem to be my two main weaknesses, actually, so I'm absolutely flattered that you think that they're just fine. Gah. I can't even come up with a coherent response, I'm just so overwhelmed.

Thank you from the deepest, largest part of my heart. You have no idea what this review means to me.

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Review #6, by Rose_Weasley123 Seasons

12th January 2011:

This is just... gorgeous. Absolutely word perfect. Your descriptions are always squee-worthy, but someof these were just perfect. I want to describe them as melting, for some odd reason. They're just flowery but not purple, and beautiful and perfectly formed.

I'm really interested in why Roxanne said no twice. If I was Teddy, I'd find it a self-esteem knock! I guess it shows how devoted he was that he risked rejection for a third time. I liked both Teddy and Roxanne, and in some ways I wish it was longer so we could see more of them.

Just lovely, Rin. I must find a way of stealing your writing talent!

Author's Response: BECCA, YOU FLATTER ME. But seriously, your kindness cannot be expressed in words. I'm just... speechless. Bah. Thank you! I love you so very much.

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Review #7, by A TGS Christmas Elf Seasons

22nd December 2010:

I love the simplicity of this story despite the immense span of time it covers. The changing of the seasons was described so vividly that I could picture each one in my head. Then of course there was the perfect adorableness of teddy/Rox. :D I'm a huge fan of this ship and adored this presentation of them.

I hope you have a very merry christmas!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, mystery TGSer! Your review is very much appreciated and you've completely made my morning.

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Review #8, by Violet Gryfindor Seasons

11th October 2010:
My first reaction was "awww, isn't that sweet!", and it is a sweet romantic story, but there's something more to it than that. The way that you portray the seasons adds another dimension to the story - they're very symbolic. She can only accept him in the spring, a time of rebirth and blooming. It ties back to your use of "blooming" to describe Roxanne's grin. She's like a flower, especially in the winter when she's muffled and seeking warmth, and only in the spring is she ready to take on that new life. It's brilliant.

It's interesting that you choose Roxanne, as it could be any girl in this, and any boy for that matter. Not that it's a criticism at all, just an observation. I can't see anything to criticise at all, though that doesn't surprise me, coming from you. This makes me want to read more of your work, and hopefully I'll be able to dive into something. :D

This was excellent, and a great entry for the challenge!

Author's Response: Gah, thank you so much! Every review from you just makes me want to melt, I swear. :)

The seasons! I was wondering if anyone would catch that! Honestly, I didn't plan it that way. It just so happened that I started in fall and ended in spring, and I think it worked quite well. Anyway, thanks so much for commenting on that. I was starting to wonder if it was all in my head of not. :D

Roxanne! I have never, ever thought of Roxanne as someone who would go well with Teddy (and, no, I don't say his name ONCE in this entire thing :P), but this was originally for the Ship Exchange challenge over on the Seeker. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would and posting it on my own account instead of the Seeker's. Anyway, that's why it's Teddy/Roxanne. I think if I hadn't gotten that pairing, I would have gone with something more along the lines of Teddy/Dominique or Teddy/Victoire. Either way, I'm glad you like her!

Again, thank you for the lovely review. It really does warm the heart.

- Rin

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Review #9, by thehyacinthgirl Seasons

11th October 2010:
Generally, I hate anything that isn't Victoire/Teddy (because I love them so and I hate it when they're not together) but this was beautiful.

It is rare that I like anything that isn't Vic/Ted so kudos to you! :P Though, I must say I think this would have been Victoire and Teddy. Although, I would say that I have a clear bias. Ha ha!

This was absolutely magnificent as was.

The emotions, the descriptions, and the story in itself was so gorgeous and cheerful despite the fact that she turned him down twice.

I loved your characterizations of both of them. It seemed a fresh take on the both of them, and I love that you used Roxanne . . . simply because most people seem to forget about her or make her the annoying and obnoxious cousin in the background.

I particularly loved the closing lines and how you described her garden and spring. Though, all of it was lovely.

I usually like longer pieces, too, but this seemed exactly the right length for this piece.

Well done!


Author's Response: Oh, believe me, I generally hate everything that's not Ted/Victoire as well, but it was a challenge! The pairing is generally not my prime choice for Ted, but I worked with what I got. :)

In any case, I'm really glad you liked it! After 0 reviews for a couple of days, I was worried about how it was being read and received, so this review has definitely calmed my spirits. Thank you!

Roxanne! I was uneasy around her. I haven't read much of her at all, so I pretty much just used a clear slate and created my own. I'm so glad you liked her!

By the way, the username is lovely. :)

Thanks again! I can't tell you how much this means to me.

- Rin

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