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Review #1, by jane pinkerton A Pink Forest

26th January 2011:
Hey there fellow Puff! (;
LOL! so definitely a very creative way to have James ask out Lily. I also like how you gave the time since James had start asking her out (As Potion's partners in 1st year) instead of leaving the reader to automatically assume that he just one day started asking her out for no reason.
I think the only thing I'd have to point out is the amount of exclamation points you use right there at the end when Lily's yelling at James. I get trying to emphasize how man she is, but I would suggest using italics with only one or two exclamation points instead.
Great job though! Hehe this was perfect cause I love James&Lily stories XD

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! The exclamation points is a very good tip, thanks a lot for that! :)

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Review #2, by hpffisawesome Deja Vous

3rd December 2010:
Aww, they had each other's wands, and when they switched, it worked for them. I've never read anything like that, and it was really unique. Update soon, okay?

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Review #3, by hpffisawesome Inner Ninja

3rd December 2010:
I suggest lengthening the chapter a bit more. Not much really happened here except for Lily failing to get her patrol partner changed. You need more of a plot within the chapter, you know what I mean? Maybe the next chapter will be better.

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Review #4, by hpffisawesome Patrolling with Potter

3rd December 2010:
Man, Death Eaters really affected them in the end. I think this is acurate to how people in the Marauder era talked about Voldemort. They just thought he was a minor threat, and nothing to worry about. Great job!

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Review #5, by hpffisawesome A Pink Forest

3rd December 2010:
You said in the A/N that this would be boring, but I found it quite amusing. Creative to have James paint the Forbidden Forest. Nice start on this!

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Review #6, by inessa A Pink Forest

20th November 2010:
Haha! Dying the florest hot pink. Hilarious.
Poor Lils

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