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Review #1, by AlPadfootPotter96 The Way I Love You

26th March 2011:
This is so sweet!! :) I really like Ryan even though he's not a huge character.

Author's Response: He quite literally is my best guy friend, so thank him, not me :) Thanks for review

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Review #2, by girly1393 The Way I Love You

5th December 2010:
I love the twist at the end. Inside of him asking, she does. I thought it was clever.

Ryan Whatsit sounded like a nice Muggle. Maybe you should write a story about him and some other witch.

I enjoyed this very, very much.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Originally I had a different ending but I liked the idea that she asked him out, instead of the other way round. Ryan Whatsit is based on my best friend, please feel free to stalk him anytime (I do :P) And thanks for the nice LONG review!

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Review #3, by brittanyrose The Way I Love You

22nd November 2010:
perfect combo of my two favorite things, harry potter and taylor swift...perfect!!!

Author's Response: why thankyou, mine too :)

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Review #4, by Hermione_Cant_Draw The Way I Love You

8th November 2010:
Teehee... too cute!
I loved it! James and Lily are my favourite Harry Potter couple.
Keep writing!

Author's Response: Aw mine too, thanks, this is just a little thing though, I've got a novel and a novella going too :) thanks so much for review!

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Review #5, by massieblockrox The Way I Love You

7th November 2010:
That was very good! Yay, and The Way I Loved You is one of my favorite songs.

One thing, though. If people are talking, they use " not just one '.

Other than that, it was really good, excellent job.

Author's Response: thanks for review, will change that! have a banner on the way :)

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Review #6, by jane pinkerton The Way I Love You

29th October 2010:
hi there! I'm a big T-Swizzle fan so I decided to read. hehe! you should definitely get a summary up though. I get what you mean by what a pain in the butt they are to write, but they really do help bring in readers! People in the forums are really great in helping with that kind of stuff :)
about your story though! very cute! I like how you did both points of view leading up to the big moment, though in the beginning I felt like it was a little rushed with her muggle bf. I liked you made him understanding though of her feelings. it's always nice when a boy isn't a jerk. haha!
The only other thing I noticed was the big spaces between the writing...maybe you could cut it down to just double spacing? Just so the readers don't have to do so much scrolling! Just a suggestion (;
Good job though! Taylor would be proud for her song to be used for such a cute romance. XD

Author's Response: wow thanks! possibly the longest review ive ever got!
I tried to write a summary but it got too long, will write another one though :)
i actually based the muggle boyfriend on my best guy friend, so thank him, not me!
And my stupid retarded computer makes the spaces so big, will fix :)
thanks again XD

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Review #7, by headlaura The Way I Love You

18th October 2010:
Very interesting. and I love this song! I really like how you added Snape into the story. Maybe if you decide to do another chapter you could write that Snape saw Lily and James kiss and say they love each other?

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing!
i wasn't going to have snape in it, but i was looking through ticking characters and i saw him, so i wrote in the extra bit.
if i do another one, it'll be a separate one-shot from snape's point of view, but i've literally got ten story ideas and no idea how im going to get them all started!
but thanks for the idea :)

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