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Review #1, by Loving_Sirius_4eva The Boat

11th September 2011:
Awesome really but you really should make a sequel :)

Author's Response: I notice that you read the sequel before this one ^^
If you read them in order it's: 'The Prefects Bathroom', then 'The Boat' and then 'Demolition Lovers' :)
But I'm happy you liked it ^^

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Review #2, by A. The Boat

29th April 2011:
well done! will you write a sequel?

Author's Response: There is already a sequel ^^ and a prequel :)
The sequel is 'Demolition Lovers' and the prequel is 'The Prefects' Bathroom'

thanks :)

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Review #3, by Laura The Boat

18th December 2010:
This was cheesey. But cute. Great job! Keep writing!

Author's Response: haha, thanks :)

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Review #4, by chickoftheblackroses The Boat

3rd December 2010:
When are more stories about them coming in. lol. i love your writing. do continue.

Author's Response: There is one sequel to this story: Demolition Lovers (and one prequel, which I guess you've read) .
Thank you, you just totally made my day :D

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Review #5, by The Boat The Boat

26th October 2010:
You took me by surprise, kid! Maybe someday if you'll stop lazing around just doing oneshots you could actually write a novel about this. Thumbs up, though, not a single spelling mistake. :) Oh, and I took out one point for your laziness in the rating. :P

Author's Response: But oneshots are a lot of fun to write :) I've written a novella, but it takes SO LONG to post it here ^^ I hate waiting for validation :p
:o have I really not made a single spelling mistake :o I surprise myself, I must say :p
I'm so glad you liked it :D

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Review #6, by kait The Boat

15th October 2010:
it's good, but please tell me there's going to be another on where they actually get together?!?!?

Author's Response: The third part of the series is waiting for validation :) keep your eyes open for Demolition Lovers

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Review #7, by AppreciativeReader The Boat

13th October 2010:
Fantastic one-shot in a long time. Loved the approach to the story. Not the usual dramione kind, loved it.

Author's Response: yay thank you ! your kind words make me really happy :)

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Review #8, by Iluv2datecomedians The Boat

13th October 2010:
The title is fitting, but I do like the 'more wishes than stars' line. That might be appropriate as well. Anyhoo, just like the Prefects Bathroom I loved this one to! I was bummed at the end, but it works well and is funny. Good job hun! Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: I absolutely loathe the title, even though it's fitting ;) I think more wishes than stars would be a nicer title, but then I'm afraid you already know too much (besides, it didn't fit on the banner ^^)

yay, it makes me so happy to see people liking my stories :D I think I might rewrite another one of my Dramione stories 'I wrote 3 one shots in total) and add it to the 'series' :) keep your eyes open for Demolition Lovers!

Lune x

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Review #9, by ollieb The Boat

13th October 2010:
Oh, i loved the twist, and i think the way you tied it all in was positively masterful.
Beautifully written, and a pleasure to read.
Well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm truly happy that you liked it :)

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