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Review #1, by TheNamelessBoy  King Arthur

11th January 2014:
I loved how you handled the 'Ranny considering Tom' part.
In quite a few stories, after saying how much they Love someone, they just move on to another at the person's first mistake.
But love is irrational. Even if the person is a total jerk, he/she isn't easily forgotten. It would have been the wrong time even if you had planned a Ranny-Tom end with an evil Al.

I also loved the comment about how she would care for Al even if he was evil.

Loved how Nina was described after the Quidditch match.
Really an non-cliche story. Very Refreshing. I love it.

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Review #2, by TheNamelessBoy King John

11th January 2014:
Can you explain what Ranny got mad about?
I get the mean comment part (about Perry), but exactly what about the Nina incident turned Ranny's mind? Was it the 'rough techniques' part, or the fact that Al had gone that far with Nina?
An explanation will be really appreciated.
Sorry if I'm being stupid.

P.S.:- I not saying Ranny was wrong or anything like that. I just want to understand exactly which point about learning the reason for the Argument between Al-Nina pushed her over the edge.

I get every other incident of Al being out of line.
Just clarify why she got mad when she learnt the reason Albus had the argument with Nina. Which points upset her?

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Review #3, by TheNamelessBoy Tinkerbell

11th January 2014:
Scorpius-Ranny WILL make a good couple.
But, I don't like it when the protagonist in these kind of stories (girl likes guy, but guy is dating another girl) shifts her affection to another guy.(Unless the guy's a total jerk, then it's perfectly warranted).
So, I guess I want to see Albus-Ranny at the end.

I love how you've described Nina. It is so easy to write the 'other girl' as a 'b**ch'/mean, but I like the stories where she is nice.

It's not her fault that both she & the protagonist like the same guy. If you can sympathize with the other girl and still root for the main character, then you know it's a great story.

Rose IS different, as you said she will be. But I've seen so many varieties of Roses that an evil(?) Rose is not unnatural. I mean, after all the fame and popularity, atleast one of the Potter/Weasley kids had to be snobbish.
It's kind of refreshing actually. (Depending upon how she's written of course.)

And I don't think Albus is being mean. Just clueless, which is typical for this type of stories.

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Review #4, by TheNamelessBoy And They Lived

30th December 2013:
Is this story completed?
Because it says WIP in the status part.
I was going to skip over this because I mostly only read Completed Fics.
Change status if it's really completed.

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Review #5, by Albus Potter's Woman And They Lived

21st August 2013:
So I'm reviewing right at the end of the story instead of doing it in parts. I highly doubt you'll see it anyways. So the entire thing: ROBIN. This type of thing isn't what I usually read- most of your things aren't. But you have this knack of keeping me hooked from the first word. I loved all of your characterisation even the ones that seem a little strange. I love how you integrate the guys into her lifestyle and reveal how they fancy her. It doesn't make her look like one of those 'perfect' girls with guys hounding her. I am so glad that she ended up with Al since I shipped them all of the way through. I mean, he was a right idiot sometimes but he's amazing. Just like your work is. I really empathize with the MC you know and feel like I'm actually there. You have a great talent. Don't let it go to waste! I'm actually quite glad that Scorpius ended up with Olivia in the end. I normally ship Scorose but...I wanted to murder Rose so I liked the fact that they didn't work out or anything. Scorpius was loyal in the end! Anyways, great work. Seriously, I've left you my longest review EVER because I like this that much. Thanks for being awesome and sorry if this review seems a little rushed or anything :)
-Albus Potter's Woman

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Review #6, by free elf 25 And They Lived

12th April 2013:
It was perfect, beautiful, mesmerising, a fairytale. I simply loved it, and awesomely summed up. It's nice to know that things turned out happy for all! Thanks for writing such an amazing piece; I haven't been able to stop reading it!

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Review #7, by free elf 25 Damsel

12th April 2013:
I CRY! Why do you make me cry so much? If her and Albus aren't going to work out, I'd maybe like to see her and Perry. At the start I was thinking about Scorpius and Ranny, but now...Anyway, the boys are being gits, and she's going to hate herself for burning the book and stuff! Reading on now.

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Review #8, by riddikulus11 And They Lived

30th January 2013:
Robin to the power of infinity :D
I literally read most of this story in one day. I loved all the characters especially Scorpius because he was amazing. :) I loved how all your characters had faults and how most of them grew into better people. Your characters had a lot of depth so they were really realistic.

When I started this story I liked Al/Ranny then I grew to love Tom. Then Perry came in and I kind of accepted that maybe he and Ranny would get together but then her one true love emerged (sorry don't want to give it away) And I was like: I KNEW IT! I was literally shouting at my computer. (Not my best moment) I loved how unpredictable this story was with all its twists.

I also really liked how each character was linked to a fairytale character and just generally how fairytales were incorporated into the story.
You are a really good author! Keep writing!

Thank you so much for creating this story so that I could waste my whole day reading it :P
One of the best stories I've ever read :D
I didn't review earlier because i just kept reading!

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Review #9, by missxbasalisk Guinevere

1st August 2012:
ROBIN robin robin robin robin!

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Review #10, by Cavell And They Lived

18th May 2012:
There's only one word to describe this, and that one word is wow. This was beautiful, so wonderful, so completely and utterly awe-inspiring - just, wow. I loved every single one of your fantabulous characters - Albus, Scorpius, Nina, Perry, Dom, Olivia, Jack, Tom, heck, I even liked Rose! But, of course, the one who really takes the cake is Ranny Baker, but of course. I couldn't believe her real name was 'Rhiannon', though.

This was an excellent story - and opened my eyes to fairytales and pretty much the world. I loved this. That's all I can really say, and I sure as heck enjoyed reading this as much as you enjoyed writing it. And thank you, for giving us all such a breathtaking story to read and treasure for pretty much forever - this was as good as any fairytale in the world. Brava.

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Review #11, by Dare to Dream Jester

10th May 2012:
Okay so this is the first time I am reviewing this AMAZING story, and I apologize!!! I just love it so much that I didnt want to stop but I feel like I should now before I get to the end =( I dont want it to end.

I dont know who I love more Tom or Perry their just so amazing and Tom is hilarious I love him to death and cant help rooting for him and Ranny.even if she did already reject him. I just love that Perry spoke for the first time in front of EVERYONE to stand up for Ranny I think Its cute and adorable!!! Im not rooting for them though because just like Scorpious I feel like its more of a brother/sister relationship not a romantic one.

I love Ranny so much because she reminds me so much of myself! I too am a little nave to the point that when people make inappropriate jokes and I dont get it they always say they dont want to tell me cause they like that I dont get it hahaha and also I am a fairytale fiend my bead spread and calendar has fairytales on them =D so I feel like I can definitely relate to her.

I just love the originality of this and how it brings me back to when my friends loved the fairytales as much as I didmakes me sad because now were all grown up. =(




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Review #12, by mugglegirl123 Damsel

8th May 2012:
ROBIN definetley*!!! I'm glad that Al apologised, Robin Hood was never a mean person. The poor poor book! All her life is in that (sort of)!!! Ranny is in need of rescuing*!!! Al and Scorpius to the rescue!

*don't know if these are spelt right, if theyre not soz!!

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Review #13, by limwen Robin Hood

19th March 2012:
Amazing story! I cannot wait to finish it!


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I hope that you enjoy it! :)

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Review #14, by explosion And They Lived

5th November 2011:
This was such a beautiful story, I have to say. The idea of it was lovely and watching Ranny through her journey of growing up was a great experience!

I did find that this chapter was a bit confusing when I was reading it, but I still pushed through it because I really do love this story and all of the characters. I'm happy with how everything wound up, although I do think it's a bit weird that Ranny and Al didn't get married, since Ranny is all about fairytales.

Anyways, this story was PHENOMENAL! You really have such a talent with writing and I will forever be in love with this story!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm so pleased that you've enjoyed this story!
I could see why this could be confusing, some characters have the same names, and it's quite jumpy, I will go back through this chapter, and see if there's anything I can do :) Thank you for telling me!
I tried to make this chapter more realistic than the others, and as Ranny grew up through this story, she started to see holes in her fairytales, and she realised that to have the perfect life you didn't need to be married, rich and with kids in your future, you just needed to be happy. And she is happily in love with Al - I hope that makes it a little less odd :D
Thank you again, I'm really flattered!

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Review #15, by Lovely27 And They Lived

31st October 2011:
I will forever reread. Amazing story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad that you enjoyed this! :)

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Review #16, by Lovely27 Merlin

31st October 2011:

Author's Response: thank you for the review! :D I'm glad that you enjoyed it this much!

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Review #17, by adluvshp And They Lived

31st October 2011:
*wiping a tear*

I am so sad that this wonderful, truly amazing piece of writing has come to an end. Before I go on rambling, I would just like to say that this was a beautiful chapter and I liked how you tied everything up and how it all ended for all characters :) It is quite ironic though that Scorp & Olivia got married yet didn't have kids while Ran & Al had kids but didn't get married, LOL. But I have to say it all went well. I liked how you wrote it and I liked the ending (even though as you know I would have loved Scorp & Ran to end up together), it wasn't that bad :P No, I'm kidding - it was awesome!!! :D I truly liked it, great work honey!
And actually I didn't guess Scorpius would end up with Olivia (though that was probably because I was fantasizing about him and ranny) but I think they make a good pair :)

All in all, the chapter was great, and I enjoyed it. Not to mention, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story!!!

Ranny truly touched my heart, she brought out the child inside me. While reading the fic, I always felt for her as I got sucked into the story. You did a marvelous job in developing her character and of course your brilliant writing truly drew me in.

Scorpius was a heart-throb as ever and I totally enjoyed reading him. You wrote him really well, and even though I wanted him to end up with Ranny, I was satisfied with the ending you chose for him. It was all great and I had a great time reading Scorp. He always brought a smile to my face. Kudos! :)

Albus, well he annoyed me a lot for the most part of the story, but as we progressed towards the end, I started understanding him and well liking him ultimately. I finally can agree that Ranny && Albus are good together. Your writing made him grow so much, I really liked how you wrote him. He was brought to life in front of me when I read him and you did a great job.

I learnt so much from this story. It was truly a beautiful piece with friendship, love, care and 'growing up'. The way you wrote everything, it made this fic so surreal I felt what the characters felt, I saw what they saw and I totally got engrossed in Ranny's world. You really marvel at this :)

I am going to miss this story a lot, more so its vibrant characters ranging from Jack to Perry to Nina to Ranny of course. I mean you had such different qualities portrayed in this one fic itself, it was actually so relatable to real life - well at least to me. It really did fascinate me and I completely enjoyed reading this story.

It touched my heart pretty much the same way Wolfsbane did, and I am not sure anymore if I love Wolfsbane more or Ranny. Wolfsbane was my first love but I think Ranny is now tying in the first place with it - your writing truly is amazing.

I loved the story, and will forever cherish it, just like I connected remarkably to all the characters in it - for some feeling love, for some dislike and for some care - but whatever I feel, my point is that you brought these characters to life and actually created a whole new world to me.

This was an amazing story. I loved the plot idea in itself and well, I don't know, I am running out of words to express how overwhelmed I'm feeling because of its end.

All I will say now is that this was a GREAT story, amazing work here, and I enjoyed reading every word of it. You're a brilliant author and I'm looking forward to more stories from you :)

TaDa Ranny, Scorp, Al, Perry, Jack, Tom, Nina...etc. etc. I am gonna miss you all.

Hats off to you loopy to create this commendable piece of writing!!



PS: I will be regularly checking out your author's page for new stories from you :) Love you honey!

Author's Response: Hiya! I just read your lovely message on my author page, and I am so sorry! I haven't been online in so long, and I haven't checked my reviews - I think I remember doing something similar to you on the last chapter of Wolfsbane. Sorry about that :P
So, down to business! I realise that it wasn't the perfect ending for you, but all the characters ended happy! That's the main thing right? :D I thought that it was fitting that they didn't get married, it would have been too cliché if Al and Ranny had got married straight out of school, or something, and I preferred this epilogue for them.
I honestly don't think that I can give a reply to this beautiful review that can live up to it. I am so flattered, and completely touched that this story made you feel as you do. I try to create characters that bring out emotion in the readers, but I never expected such a vivid and detailed response from it - but you always manage to make me smile with yours.
I loved writing these characters, and this story, and incorporating the fairy tales and legends in to it. So I am pleased you like it. :)
Thank you so much for such a lovely review, and I'm glad that you enjoyed this chapter!

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Review #18, by Hope's Mom And They Lived

29th October 2011:
Robin (For the last time, sadly)! I love that Ranny wrote children's books. How funny that she and Al never married and Scorpius did. The vignette about Al having Scorpius' children was really funny. The kids are great - I am sure baby Ethel will fit right into the family. Thank you for updating all the friends. I am glad that Jack's son is friends with Dom. My favorite line from this chapter is "We argue, and laugh and love. We're human. we will live Normally Ever After." Thank you so much for sharing your writing. I have truly loved this story.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :) I thought that it was a fitting career path for Ranny, to write children's books.
Haha, Ethel :) I'm not even really sure how I came up with that name, but I'm sure that when it's born, the baby will take a family name, alike the other two - but maybe Ranny can save this child from having a name as cliché as the others.
It was honestly my pleasure to write and post this story, and I am so pleased that you enjoyed it! Thank you for this, and every other, review!

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Review #19, by Jess the Enthusiast And They Lived

29th October 2011:
What a fantastic ending! Simply incredible! I'm so glad that ten years later, Albus and Ranny are still together! And with kids! At first I was a little disappointed that they didn't get married but wasn't bothered by it anymore once I saw how happy and in love they are. They're a really lovely couple and I think that they suit each other well!
And I'm so happy for Scorpius and Olivia! I'm glad that you gave the two of them a happy ending; they're very cute together.
I feel very sad for Jack though; I hope that he finds happiness.
I'm sad to see this story end but the epilogue was perfect! I'll miss the updates and the wonderful endearingness (that's probably not a word but that's okay) of your characters. "Ranny" as a character and story is so well written and I'm glad to have read this and stuck through with it until the very end. (It's funny, when I first started reading this, there were only seven chapters and about 100 reviews; look how far this story has come since then!)
Thank you for bringing me Ranny and the magic 10/10 :D
P.S. I can't wait to read any other stories you come out with!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I am honestly so grateful for every one that you've left me; they're all so lovely. :)
I tried to end this story in a manner where Ranny is living the fairytale that she wants, but in a realistic way. Thank you very much, it's really lovely to hear as the author when a reader likes the characters!
It can be a word if you'd like, I love that word :) And I am very flattered that you think that way about them.
Thank you again, you're very lovely, and I will miss your reviews on this story! :)

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Review #20, by lilylunapotter26 And They Lived

28th October 2011:
I can't think of a better ending. Ranny and Albus have such adorable children, and I think its quite fitting that they aren't married yet. I can totally see them getting married when the children are much older. Olivia and Scorpius are adorable! I can't believe I forgot to review your last chapter! I loved it soso much. It was perfect and I loved the way it ended. Perfectperfect!



PS Are there any stories in the works to look forward to?

Author's Response: Hiya! Thank you for the lovely review! :)
I always imagined that they'd have cute kids (I'm not weird). Thank you again, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this story :D
There are a few bits I have written, but I have a very busy couple of years ahead, and I don't want to commit to something if I don't think I can finish it, so I will carry on writing stories, and then post them if I finish them, I just hope I do :)
Thank you again!

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Review #21, by fairytaled And They Lived

28th October 2011:

What a wonderful ending, I think it was really fitting for the story. I liked the fact they didn't get married, it makes it extremely realistic and just... (I'm slightly lost for words)

This story was completely enchanting, the characters were absolutely fantastic, each flawed in their own way (not in a cliche way either) and all developed in varying ways throughout the novel, which was clearly evident in the epilogue as you described.

I literally just watched both versions (disney and live) of Peter Pan this morning with my little sisters, who are having a pirate phase, and I squeed at the chapter title and think it's extremely fitting for the contents.

The final pairings were great, of course Albus and Ranny and then I really liked Scorpius and Olivia, I didn't see it but it fits quite nicely. I like how Ranny took up photography too.

I am absolutely thrilled to see that their book is still there on the shelf, it made the story come full circle. I also adored the fact Albus came in and helped Ranny and ended up moving in, it seems so suave and secretly romantic.

I've absolutely loved this story and am slightly sad to see it ending, since it's been one of the few stories on this site that have been able to keep my interest (which is really hard, I seem to have a short attention span). it's such a pity to see it end, but at least it ended on a fantastic note.

♥ ♥ ♥

(sorry for the ramble)

-Nell :) x

Author's Response: But it's a beautiful ramble! I love rambeling! ;)
Thank you so much for a lovely review! Originally they were going to get married right out of Hogwarts, like a couple of characters did in one of my other stories, but I thought that at the pace that all of the characters were growing up, it just didn't seem realistic for them to do :)
You're lost for words? :O Well, I'm really flattered :D
I'm so pleased that you did enjoy this as much as you did! I love writing character flaws, they make them so much more realistic for me to do, and I enjoy writing them a lot more.
Peter Pan is a classic :) I couldn't not include it, but I'm glad that you think it fits!
Honestly, until sitting down to write this chapter, I didn't see Scorpius and Olivia either. :) I wanted to include all of the characters in the epilogue that I could, and I remembered Olivia, and how I had always planned for her and Ranny to be friends, but their wasn't enough time to include it in the rest of the story, and when I sat down to write, a relationship between her and Scorpius just began to almost write itself!
I like that you find it suave and romantic, I would think more sneaky and manipulative ;) I'm kidding, but I'm sure he had selfish reasons for doing it too.
Thank you again, I don't know how many times I have said 'thank you' to you over the time of this story, but I hope that you know I appreciate every lovely review!

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Review #22, by Kirsty Weasley And They Lived

28th October 2011:
I loved this. This story was just, sigh. Amazing. They're grown ups now! 28! :O Thats old! With 2 kids! And one on the way! Me loves! I've enjoyed the story, the fairytales, the nicknames and the twists and turns which meant I never knew who I wanted Ranny to be with! Seeing this was up proper made my day! :D But anyway, well done to you! I honestly have no clue what I'm going to read now. I've had one of your stories to check in on for around a year and you're taking a break! :O

But anywho, next time you have a story up I'll keep an eye out! How was the epilogue meant to go anyway? God I feel like this is a goodbye! :'( Sad times!!! I hope you don't take too long a break! - Kirsty x

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review! :)
This was probably the first story where I didn't have to revise each chapter again and again to get it right, but I think it works better; it just seems raw-er to me :P So I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
It seemed odd, writing them at that age, with children :L I've never written children before, I don't think ...
I am, and I fear it may be a long one :( I've got a really busy couple of years coming up, and I don't know when I'll have time to finish anything, and I'd never want to leave a story unfinished! I may post little things every now and again, but I don't want to commit to something if I won't get it done for a long time.
I do have stories that are a few chapters away from completion, but I am not keen on bits of the plot line, and would want to do big re-writes so that would take a while ... but still, I think I know where I'm headed at the moment, so we'll see where it goes :D

Right, the epilogue ;) Well, for starters Albus and Ranny had got married right out of Hogwarts (but in my mind that became too cliche), Scorpius was still a bachelor, Dom and Tom had fallen out over Quidditch try-outs for a league team, and both got in to separate teams of which didn't get on (and then I'd planned to maybe write a REALLY short story on that, and how they made up) Rose was working at the Ministry with Albus and they now get along. And instead of actually having children, I think Al and Ran actually adopted them :) There was a lot that I sat down and thought about, and instead preferred the one that I've posted. But I hope you enjoy the bits I can remember :D
Thank you again for such a lovely review!

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Review #23, by hushpuppy Sleeping Beauty

28th October 2011:
Perry barely says a word but it is impossible not to love him.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I'm glad that you like Perry.

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Review #24, by hushpuppy Damsel

28th October 2011:
The last few chapters have made me cry, which means you have done a fantastic job with your portrayal of Ranny. I don't have the words to express how deeply dissappointed I am in Scorpius for "liking" someone so shallow and cruel. Albus is as bad for abandoning his friends for a girl he wasn't even serious about.

Ranny needs to get with Tom or Jack or someone who isn't Albus.

Author's Response: Woah, thank you so much! I'm so flattered that they brought you that much emotion! Thank you so much for a lovely review!
Scorpius and Albus are the epitome for the stereotypical flaws of a teenage boy :) Thank you again!

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Review #25, by nat_nat And They Lived

28th October 2011:
i really loved this story and i loved how it ended. thanks for the great story and i hope for more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed the ending, and the rest of this story! :D

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