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Review #1, by pipins ancestor Teardrops

8th August 2005:
*runs into the story crying, and gathers draco up in her arms* DRACO!!!! *wails* so brilliant, i love draco so much!!!! <3

Author's Response: Aww, I was hoping people would react to Draco like this. I'm so sympathetic to him; that's why I write him this way... haha. Thanks for reading - it means a lot that you took the time to review! xox Drako

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Review #2, by Linkinparkfan Teardrops

3rd July 2004:
hey not being mean but ever heard of updating!this is too GOOD to just leave it there

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Review #3, by Professor Glitch ErrorWeaver Teardrops

1st June 2004:
Story accomplishes it's goal well; near-perfect grammar; only problem I saw was that the ending seemed too abrupt. Good one.

Author's Response: Aww Nick you're a sweetie. Can I write my imperfect grammar off as that's how Draco thought it and no one thinks in perfect grammar? Heh. Excuses, excuses Malfoi... Anyway, I'm relatively certain that I wil have Chapter One (yes, one, this was the prologue) up in a timely fashion. =) -Drako Malfoi

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Review #4, by NarcissaBlack Teardrops

21st March 2004:
Whoa, you have a lot of talent, seriously. That was beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. I loved it. The flash backs were well writtne, but I love when he is thinking about Harry, and when he compares the tears to rain and thinks about how no one really realizes what he goes through. Its so powerful. ^_^

Author's Response: Awwww I love reviews like that. Saying that you liked/didn't like it for whatever reason. I like it when people do that as opposed to just going "OMG GIVE ME MORE!" That is a bit off-putting. Anyway, I'm very very glad that you enjoyed it and please, expect more of this. Right as soon as I find my plot bunnie...

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Review #5, by pinkgurlkm Teardrops

20th March 2004:
oh...my...god... that was amazing! just... wow... haha. Are you going to continue? i hope so!! its only the first chapter and i love it!!!!! Also, could u please please please read and review my story, once upon a dream???

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