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Review #1, by dontdiscriminate Poor Puffies...

30th December 2012:
aaahhh poo! and my favorite character is Peter!! dunno y but he is! and my favorite line is "Wait… what was my point again? Merlin, I seem to be doing this a lot lately!"

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Review #2, by HP will never die Poor Puffies...

29th December 2012:
Please hurry up and post more! This is amazing! :)

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Review #3, by sweet_lovely_girl Secret Friends

18th December 2012:
Sweetlovelygirl here from the review tag!
This is such a nice story. I really like Deora and you made a great character of her! She has a personality I really like and admire. And I also like the fact how she would try anything just to stay friends with Petey. I can imagine that it must have been hard to write about so many (almost-)OC's, but you really did a great job on that. Kieran and Albert remind me or Fred and George, obviously. Had that been your intention or did you just want to create two funny prank-playing brothers? I had never really thought of Peter's parents as such strict, muggle-born hating people. but it does explain Peter's character and you did well ono that. He is just so cute! I mean, I can just see him in my mind as a small, a bit chubby, shy boy and I just want to hug him! It's alright that you changed the POV because I can see why it had been necessary. There was one error I saw, but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Great first chap I would say!

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Review #4, by hpfangirl I Solemnly Swear Not to Punch Anyone...

12th December 2012:
finally Peter gets shown some respect :D

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Review #5, by Dani Poor Puffies...

29th November 2012:

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Review #6, by Serendipity1234 Poor Puffies...

11th December 2011:
Hi :)

I'm dying to know what's going to happen!!
I love this story. It's so funny and I love all the characters.
Deora is probably my favorite. The Aunt Helena :) she cracks me up.
I really have no idea what's going to happen with Deora & Sirius' relationship. The only thing that I'm guessing is that Sirius will be the first to admit he has feelings for her. He doesn't seem to have any real qualms with bonding with her and starting a relationship. Though I could be wrong. I get the feeling that he's become absolutely crazy about her (and I hope he has! :) ) and Dorea just refuses to realize it. I can't wait to see how it plays out!!

Please update soon?! It's December...not late September...please?

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Review #7, by Serendipity1234 When Fire Mixes with Fire...

11th December 2011:
I love this story!!!
I love that there's been more of Mary and Remus now. It seems everyone is included.
The fight between Sirius and Deora was really intense!
One thing I would suggest is adding more magic. Like hexes and such. Like when she thought something was going to come and eat her, you could include little things. Like 'she gripped her wand' or something.

Anyways, please update soon! I love it!

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Review #8, by Serendipity1234 And So It Begins...

11th December 2011:
Hey :)
I love this so far! I really love Deora and Dorcas and James and Peter and Sirius. Sirius became a lot more interesting in this chapter. More complex. So I like him a lot more now :)
And I loved James :)
I think you should put more of Mary, Lily, and Remus in, though. They're not mentioned very often. Especially Mary and Remus. Lily at least is mentioned sometimes but I feel like I don't know Mary yet.
Anyway, great chapter!
And she may be a little insane, but I guess I am too because I found that to be really funny. Sort of ironic that Sirius was in a sort of argument and hating her and then decided randomly to defend her. I really liked that, though, because it showed how he can be really loyal and adorably protective.
I think Deora must be rubbing off on him, too, because I think normally in the wizarding world people are more prone to hexing each other than punching.

Please update soon!

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Review #9, by Serendipity1234 A Father's Message

11th December 2011:
This chapter was absolutely wonderful :)
So funny -the part with Sirius- I bet now she won't wear that locket all the time! At least I wouldn't. I would probably keep it in my pocket most of the time after that, just in case... Lol.

Love it, please update soon!

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Review #10, by Serendipity1234 KA-POW!!

11th December 2011:
I LOVED this chapter!!
I can't even list all the moments that were funny. There were too many :)
Here's 3:
This paragraph:
"It was sickening...What pray tell am I rambling about?
And about Slughorn: "He probably skipped in meadows in his free time and collected butterflies or some happy crap like that."
And when she said "Yes? Well screw you, it is."
Anyway I also love her character, violent tendencies included. She's such a wonderful friend and really funny.

I can't wait to
Please update soon!

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Review #11, by Serendipity1234 I Solemnly Swear Not to Punch Anyone...

11th December 2011:
Hi :)

I'm really loving this so far and the last part was hillarious!!
I really like Deora and the girls although I don't think you talked about Mary as much as you did Lily and Dorcas.
And I like how you're making Peter more complex. Naturally I've never been a fan of his character, but I did always think that he must've had some great qualities about him that caused him to be a Marauder. I like how you're showing what other people must've liked about him before his personality became all warped through the intimidation of the war.
Really looking forward to the rest of the story!
Please update soon!

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Review #12, by moony girl Poor Puffies...

3rd October 2011:
Update soon, please or I might... you know... die... or something 10/10

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Review #13, by hermione_weasley_angel Bane of My Existence

23rd September 2011:
Hey! I just started reading your story and I'm loving it so far!

Poor, poor Mary though. To be honest, I was thinking she had a crush on REMUS the whole time, not Sirius! I wouldn't have thought Sirius was her type...and it would suck to see her broken-hearted. :(

oh well, I might as well continue reading!

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Review #14, by sirius_jamie Poor Puffies...

16th September 2011:
so i actually really like this story... doesn't happen often with sirius/oc's... keep it up :) remember to keep original! :)

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Review #15, by Catherine Poor Puffies...

15th September 2011:
I LOVE THIS STORY! It is too frickin cute! I want to see what happens between Lily and James next. And definitely have people find out about the locket! Maybe by walking in on her talking to it?? Anyways, can't wait for the next update!! :)

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Review #16, by Lillylover22 Waste of Energy

29th August 2011:
FINALLY you update. lol i loved it. update when you can. 9/10 =]

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Review #17, by SeductiveSlytherinSami An Anomaly

14th August 2011:
Write.More.Now. I've been reading for over three years on this site and this is the best fanfiction i've read in a while!

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Review #18, by alexisgabriela An Anomaly

28th July 2011:
This chapter was beyond adorable. I have to admit, I was expecting the cliche of you describing them waking up together all cuddled or something but I like that you left that out, even if they did (I guess you're the only one that will ever know...). Either way, I love how you wrote their hilarious dialogue. They're too silly and oblivious. Thanks so much for putting us out of our misery and letting them kiss. Of course she has to kick him, right? Loved it. Write another chapter! This story is too good!

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Review #19, by alexisgabriela When Fire Mixes with Fire...

28th July 2011:
:( sad. The flashback was particularly heart wrenching. Good job!

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Review #20, by alexisgabriela Bane of My Existence

28th July 2011:
Oh goodness. Mary likes Sirius? Eh. This is awkward.

Great chapter though! I swear I'm just running through this story. I love it so much.

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Review #21, by alexisgabriela And So It Begins...

28th July 2011:
Putting Deora on the quidditch team was a great move. More time to flirt with Sirius. ;-) Sounds like their relationship is getting quite complicated. The sexual tension is so funny. Deora's own oblivion to her own feelings is fantastic. Can't wait for that "ah hah!" moment.

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Review #22, by lilylunapotter26 An Anomaly

28th July 2011:
Hi hi! I think I've already read this chapter, but I've missed this story terribly!! I had to re-read it! I really want to know what happens next! They kissed. Woahhh! Who would have ever thought that Deora and Sirius would kiss??? Actually I bet everyone did, eventually. They really are a perfect match. I really love this story! Please update soon!

A million and seven/10


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Review #23, by alexisgabriela A Father's Message

28th July 2011:
Aunt Helena is the best. Well well done. What is the Jeremy bit about? Very intriguing. I absolutely loved every part of this chapter. From the letter from Deora's mum to Sirius bringing Deora back from the owlery. So god.

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Review #24, by alexisgabriela KA-POW!!

28th July 2011:
favorite line: "Well, well, well," Sirius grinned. "No wonder you don't fall under my charms, Deora love, I'm not the right Marauder, am I?"


I loved it. Couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, another great chapter. They seem to keep getting better and better! I would leave a longer review but I want to read the next chapter. ;-)

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Review #25, by alexisgabriela I Solemnly Swear Not to Punch Anyone...

28th July 2011:
ah! I loved this chapter. You've done an excellent job of setting up a complex character especially with the supposed death of Deora's father? Am I right? I'm interested in seeing how that comes into play. The Sirius broom closet kiss caught me by surprise but it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

favorite line: "I smiled ignoring the seriousness of her expression, “Dandy, Dork.”" I loved the Dandy, Dork line. very funny.

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