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Review #1, by lilypotterfan123 DAY TWELVE

6th August 2011:
Again another great chapter and I like how the atmostphere changed without it being too quick or too slow. The chapter flowed very well and again, I love your style. The ending was really sweet with the first kiss-loved all the romance in there. I hope you write more of this because you're keeping a lot of answers to yourself but none in your writing. However we could know a little more. Still a great chapter
Lilypotterfan123, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. I'm trying to show all aspects of their relationship, from fighting to just being happy and slowly revealing who the characters are and the end of their relationship. I'm thinking chapter three or five will probably reveal a lot. Thank you again!

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Review #2, by lilypotterfan123 DAY ONE

6th August 2011:
This was a very interesting first chapter. This was such a different style to what I usually read but I love it! How mysterious it was and how you didn't let too much slip but just enough to make it a great chapter. The description was done very well and I want to know so much more!
Lilypotterfan123, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the style, as well as the mystery. I think I'll do a little revealing in the next few chapters (: Thank you again!

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Review #3, by Indigo Seas DAY ONE

9th January 2011:
How does this not have any reviews? This is TRAGIC! Let me try and fix that...

Well, this was lovely. I mean, to say the least, anyway. Really, it was lovely. Very, very lovely. I'll say it again even though I've said it three times now: lovely.

Your prose are just... gorgeous. I don't even know how to describe them other than telling you that I get so wrapped up in them that I don't even realize I'm scrolling down the page to read more. I mean... really. You've got such a talent, and I envy it greatly because you just SHINE. Really.

This line especially sticks out to me, though I can't exactly say why: "Then she was gorgeous." I think the "then" at the beginning just adds so much more, but I can't put a finger on why I like this tiny little line so much. Anyway, you should know that it, really, is gorgeous.

Again, your style is just breathtaking. I wish I could bundle it up and take it home with me, but it would be rather unfortunate for you because I would have stolen it. :P Anyway, really lovely. Can I say that again? Lovely.

xx Rin

Author's Response: Terribly, terribly late. But thank you so very much. I'm honestly not sure if my style of writing is even what people like, let alone want, to read so it's very nice to have someone say that they like it (: Thank you so so so so much! It's because of your review that I decided to try and pick up where I left off.

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