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Review #1, by luna1306 XI.

4th March 2017:
of course they don't end up together.
they were not ment to be.
i could say i saw that coming but somewhere i didn't.
i don't quite understand what makes Phillip and Eugenie work but as Albus said we only know what he told us.
so it must not have been important, they worked and that was it.

i only took about 2 hours to read this story (I've had a few breaks) but it was still one of the best stories i have ever read on this site.

maybe you are not writing on this site anymore so you wont see this but thank you. thank you for this story, it really has me thinking about some stuff.


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Review #2, by luna1306 I.

4th March 2017:
wow, i don't know what to say
your way of bringing a story is absolutely amazing.
your writings style is so different, refreshing yet so brilliant.
and you are right with a story of this level you do not need sex, swearing or anything.
like my expectation for this story are so so high right now.

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Review #3, by alicia and anne XI.

23rd May 2016:
I can't believe that this is the end! It's come so far already and so many things have happened, and I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!

Will she ever like anyone? Haha

I wonder if the wedding witll actually go ahead? If this will have a happy ending?


I have no words for what I'm feeling at the end of this. It's just so brilliant and so well thought out and I just love this so much! It's definitely going to stay in my mind for quite some time and I'm definitely going to have to go back and reread it all again so carefully.

Thank you for such an interesting story!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne X.

23rd May 2016:
Huh, that's a weird ice cream flavour... I wouldn't eat it either, but I'm not a fan of blackcurrant haha.

Oh wow, I wonder if Eugenie is going to accept the proposal? Especially after her track record with everything and everyone.

Wow, Albus told her first. I wonder if he done that to spare Phil or because in some sort of way he wanted her to turn Phil down and be with him?

Although good on Albus for telling her straight that she can't treat people the way that she has been.

:O she said yes? :O

Gah! Just one more chapter left and I don't know if I can handle it!

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Review #5, by alicia and anne IX.

23rd May 2016:
Oh I'm so excited if this is a pivotal chapter! :D

Oh no! Amabel why? I'm so angry at her for telling him no :( Why devote that much to someone only to turn them down. I just want Albus to find love and happiness.

:O oh my god yes! she is like Amabel! That's why she didn't like her! It all makes sense now!

Huh, maybe there isn't anything between them and I've been kidding myself in thinking that there should be after all these years? Thinking about it they're not that great for each other, and if they barely liked each oter as friends, how would they ever work in a relationship?

I don't know what to think anymore! This story is so intriguing, because I have absolutely no idea how it's going to end and it's frustratingly fantastic! It's brilliant! You've done an amazing job on this.

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Review #6, by alicia and anne VIII.

23rd May 2016:
It doesn't surprise me either, especially after that last chapter ending. Huh, I'm surprised it took so long as well after hearing what kind of things he was into.

Awww Amabel sounds like a lovely woman, and I hope that she's good for Albus. :D He deserves it.

I love how much they're flirting with each other! It's so adorable! I'm shipping them so much :D

Eugenie is sometimes not a nice person :( Amabel seems lovely, why wouldn't anyone want to double date with them?

Huh. learning a lot more about her, and it's all just so interesting. I can't wait for more.

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Review #7, by alicia and anne VII.

23rd May 2016:
A lot of years go on between them not seeing each other or talking, and I think it's nice that no matter how much time has passed that they eventually come back to the other. Even if there's some distrust from them, towards the other. I wonder where Scorpius is, and if they still see him?

Napoleon seems positively evil, much like my cat. I love him and I'm sad that he's dead, I hope that it wasn't murder.

At least it wasn't murder, that's good. :D

On to the next chapter!!

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Review #8, by alicia and anne VI.

23rd May 2016:
I am wondering what is going on in your heads Albus! I want you both to get together!

I love how you're going back and taking things that you've said in earlier chapters and using it in later ones. I love how it's kind of like going in circles but going forward at the same time. It shows that they haven't changed too much really, they've just gotten older.

Oh no, this isn't good at all! She's being followed by some creepy man that I hope Albus makes go away. He's some sort of weird stalker and I'm glad that he was caught.

:O IT was her JILTED LOVER?! AHHH plot twist alert! I wasn't expecting that and I love it!

I'm not sure if I want her to get together with him if she's acting this way :S I don't want Albus caught in a trap like that. :S

On to the next chapter! I don't know what's going to happen next and I am so excited!

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Review #9, by alicia and anne V.

23rd May 2016:
Oh man! I was expecting it to happen in France! curses! Curses indeed.

two and a half years? That's such a long time!

I'm glad that she got a job and an amazing oppourtunity like that, and I like that she came back to see him. :D

Oh Albus is jealous! I can tell by those questions!

:O Oh no! this other chappie asked her to marry him? Doesn't this guy know that her and Albus are destined to be?

Gah! I need more! On to the next chapter! :D

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Review #10, by alicia and anne IV.

23rd May 2016:
Wow that's quite a long time, go them. I'm glad that they broke up amicable enough that they can be in the same room as each other. Thats good.

I'm glad that it was the three of them that lasted in the friendship, although I can't help but wonder what caused Rose to do all of that?

Oh, they're going on holiday together if she agrees? That is certain to spark some romance :D I wonder if Albus meant it as a date kinda thing, or just a friend thing?

Still obsessed with royalty stuff, I love that :D

Awww yay! :D Another cute chapter! On to the next one. I can't wait to see what awaits these two :D

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Review #11, by alicia and anne III.

23rd May 2016:
I'm really enjoying how this is a slow build over the years, with them getting to know each other as well as including all of their friends and how those relationships develop as well.

Look at Albus with a girlfriend! So cute! :D

Haha Albus reading his book upside down because he was pretending to listen.

Oh! Rose! How could you? I wonder why Eugenie cares though? Does she like Scorpius? :O

Oh wow, he picked Scorpius over Rose? I have a feeling that isn't going to go over too well.

onwards to the next chapter! This is getting so good :D

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Review #12, by alicia and anne II.

23rd May 2016:
They're so obsessed with royalty :P of course they would have a story about princesses and dragons haha.

They're all so cute telling stories to each other, I love how they're all involved in it and trying to put their own spins on things. :D

I love how they managed to get themselves out of the story pickle and still keep true to the story, well done them!

Such a sweet and short chapter :D Onwards to the next one.

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Review #13, by alicia and anne I.

23rd May 2016:
This is a hilarious beginning to this story, and I love that the first time they meet eat other they're getting the other to call them by silly royal names. :D It's brilliant!

I would love to have a cat like that! I think that they're so cute, especially when they wear those little jumpers. :D

I love how they're getting to know each other randomly, with him hearing random facts about her. In my honest opinion I think that's the best way to get to know someone. :D

I also love that Albus likes things put into pairs.

I can't wait to read more of this!

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Review #14, by Elizajane I.

9th July 2012:
"The 12+ rating isn't about sacrificing any sense of 'reality' or 'drama.' You don't need strong language or scenes of a sexual nature to create a story with depth." Bravo! I whole-heartedly agree!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! It's kinda the pillar on which the story and the challenge was built, so I'm glad you agree. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Cavell XI.

12th March 2012:
I don't quite have any words for this, except for strange. This story was strange in a way, and startling too, but why I really do not know. However, I liked the way you wrote it. Albus and Eugenie were most definitely something else, something different from all the other pairings on this site..and I liked it. I liked how they didn't end in a love story, I liked how everyone thought they should be together and they just weren't, and to be completely and utterly honest with you, I liked it all. This was a really enjoyable read, and I can't quite believe I haven't read it until now. 10/10

Author's Response: Strange is probably a pretty apt word for this, all things considered. I'm glad you liked it, though! I strive to be different from the mainstream (lol that makes me sound super hipster, but I swear I'm not), so that's lovely to hear. I like to think that this is a love story, in its own little way, although it's not at all a romance. I'm so glad to hear all of that, so thank you for stopping by and reviewing and enjoying! (:

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Review #16, by Violet Gryfindor XI.

4th December 2011:
It's very suiting that they actually get along best at this point in the story, when it's absolutely certain that nothing is going to happen between them. It's like that "maybe" thing that everyone else expected to happen hung between them all of this time, preventing itself from happening.

So not making sense right now. It's time to get back to my essay.

But first! I'm in awe of the way that you kept up the un-conventionality of this story right until the end. The added touch of them continuing to be "friends", still involved in each other's lives, only adds to the uniqueness of this story and these characters. With all the other failed relationships in this story, you could have gotten away with having Albus and Eugenie drift apart, but in the end, they're like siblings - not really liking one another, but still drawn to one another because there's something they share. What that something is, I don't know.

I'm wondering why Albus told this story, though, and who he's meant to be telling it to. Is it a parable, a fable with a lesson at the end about life and love and all that? A story to show that not all "boy and girl" stories end in true love, and how fake those kind of stories are? I'd like to be something along those lines, but whatever it is for you, it doesn't change my positive admiration of what this story does and how it breaks about all the rules.

Thank you for this story, Gubby. It's fantastic that story like this got you back into writing, and I'm really glad that it did. The quality of your work is always astounding and I look forward to catching up with the rest of your new next-gen fics. ^_^

Author's Response: No, I think it makes sense! Now that any ambiguities are (relatively/comparatively) well defined, they're actually at a pretty good place. Which is exciting, because I think they each deserve the stability and functionality they've wanted but weren't ready for until now.

But eee! You know how I treasure unconventionality when it's possible, so hearing that is just the best thing possible. I like the way you phrased that, btw, "not really liking one another, but still drawn to one another because there's /something/ they share. What that something is, I don't know." I know I've been arguing that very point, but I couldn't pinpoint what that something is, either. At the same time, I'm not sure that it matters -- they choose to be 'together' in that way, so that's the important thing. They're not interested as much in /why/ they're still friends, but they are, and they embrace that, each in their individual ways.

You know, it's funny you ask that question, because I honestly have no idea. Albus knows he has an audience, but I think that's mostly because I knew I had an audience (the size of which I always imagined would be tiiiny if anything). But I think you're right, that it serves the best purpose if it's something along those lines. Not every story is a romance, yet this is its own kind of love story, etc.

Susan, I know it's been forever, and I don't know if you'll see these responses, but I want to thank you for... everything, really. Pretty much everything you do is an inspiration to me, and I know I wouldn't be half the writer I am today without your influence. It's such an honor to have someone like you get invested in something like this, and being able to read your take on it and respond to it is always such a pleasure. I do, however, beg you not to touch most of my other stories, because they are dead and not good and etc. And again, I thank you from the very bottom of my squee-swollen heart. You are such a legend, and I love you, and thank you (:

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Review #17, by Violet Gryfindor X.

4th December 2011:
Oh my gosh! I want to scream "no" to the heavens, but you know, Albus deserves it. He's been such an utter idiot through and through. Eugenie's right in that he never understood her. He's loved her, or thinks that he does, he's thought about her, he's been involved in her life, but he doesn't really know her. He still can't get beyond her aura of mystery, still can't anticipate her in the slightest.

Gah! She's a brilliant character. How did you come up with her and develop her in this way? I've never seen an OC quite like her before. Oddly enough, for all her mystery, she seems more canon and real than even Albus. I like to think that I understand her, which is perhaps why Albus is such a frustrating character - he just doesn't get it. ><

Anyway, I'm very much enjoying this story and while I look forward to reading the last chapter to find out how all of this mess resolves itself, I will miss the great reading experience I've had.

Author's Response: -squish- Oh, Susan, your praise makes me want to dissolve into a puddle and never re-solidify. I think I can die happy now. Again, I think it's really interesting that you read Albus as loving her/at least thinking he loves her, because I don't think he did. He tells her, when she asks whether he'd ever had any romantic thoughts about her, “It never… no. I mean, no. It never occurred to me. I’d never do that. I’d never think that. I never have." It doesn't strike me as being about Albus deserving anything in particular, although I think you're right that he doesn't really know her, can't anticipate her, etc. Albus is definitely a frustrating character, but then again, so is she. So that you're so invested in them is so, so gratifying to hear, and that you'll miss this reading experience... that /floors/ me, for real. Thank you, thank you so much.

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Review #18, by Violet Gryfindor IX.

4th December 2011:
I don't think I can review this chapter coherently. It's rather brought me to the near-tearing up level of feeling and I think it'd be best to express my love of your writing, your plotting, your characters, and, most of all, your way of putting everyone else to shame.

I mean, even Albus and Eugenie ship themselves, and they can't bring themselves to actually make it happen. It's probably true that they'd make a mess of things. They're too dysfunctional as individuals to make a functional relationship. or are they? That'd be re-entering convention, though, the broken people who find solace in each other sort of plot. How can there be solace for people who simply don't want it?

Amazing amazing work on this story, Gubby. I have way too much emotional investment in it now, but gosh, do I love it. ^_^

Author's Response: OH GOD. (That was not supposed to be in caps but it happened and I won't backspace it because it fits). I just... that... I don't know what to say. I... gah this is unfair. Unfair! -shakes fist at sky-

I would like to make a distinction, though -- Albus doesn't ship himself with Eugenie. Only Eugenie vaguely shipped them at one point. I do think they'd definitely make a mess of things if they were together, but I don't know if they don't want solace. I think they do, at a certain level, but they both know they aren't going to find it in each other. They both indulge in massive amounts of self-pity at times, but they do want to be functional, be in functional relationships, etc. The problem is that they aren't ready for it at this time. Albus definitely thought he was ready. Eugenie doesn't, but that could change.

Aaah emotional investment! That is scary and exciting all at once. :D

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Review #19, by Violet Gryfindor VIII.

4th December 2011:
Oh that ending! It's funny because I was just going to ask what had happened to the other people in Albus's life, particularly the family that he manages not to mention at all. But he's playing the unreliable narrator here, I see. :P It's perfect, though, because it only adds to the ways that this story is different from other stories about Albus, or even of the next generation in general. There are always so many cousins leaping over one another in next-gen stories, but here, there's only Albus. And Eugenie.

They're definitely more alike than Albus seemed to think as a teenager at Hogwarts. It's like you're going about the whole "soul mates" thing in an entirely backwards and twisted way, producing the least conventional romance in the history of fanfiction, if not all of romance.

Leave it to Gubby. You're the only one who could actually pull all of this off in a story that's at once darkly emotional and wittily hilarious. Thank you for entering my challenge with such a story as this - it's just brilliant to read! :D

Author's Response: Ah, yes, the unreliable narrator! They frustrate me terribly when I read them, but they fascinate me at the same time. (I remember a review drawing a parallel between this and Gatsby, which is apt, because Nick is one of the unreliable narrators I most despise/am intrigued by). As I think I've said before, the very narrow focus is partly because it is the story of Albus and Eugenie, and also because I was on a deadline and really, really wanted to finish, and thus couldn't afford a lot of the sideplots very much.

I do like the idea of producing the least conventional romance in fanfiction, even if I think I fell faaar short of that :P Perhaps one of the more nuanced love stories in the multitudes of fics probably just like this one? But thank you -- that you see so much potential in just this little thing is truly mindboggling, and I can say variations of that phrase in every response and I will never stop because it's so true~ So thank you for the incredible challenge, without which this would never have come to fruition, and for reading and reviewing, which nuances my understanding of my own story and that makes me happy. :)

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Review #20, by Violet Gryfindor VII.

4th December 2011:
What are you trying to do to your readers? Kill them with feelings? There are far too many feelings in this chapter. A dead cat will always rip my heart to shreds, and I can entirely sympathize with Eugenie's odd state of denial and demands for justice. Like Albus said, the cat was her only real friend (apart from Albus? Does he count? I suppose it depends on your definition of "friend"), so once he's gone, what does she have? Nothing left to tie her down, making her existence more fluid than before.

And Albus acts like an utter poop. Like really, what is he doing here? Why must he be so cruel? It was perfect, though, in how you foreshadowed his reaction to Eugenie's "use" of him with Rose's use of Scorpius all those years ago - he hated Rose for it, and now he hates Eugenie for it. He still doesn't understand her. She's different from Rose, or at least I like to think that she is. She goes to Albus when she needs help - he's the only one she's got for support.

Then again, he says that he rejects her and hates her and then he still goes to "investigate". He could have said no if he really wanted to escape her, but he won't because he can't. They're too much alike to entirely go different ways.

This story is insane, just like its two main characters. I can't even think about stopping reading now - my poor essay must suffer and wait some more while I continue on. This story is a cruel, but wonderful addiction, Gubby.

Author's Response: This chapter actually has the least reviews, if I'm not mistaken (-checked- and I'm not!)! Which is a shame, because it's still one of my favorites, because of the feelings ;A; I like that analysis, too: once he's gone, what does she have? Nothing left to tie her down, making her existence more fluid than before' -- I think it's true, and I also think that an even more amorphous existence is really scary for her. I've never thought that she wants a life without anything to give it shape or structure. She does want stability, but she doesn't want it to be hard, even though she's built so much of her life off of it having been very difficult for her. If that makes sense /late-nightrambling

Baww, I don't think Albus is being an 'utter poop'! I get why you do, though, but I think it's more him trying out a tough love policy for her. He does understand that she's mourning, and he respects it, but there's a limit, even for mourning a cat. I do think she's different than Rose, because I think Rose was sneakier and more scheme-y. Eugenie can be like that, but she isn't always. There isn't constantly an agenda with her, and we've seen moments of levity with her and Albus, and he does support her, in his way.

This may be my memory failing me, but when does he say he hates her? Where's the bit about rejecting her? He does go, in the end, because he wants to comfort her. Again, it's in his new tough-love-ish way, because he's still tired of indulging her whims (and certainly going to the Hit Wizards to investigate the death of a cat is a pretty crazy whim), but he still goes. It's not about wanting to escape from her, because he really doesn't want to, and it's not that he couldn't if he did want to. They frustrate each other, but there's also something in their association that makes it worth that. Moments like these, I think, were the ones I had in mind when talking about the latter condition. She wants help, he gives it to her. And, with Philip's presence too, it works. It's almost cathartic, because Eugenie gets honest with herself with Philip there to mediate. Albus would never explode at her for being upset about Napoleon's death, because he gets what that is at its most basic level, but what she's doing is still kinda ridiculous. So basically: it's not about not being capable of escaping. He does not want to. He does not think he needs to. He is still there for her when it counts.

Ahem! You'll have to forgive my ranting, because you know by now I am /extraordinary/ at that, but still. Thank you so much, for honoring me with the time devoted to procrastination and for such wonderful reviews and analyses! They make me so happy, really they do.

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Review #21, by Violet Gryfindor VI.

4th December 2011:
Wow! This chapter! How you managed all of these things within the 12+ range is phenomenal because there's so much intensity here, so much potential violence and things that lesser authors would have shamelessly exploited, but you don't need to. The feelings are still here, and they're very powerful, if not more so than in a more explicit version.

I don't know what to think about Albus's reaction to the events. I don't agree with him and how he handled them in the aftermath because the Daniel guy seems like quite a stalker-y sort of fellow, infatuated with Eugenie for some ungodly reason. Maybe it's because of Albus's point of view that I can't see how Daniel would have become infatuated with her. Albus feels a connection with her, but it's tenuous, almost absent at times, and that's what keeps bringing Eugenie back to him, I think - he encapsulates it all in those last two paragraphs.

This story is amazing! The way that you're developing the plot and characters has me glued to the screen. Once again, a story of yours has me in awe of your mad talents. ^_^

Author's Response: ... Somehow I thought I'd responded to all of these reviews. Evidently I haven't, and I do so little on the archives nowadays that I didn't realize this until four months after you posted this. So... :3

I remember being a bit iffy about this chapter, because it's kind of the crux of the whole "12+ fics can have depth too!!1!!11" thing. Here was the depth that would have lent itself well to language or violence. I do have my issues with a dirty mouth, clearly, but I've never been good at choreographing violence, so it was kind of a relief to not have to do that here, hehe. I'm so, so glad that the feelings were there, though, because without those, where would it be?

Looking back on it all, I'm not sure that I agree with Albus' reaction, either, but I think I understand it. Albus hasn't met Daniel, and he never does and all he knows is what Eugenie's told him about this not-fiance, and -- something he knows much more about -- Eugenie herself. From what she told Albus, he just sounds like an ordinary guy falling for a not-ordinary girl and suffers for it. It doesn't really matter what Daniel could have seen in her, but Albus still trusted Daniel's testimony over Eugenie's because he knows what she is like when it comes to emotional matters. She does not deal well with them, she runs away, leaving everything in ashes in her wake. To Albus, it makes sense that someone who had such a strong emotional connection to her would want to see her again after happening by her. It's kind of like he's projecting his own experience onto Daniel.

So when he finds out the truth, his concern isn't primarily about her being stalked (although when she comes to his office, he's clearly distraught at the thought of her being in danger), but rather, that she didn't tell him it was her ex. I don't think his connection to her is really absent, but it's definitely tenuous. And I think it's important to note that they go back to each other; Eugenie could have ignored him once she came back, too, but she didn't. She responded, met with him, and still hangs out with him. It's her choice to be around him just as it's his choice to be around her. But yeah, those last paragraphs say everything, except anything about love. He isn't in love with her (which I think is something a lot of readers miss: he's saying that all of those things are true even without having to be in love. So yeah.)

Ergh seeing your praise on my page always makes me want to crawl into a ball of warmth and joy and confusion. It's incredible, you're incredible, thank you thank you etc. (:

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Review #22, by Violet Gryfindor V.

4th December 2011:
It's really interesting to see that, even after all the years he's known her, Albus still can't "read" Genie, her emotions, her words, anything. She remains an enigma to him, and perhaps that's why he doesn't want her to forget him like he did his last girlfriend - he wants to be something to her because she means quite a bit to him. Of course he'd never admit how much she means to him, especially not to her, but it's there in his narrative - he reveals a lot about himself and his feelings, which makes for a perfect use of the first person on your part.

Another stunning chapter, Gubby! I like this story more and more with each chapter because it's not just a cute humourous love story, but rather one with a lot more depth. There's something intensely sad about Albus's narration in this chapter; he's all nostalgic and lost, existing, but not living. Even Genie's a little different, sharper, more bitter in her responses. Albus better tread carefully if he doesn't want her to forget him completely.

Another fantastic chapter, Gubby! This story isn't what I imagined it would be - it's better. I think I'm addicted now. ^_^

Author's Response: You're right, she is an enigma. And I quite like that analysis: 'he wants to be something to her because she means quite a bit to him.' It's something that, although I may not have said it explicitly (... I honestly don't remember whether I did), it's something that runs through the whole story. No one wants to be forgotten, of course, not even Eugenie, and when an association can be as unequal as this one, of course Albus wants his association with her to be worth more than effort that will not be reciprocated. Again, to be honest, I don't remember why I wrote this in first person, but I can't imagine it having gone in any other way.

'Cute humourous love story' is something I've tried. A lot. And almost every time, with every story of any one-shot-plus length, the story devolves into something a bit more... I would like to say unsettling, but that implies something explicitly horrific, which isn't true. But this story probably is the shining example of all of my more recent ones because I did set out to create something with more depth than the 12+ rating implies. It's interesting that you think Albus is existing instead of living, though. I know I've been making the case for he and Eugenie's association having very strong positive slants in these responses to you, but I'll play devil's advocate and say that Eugenie is not his /whole/ life. He has other friends, other concerns, that don't involve Eugenie. In a way, his association with her was put to the backburner the same way she seems to have done to him while in France. He's changed, and though he wants to make sure their association doesn't go to waste, he doesn't want to have to deal with her the same way he's had to before; he wants to be mature about it, I guess you could say, and get answers from her. Which does tie in with what you said about Eugenie herself -- she is sharper and a bit more bitter, so of course, they're in for a crash course of tension~ and etc (not necessarily of the unresolved sexual type, I should say).

Woohoo for addicting stories! And you reading mine. ^___^

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Review #23, by Violet Gryfindor IV.

4th December 2011:

They're just so... ARG. There's no word to describe how frustrating they are. Genie is vague and mysterious and Albus just doesn't understand, or rather he tries to, and fails miserably. I probably should have felt sorry for him, but by the time the end of the chapter came, and he still tries to ask her to be his date, the real issue for him in all of the conversation, I just wanted to knock some sense into him.

But either way, the conversation was absolutely brilliant. How you made it work, I don't know, but the cleverness factor was very, very high. The realism factor is even higher.

Oh Gubby, why must you be such an amazing writer like this? It's really not fair that you are and that everyone on this site is reading you all the time. I'm mightily enjoying this story - if I had actually managed to get the energy to do anything about that 12+ challenge of mine, this story would most certainly have been the winner. ^_^

Author's Response: LOLOLOL I'm sorry, you have no idea how much vindictive glee I get from making you of all people go into frustration capslock. It's like watching JKR tear up at fanfic or something: very strange, but lots of /muahahaha I did this to YOU of all people/ pride. /tangent

Although to be honest, this was one of my favorite chapters because it's less about Genie being ~mysterious~ and Albus failing to understand her and more about how this is an association -- a friendship, if you will -- that does work on some level. Because Eugenie's issue is not the question of being his date (which she does agree to, I hasten to add); she just wants to share this incredible news with him, and sees an opportunity to do it with this invitation. As such, I wouldn't feel sorry for Albus; he isn't asking her to be his date out of any latent romantic feeling, but out of a real feeling of friendship, of knowing what her dream has always been and out of the positive strength of their friendship. And she, in her quiet way, accepts that, and reciprocates that real sense of friendship. But yeah, this conversation is one of my favorites of the fic, and yay for cleverness and realism! ^___^

But shh, let's not try to inflate my absurd ego anymore with such gross falsities. However -- /EEE/. I always wondered what happened to that challenge, but a;wjerltdwohrkd I can't believe it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I can't tell you how much that means to me.

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Review #24, by Violet Gryfindor III.

4th December 2011:
The way that you're developing your characters and their complicated interrelationships is entirely unconventional for next gens, at least the ones I've read, and thus I entirely love what you've done here. Rose and Scorpius are together and over within a few paragraphs! Genie and Albus approve of each others' choices! These things don't happen in next generation stories - there's some unwritten rule about it in fanon, a rule that I've never actually seen, but people tell me it exists. :P

Your version is much, much better. More realistic because the characters are so human and irrational in their behaviour. Albus has the added bonus of being hilariously adorable with his cluelessness - What would she need him for? - and obvious attraction to Genie - I would have kissed her cheek, but Eugenie was towering over her. It felt awkward. .

It's a fun story to read! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on it and your newer next-gen stories soon! ^_^

Author's Response: Although I do say that I never get to read anymore, I do like to keep myself abreast (... please forgive me for using that word, I swear I'm not like this usually) of trends in plot and characterization in fanfic. Mostly so I can tear them apart in my own fanfic, but also because I'm genuinely fascinated by what draws people in and what keeps them hooked. I'm still incredibly grateful that, even though I like to think I bucked trend with this fic, people found their way to it (and continue to find their way to it, every now and then) and seem to at least have an opinion about it, which is more than I ever hoped for. But actually, the things you've pointed out were written that way less to buck trend than to get to the point. If this hadn't been for a challenge with a deadline I actually wanted to stick to, I would have taken much more time developing the Scorpius/Rose and other B-plots. You know, this was supposed to be a monster one-shot instead of a short story, so I didn't want to waste too much time on things that did not strictly involve Albus and Eugenie. I agree, though: fanon is a funny thing, the way everyone seems to know what constitutes it :P But yeah, if I hadn't had a length and time limit I was consciously sticking to, I probably would have fallen into the same tropes so many others do all the time.

But, to be frank, I wouldn't have it any other way. These quick snapshots into such large chunks of time (two years every chapter) were difficult to balance -- how much is exposition, how much reflection, how much action, etc -- but I'm so glad that this structure with these plot points worked out the way they did. Although, as usual, I will qualify what you term Albus' 'obvious attraction to Genie' by saying it isn't really a romantic attraction at all, it's just him being very aware of Eugenie's issues about love and relationships. There's something almost tense about their interaction sometimes, especially when they've just had such a conversation, so Albus doesn't feel this is the time to engage Eugenie more.

Oh lordy, please stay away from the newer next-gen stories. Whenever I hear that you're interested in what I'm doing or that you're reading something of mine, I quake a little in my boots and bury my face in my hands, because inevitably I know I'm about to die of embarrassment because /I am not worthy/. But you have no idea how glad I am that you read things I write at all, so, as always thank you so much.

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Review #25, by Violet Gryfindor II.

24th October 2011:
Oh my gosh, Gubby, what a chapter! I can't stop giggling over the immense silliness of it. Albus is hilarious. He takes a whole chapter to discuss storytelling, show how bad he and his friends are at it, then return again to restate his argument as though he'd written a grand thesis. However, he did "save" the story from its ridiculous plot hole, very creatively too - have to give him kudos for that. His introductory paragraph was genius - after seeing so many Albus/OCs around, that paragraph made me cheer. So much truth there.

The fairy tale, though rather on the fail side of things, did say a lot about the characters, revealing their personalities based on what contributions they made - it's a wonderfully subtle method of characterization.

I'm so behind on this story, and I'm sorry about that. Been meaning to finish reading this for ages, but now I will do it! It's a fabulous story - the humour is fantastic and just what I need right now. You = insanely amazing writer. ^_^

Author's Response: Aaah, so sorry for the response delay, Susan! But we both know I've never been good with this, so I hope you can forgive me and I'll get to the actual response now:

I'm actually relieved that someone found Albus hilarious; as I remember it, everyone seems to comment more on how hypocritical he is than on how inherently ridiculous he is. He takes himself very seriously, I think we can agree. And he would be flattered that you actually concur with his self-appointed Most Creative title. As I said in another response a long time ago, I almost wish I waited to spring that first paragraph later in the story, because to me nowadays, it reads pretty abruptly, but I haven't changed my opinion on it. And please, don't apologize! Again, we all know what I'm like with keeping up with things and reviewing them as well, but I'm so excited to see you around these parts, and also look forward to shaking my head affectionately at you for spouting such sweet but undeserved nonsense :P Thank you so much for stopping by, as always (:

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