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Review #1, by the midnight avenger Unadulterated Hate

25th October 2010:
anouther great chapter! I really liked how you described the sunrise. you put into words how I feel on the rare occasion that I'm actually up for one. The tension between Miette and Charlie is really getting interesting, and I have a feeling that something important is going to happen soon. the chapter did feel a bit short, but I get why you're keeping them that way. update soon, this is a really good story!

Author's Response: Haha thank you :-) I love sunrises but I never wake up early enough to see them...

But I am glad you like it :-) It is very short because I do not feel it is in my capacity as a writer to write long chapters in a story centred on romance... Or in fact a long story. This is kind of like a self-learning process :-) But it is fun to write.

But yes, shall be updating VERY soon, because I am just waiting for my last chapter of the other story to be validated :-D Yay!!

Thank you for reviewing :-D


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Review #2, by the midnight avenger Shell Cottage

17th October 2010:
that was great! I love how you give your characters so much depth. even as an OC Miette seems very real. by the way, I really like the name you picked for her. update soon, I can't wait to see where you go with this!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I loved the name as soon as I found it, but then later found out it means crumb... but it has a cool sound to it so I kept it :-P

I focus so much on the characters I write. I like creating my own personalities, which is why I steer away from writing the book's major characters.

I shall be updating this in the next couple of days, so allowing time for validation... the next chapter should be up in about a week. :-)


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Review #3, by livy The Beginning: The End

7th October 2010:
YAY another charlie! his my fav and there just aren;t enough out there! cant wait to see how the story goes!! please please dont make them love at first sight it very cliche!
great so far

Author's Response: It most certainly will not be love at first sight. Those stories are boring... Haha. I decided to write this because there really aren't enough Charlie stories out there, which doesn't make sense because he isn't developed much in the books so you can make him how you want :-)

But thank you for reading it :-D


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Review #4, by TenthWeasley The Beginning: The End

5th October 2010:
Merlin's pants, you put tears in my eyes. (: I LOVE Charlie/OC fics and I'm so excited to be the first one to review yours! I lovelovelove it, please update it as quick as you can. Maybe I'll quit crying by then!

Author's Response: Awww thank you :-) Charlie was always my favourite. Haha. I am updating this story and my other one alternately (there are only 3 more chapters of that one, though) because I can't have 2 chapters waiting to be validated... so in probably a week I'll have another chapter up :-)

Glad you like it and I hope I don't disappoint.


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