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Review #1, by mMalfoy Jealousy and Confession Part 2

30th April 2011:
Drama, drama, drama. I like it! But there is months since you updateted.. Hope you'll do it soon!

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Review #2, by patchorjacedm Jealousy and Confession Part 2

15th November 2010:
Awesome story
more more more!!!
thank you...

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Review #3, by Maggie Jealousy and Confession Part 2

27th October 2010:
Hey, this is a great start! One suggestion though, you have WAY too much space between your dialogue and paragraphs. It makes it really hard to read:/ I would go back and change that!


Author's Response: Thanks for the tip! The space is actually sort of automatic though, I didn't do that...I'll try to fix it next time!

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Review #4, by Amparo Jealousy and Confession Part 2

27th October 2010:
Oeh, I'm really going to hate Parvati xD
I like it sofar! But it's not fair you are going to ruin all this happiness :p Read on!! I want more!

Author's Response: That's the whole purpose, I'm trying to MAKE people hate Parvati!
Well, life isn't fair...and if I didn't ruin their happiness, how would the story have a plot?
Once again, thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Amparo Everyone's Happy--right?

27th October 2010:
Ahh, I like it! But not everyone is happy :(
There will be a lot of trouble, I'll think!
I really like your story, so don't quit with it, this time :p

Author's Response: I'm not quitting yet...I'm just having a current writer's block, so the next chapter might not be up for a while. Thanks for reviewing, I'll try to update as soon as I can!

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Review #6, by Elegent Lady Jealousy and Confession Part 2

27th October 2010:

Author's Response: Of course I can! I'm feeling a bit lazy right now so the next chapter might not be on for a while...but I'll try to finish it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by potterprincess07 Jealousy and Confession Part 2

25th October 2010:
The comments I made about the last chapter stand for this one also. Just when you think you know a I also love the cliffhangers that you leave.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you again for reviewing! And...expect the unexpected, I guess you could say, b/c that's what happens in an exciting fanfic. And the cliffhangers add to the suspension, LOL!

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Review #8, by potterprincess07 Jealousy and Confession

25th October 2010:
I love the flashback scene with Pansy and Dean. It's definately different from anything that I've read before about her character.

You definately have a knack for writing about the good in people, which I love!

Author's Response: I got this idea from when I was RPing on a website, so I can't take credit for this idea. But yes, I thought it would be different.

I love writing about the good in people, but I love writing about the bad too, makes it more exciting!

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Review #9, by potterprincess07 Everyone's Happy--right?

25th October 2010:
I love it! I love the character you've created for Daphne - a Slytherin that is decent (other than the fact that everyone loves Draco, but for other reasons : ) ) I like how just because someone is/was a Slytherin doesn't mean that they were/are bad.

I love how all of the weddings are mentioned! Sounds like a romantic comedy movie.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! And yes, I can take full credit for the idea of a decent Daphne, but it actually started on one of my fave websites...and yes, I love that idea too!

It's definitely not a romantic comedy movie, but I have to agree that's how it sounds like!

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Review #10, by katiefelton Everyone's Happy--right?

19th October 2010:
Hey Isannah! I really like this so far!
Did you get the email with the edits for your next chapter?!


Author's Response: Yes, I did! Thank you so much! I'm really going to try to make it better as much as I can. I'm updating the fanfic tomorrow and I'm working on the next chapter. I'll email that to you when I'm finished w/ it. Thanks again!

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Review #11, by realhermionegrainger5 Everyone's Happy--right?

12th October 2010:
Wow. Seems like all these slytherins are giving the " mudblood Gryfindor princess" a chance once she grows into her womanly body. Who would have guessed. I give you not two but four thumbs up for this story. Just dont stop writing.

Author's Response: LOL, this made me laugh! I'm glad you like it, and yes, all the Slytherins are pretty nice in this story. Thanks you so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #12, by OceanGirl1128 Jealousy and Confession

12th October 2010:
Oohhh and the plot thickens!
thank you, keep on writing, im so looking forward to it! :)

Author's Response: You're welcome, and thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #13, by OceanGirl1128 Everyone's Happy--right?

12th October 2010:
This is actually really good! I had my doubts when i realized that Draco was to be arrested, but its drawing me in, i cant resist reading more. SO look for my next review for the next chapter! Thank You!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you like it, I was afraid people wouldn't like the beginning. Next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #14, by mrs felton Jealousy and Confession

12th October 2010:
kewl job! imma a freshmen in highskool too!! lol well awesome job so far ...not bad...jk jk

Author's Response: really? That's cool! Hope you're not getting beat up by the seniors, ha ha. I'm not!
Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by mrs felton Everyone's Happy--right?

6th October 2010:
I'm revewing! LOL
sounds really interesting and intense with hermione/ theo

Author's Response: IKR? I'm trying to get it to be more dramatic though, so currently the second chapter is going through a major edit. It'll be up soon!

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Review #16, by No1HarryPotterFan Everyone's Happy--right?

5th October 2010:
I don't like's only the first chapter and I, already, don't like someone! Also don't like Theo in this story!
They'll prove Draco's innocence though? Definitely! They'll have too!

Author's Response: Yeah, well, it depends if you've read the book I based it on or not...I won't say anymore here!
Yeah, Yaxley's a prat and I'm going to make sure you hate him even more in the next few chapters. Unfortunately, he doesn't show up in the next chappie...
Actually, I feel sorry for Theo, but it's your decision.

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