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Review #1, by Shelby Weasley Moth

21st August 2011:
You do not lie; that was indeed quite disturbing.
Nonetheless it was brilliant.

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Review #2, by Occlumency Moth

2nd December 2010:
I really love this piece! Your young Bellatrix is exactly how I would imagine Bella to be! I think you have captured her beautifully and the length is perfect, just a small moment in time that shows exactly what she is.

Your description is just beautiful!

In hope to see more of your writing of Bellatrix!


Author's Response: It may happen yet, I don't like to say no because I never know where my inspiration will take me. Thanks so much for the lovely feedback,

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Review #3, by CheeringCharm Moth

3rd October 2010:
I really enjoyed reading this, your language is so perfect for the story, and the descriptions are just long enough and keeps me captured.
I think that you have made Bellatrix as she probably was...
I liked the shortness of it, as it makes it feel like just a moment which might have lasted for a hours...
a very good story, it really brings out the darkness within her.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review :D I'm so glad you liked it, and yes I definitely wanted to capture a brief moment or snapshot of the young Bellatrix.

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Review #4, by thehyacinthgirl Moth

1st October 2010:
You were right, this was a bit disturbing. To see Bellatrix so sadistic at a young age is disheartening. Yet I think it's very in character, as well!

I was curious as to what this might be about when I saw that Bellatrix was involved and there was only 'mild' violence, I must admit. The summary itself was also what caused me to plunge into this piece. I found it hauntingly beautiful.

This piece flows together quite eloquently. I love the poeticism of it, despite the fact that it's very gothic in nature.

It's amazing the scope of character you bring to Bellatrix in so few words. I generally like longer pieces, but I think that this piece is good enough as is. There's nothing I would add or detract from the piece.

Your characterization, as I mentioned before, was spot on - I think. I can't imagine Bella as being a sweet and gentle girl.

The ending was eerie. Yet I really liked it. It seemed very Bellatrix, but that secret smile must have been chilling to anyone whom caught sight of it.

Your descriptions were gorgeous, as well.

All in all, this was a very well written and enjoyable piece! Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Linders! Sorry for the late reply but I really was delighted when I read your review. So thought-provoking and lovely :D I really wanted to bring out the creepiness in this, without making the piece completely horrifying. And it just seems to me that when you set that nature of hers against the otherwise innocent tone of the piece, it's more disturbing.

I really appreciate the feedback :D

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