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Review #1, by zelunatic I Still Think

11th May 2011:
update s soon please ahahaha i love it!

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Review #2, by naflower05 I Still Think

14th November 2010:
good chapters! but i dont think that remus would react this way. i think he would go to madam pomfrey, because he would know that she needed help, he wouldn't hide her for his own selfish reasons. i feel like remus would be so guilty that he would think that he should be expelled. but its you story, so update again soon!!! =]

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Review #3, by fire witch I Still Think

23rd October 2010:
oooh is that plan actually going to work?!?!

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Review #4, by LynnelikesPotter I Still Think

21st October 2010:
Yay for updates!

Aww, Remus told Lily!

BAHHAHHAHAHA. I can't wait to see (or read I guess) James reaction! This is gonna be good :)

I LOVE Darren Criss! I am super excited for him to be on Glee! Yay!

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Review #5, by LynnelikesPotter Seven Swans

10th October 2010:

VERY GOOD. 10/10


Thank you (::

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Review #6, by Lilly B. Seven Swans

9th October 2010:
I love your story!
Please keep writing? D:

Author's Response: Thank you!! (: The next chapter should be up really soon!

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Review #7, by katie Seven Swans

8th October 2010:
Best story on this site by far.Post the next chapter up as soon as possible.

Author's Response: Thank you (: I'm going to try to get it sent in tonight so it shouldn't be too long!

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Review #8, by katie Chemo Limo

7th October 2010:
Post the next chapter up soon,i need to know what happens :)
Your a very good writer,this story is written well , not like all this other sappy B.S people put on here.

Author's Response: I'm just waiting for it to be validated (: I'm hoping that it get's up today, I sent it in the the third. But thank you! I really like knowing that people like it ahha (::

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Review #9, by A Harry Potter Obsessed Person Chemo Limo

3rd October 2010:
This is a really good start! I can't wait to read more! I hope ou stick with it!

Author's Response: Ahh, I would hate to see this die down, I'm actually kind of getting attached to my characters and it's just started d:
Thank you!

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Review #10, by hermionetwin44 Chemo Limo

3rd October 2010:
This is really good. it's very original. please update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you so much (: I tried to think of an original plot ahah.
I'm just about done the second chapter now too.

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Review #11, by missingcupcakes Chemo Limo

3rd October 2010:
Lovely story I adore Remus/oc makes me happy. But what is up with Anastasia silly silly sleeping outside.
Update soon and kudos on the avpm reference. Love it.

Author's Response: Ahh, I know, I realized as I was reading through these that there absolutely not enough Remus/OC. It made me sad. So I'm doing my own aha. And yes, she is a silly silly lady I would have to say. d:

I'm planning on finishing the second tonight, and three cheers for AVPM. (: Aha. It was just too great to not put.

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Review #12, by LynnelikesPotter Chemo Limo

3rd October 2010:

I really like this story, Elizabeth. Can you maybe update reaaaly soon?


Author's Response: AHA! (: Yaay, I'm just working on the second chapter, and I'm submitting it tonight, so yeah, it shouldn't be too long then. Thank you though!

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Review #13, by naflower05 Chemo Limo

3rd October 2010:
this seems good so far! update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on the next chapter right now actually, it should be up really soon.

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Review #14, by Kellie Chemo Limo

3rd October 2010:
This is a really good story idea! I cant wait to read more :]

Author's Response: Thank you so much! (: First comment, it makes me so happy.

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