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Review #1, by TenthWeasley Under My Skin

9th March 2012:
Hello! I'm dropping by with a rather late QTR review for you. :)

I really like the aspect of this that you portrayed, and I think you hit the challenge prompt -- the 'jealous Draco Malfoy' bit -- quite well. His emotions were written very strongly and plainly, and that's a good thing. Not beating around the bush is essential in one-shots, because you have that much less room to ramble. :D I felt very bad for Draco, and I can't imagine the situation was easy for him in the slightest. And normally he's not a character I hold a lot of sympathy for, so the fact that you managed to evoke it is a credit to you! I just wanted to smack Pansy. Couldn't she see how she was hurting him? :(

Your perception of pureblood arrogance, too, significantly impressed me. It's exactly how I see them -- cold, arrogant people who attempt not to feel solely for the purpose of never having to feel /bad/. Pureblood witches and wizards considered themselves above everyone else, higher on the evolutionary scale than anyone, and experiencing the same emotions a Muggle might would have scarred them had they let onto it.

Great job on this one-shot -- I really enjoyed reading it! I'm glad I got the chance to swing by, and should I get another chance, I would hesitate to make another visit. :) Excellent!

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