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Review #1, by LittleWelshGirl99 Statues of Us

28th September 2012:
Ugh, this was so powerful and sad. I love the way you wove the picture so clearly and heart-wrenchingly, it was just perfect and horrible at the same time. Bittersweet, definitely. I had certainly teared up somewhere along the line because I had to wipe my eyes the computer screen was all blurry!

I’ve always been afraid of writing stories with Harry in because it’s so hard to characterise him right. But this – this was wonderful. All of Harry’s reactions and thoughts and things – it was all exactly the way I might imagine them to be.

The thought of all those crying families decorating gravestones and saying goodbye – it was so real and raw and heartbreaking! Gosh, this was so amazing.

I also like the way Harry acknowledged that he hadn’t /really/ been a fighter – “running around underneath the invisibility cloak” during the battle. And although it’s a bit too self-critical (he did save the world :P) I liked that line. I just did.

Anyway, I’m sorry about my series of rather unhelpful reviews – I’ve always been a slow reviewer! But I’ve had a lot of fun reading all your lovely stories jordan :3 Write more soon!!

-Annon ♥

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Review #2, by hedwigs_theme Statues of Us

13th March 2012:
Wow this story is really moving! I loved it so much. The emotion was amazing! :) Great Job!

Author's Response: Oh gosh :') Reviews like this just make my day. I'm glad you liked this one-shot so much! Thanks for reviewing ♥

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Review #3, by TheProphecy Statues of Us

15th February 2011:

Review bomb continues!!!

So, I loved your beginning, It was a bit of a shock after reading actors because it went all serious, but it’s good, It really pulls the reader in.

I love the emotion when they buried Collin, what his mother felt I felt too, it was heart-breaking. The same with Harry’s thoughts which I thought were very realistic, I have actually written something where Harry goes through his thoughts after the war and mine is nowhere as good as yours :)

I loved the ending and I loved the monument idea and how they built one for him and Harry didn’t want that. I thought that was so lovely!!

Author's Response: HEHE. Usually I write more light and humorous stuff, so this was a bit of an experiment for me. I'm so glad you thought this was equally as good as Actor :) And oh pfft, I'm sure whatever you wrote is way better than mine. Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm so glad you like this one-shot! ♥


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Review #4, by brenda Statues of Us

9th January 2011:
i liked it becase it talks about the unsung heros that r never spoken of

Author's Response: Aww thanks brenda! They really don't get enough mention, so I'm glad you liked that aspect of the story! Thanks for the nice review :)


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Review #5, by casizzle21 Statues of Us

5th January 2011:
Interesting story! I enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


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Review #6, by momotwins Statues of Us

4th January 2011:
I think I've read this story before, it seems very familiar. Maybe I validated it. Or I read it and was too lazy to review, also possible. Anyhoo, *snowball* I really enjoyed it. It's just so... perfectly fitting. Harry would want a monument, and they would muck it up by making a statue of him, which would of course horrify him. It's so perfect that it feels quite obviously true, kwim? I love how he made the gravestones bigger and is about to toss the statue in the river. Definitely made me smile, and great job on Harry's characterization in here. Absolutely dead-on accurate to canon. I liked the opening with Colin Creevey's mom, poor thing. You did a good job balancing the initial sadness with the funny yet poignant ending of Harry "fixing" the statue. Great job, m'dear. ;)

Author's Response: DEAD-ON ACCURATE TO CANON? *mouth drops open* Oh my god, that's insane! That means so much from you :) I mean, when I wrote it I had a feeling Harry would have a reaction to a monument like that, and I'm glad you evidently thought the same way. As for the balance part, I don't think I can stand too much sadness in one story. There's got to be balance in there somewhere, so I'm glad you think I did a good job of that ;) Thank you for this lovely review!


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Review #7, by WitnesstoitAll Statues of Us

30th December 2010:

I read creeped on your author page even though you told me not too! :-{ (That's the mustache-incognito face). I picked this story because it was the most recent and because I love Colin. It was a good little one shots. The scenes were well seperated, but still flowed together and the description was well done. The story itself was touching and very Harry-esque. I now know that I shan't believe you when you tell me not to look at you page. :P This was an enjoyable read.


Author's Response: OH MY GOODNESS MELISSA.
Stop denying it - my stories are terrible compared to the ones at TGS! I'm glad you liked this story, though - it means a lot! Description well done?! *flails* Your review has just made my day, and all your kind words really mean a lot from you.
Despite you getting around my tight security, I really appreciate your review. :D Thank you so much, Melissa! *HUGS*


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Review #8, by Singularity Statues of Us

27th December 2010:
This is beautiful. I teared up a bit at the beginning.

I think you've characterized Harry perfectly - the way he feels about Colin after his death, the guilt he feels, his desire for the spotlight to be elsewhere and the fallen heroes recognized, his reaction to the memorial. It's all brilliant. It just seems exactly how Harry would react.

Author's Response: YOU TEARED UP?!
Whoa :O Ahh do you need a tissue? *hands over the box I always have handy*
This was a really hard one-shot for me to write, and for you to say it was beautiful really hits home. :') Oh look, now you have ME crying.
haha, I'm happy you liked my characterization of Harry, and thank you for this kind review!


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Review #9, by justonemorefic Statues of Us

24th December 2010:
JORDAN WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL ME OF THIS? THIS IS SO ORIGINAL. I mean, I could totally see all of this actually happening (incidentally, I saw everything happening in black and white) and OMG A HUGE STATUE OF HARRY POTTER, they WOULD. They so would. Ahhh it was so melancholy but I love all the fuzzy feeling of triumph from all this collective hope and sacrifice. And Colin's death really was so sad because he was so innocent.

I shall say, watch unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. Here's also a bit of passive voice: "Gravestones were being crudely created by families whose eyes were clouded with tears". And watch your sentence structure ("Brandishing his wand frustratedly, Harry shrunk the statue until it could fit into the palm of his hand. Pocketing it for a later trip to the river where he would hopefully never see it again, he turned to the gravestones that surrounded him").


Author's Response: *HIDES*
But my writing is so terrible. I was embarrassed for my writing! Plus I don't even actively practice it like I probably should :P There IS a reason why my WIP hasn't been updated since October, you know.

Anyways, I WILL DEF FIX ALL THAT STUFF YOU POINTED OUT. *hugs* Whoops about that passive voice - can't believe I did that. *bangs head against wall*

Thanks for leaving this review, Gina! AND IT HAD CAPS?! I FEEL SO HONORED 8D


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Review #10, by philly94 Statues of Us

30th November 2010:
hey there :)
your emotional sense was really good, I felt mrs creevey's grief during Colin's funeral, and harry's frustration after the statue was put up. Your message wasn't as clear, but it was there. Your description was really good though :)

sorry it took so long, i just got caught up in real life for a bit there :P

Author's Response: Hello! Haha don't worry, I understand how RL can catch us in a whirlwind sometimes. Thank you so much for your input! :)


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Review #11, by maskedmuggle Statues of Us

7th November 2010:
This was different to your other funny, humour one shots, but you wrote this brilliantly as well.
It was every bit as engaging, and though you didn't make me laugh, you still had an interesting and original plot and basically, I STILL LOVED IT!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Lottie! *hugs* I'm probably going to go back and tweak this a bit (add more description, etc.) but for now I think I'll leave it. :) I'm so excited that you liked it though!


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Review #12, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Statues of Us

23rd October 2010:
Hi there! So what I thought was great about this was the idea of commemorating everyone, from the hero to the dead to the survivors. It's an idea that can be translated to many other real-world things, and makes perfect sense. The idea itself was wonderful, complete with Harry receiving a gross statue of himself and needing to toss it out. I will say, however, there's much that can improve this great message you're trying to get across.

I agree some more description could be used. Of the cemetery itself, of the larger-than-life statue of Harry, of Harry's grief. For instance, this was a great line: "A cloud of disgust hung in the air around him as he gaped in shock at this monstrous block of stone before him." You had a few of these gems in there, that really brought the story to life. But I felt there was so much more to say. Like how the dead were larger than life, for what they'd died for. I also thought it was a great point that no one wanted to hear more about Harry, and if you'd elaborated on that it would have been fine.

So yes, more detail would have been good. You had this great idea, but it didn't come out as smoothly as it maybe could have. The three sections were good, but if they were longer they could have flowed better. So don't go back to writing only humorous one-shots! This was good, and with practice you'll get even better. Nice work.


Author's Response: Gah, description is such a problem for me. It's hard to transfer the thoughts in my mind to the page without it sounding too adjective heavy. I'm afraid of overdoing it sometimes, but I guess overdone is better than under-done :) Thank you so much for pointing out how I could fix the description and such! You always leave such great reviews :D


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Review #13, by Canadian_Hogwarts Statues of Us

16th October 2010:
You should write both. I was going to say write more serious ones... but I love your funny stories too, so I thought I should clarify, just in case you decided it was only going to by serious stories from now on. So write both types. I thought that this story was really well done. Harry's disgust with the statue of himself was perfect. He really would hate it if he was being celebrated in a graveyard. And his monument it all the fallen hero's was so Harry-like. I loved it. Keep it up!

Author's Response: AH a review!!! :D
Sorry, I just get so excited when I see these lovely things.

Alright, well, don't worry, I would NEVER stop writing funny stories! I'm so ecstatic you thought this story was really well done because it was EXTREMELY difficult for me to keep on going & to keep writing...I think I must've played the replay button on that song a bajillion times. I'll try to churn out another serious one when the inspiration comes, but for now I'm going back to my comfort zone for a while. ;) Anyways, thank you so much for the heartwarming review! My day looks a lot brighter now :)


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Review #14, by Hyenni Statues of Us

4th October 2010:
Ooooh, intriguing ^^

I thought it was sort of...bittersweet? Is that the right word? Ah, well, it'll have to do until I finish reading that thesaurus ;) I thought the idea of him taking a photo with Colin's camera was lovely. It's kind of ironic that Harry takes a photo of himself willingly for opposed to all the surprise photos Colin took of Harry when he was alive :P

All in all, a lovely little piece :) ^^

Author's Response: Haha, I often refer to my thesaurus, too. ^_^ I'm so glad you enjoyed this piece since it was my first serious one and I was a bit nervous about it. No, I wasn't nervous, I was (*refers to thesaurus*) out of my mind with worry. Oh gosh. I'm so glad you think the Colin/Harry photo moment was a good touch. I couldn't make the entire piece sad and I just HAD to add in some irony in the end. Thank you so much for the review of my little bittersweet one-shot! I'm glad you think it turned out well. You'll be hearing sighs of relief from me. ;)


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Review #15, by thehyacinthgirl Statues of Us

4th October 2010:
I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for the Creevey's. Though, I do have one question - what happened to Colin's brother Dennis? Surely, he'd be there, no?

Ah well. I don't think it detracts from the piece any, it just made me curious. :)

Well, I think you did a good job for your first serious piece. It was certainly quite interesting, and an idea that I don't think anyone explored before.

It would be so like the Ministry to put up a momument of Harry instead of a proper memorial.

If I had any suggestions it would be, perhaps, to add a bit more detail to each section. I know that there's only so much than one can say in certain situations, but there wasn't much depth to this scratching beneath it's surface.

Except, of course, for the third part. Where I could really feel Harry's disgust and annoyance.

What he did for those fallen heroes was admirable. Yet it does seem very in character and Harry. So kudos there!

You should write what you want, dear. But I really liked this. It's different from the other post hogwarts Harry's that I've seen, and it was a refreshing change.


Author's Response: You just made this huge smile stretch across my face. It's unstoppable. Not that I would want to stop it, but I tested just to make sure ;)

Huh, I assumed Dennis was MIA or dead..I'm not exactly sure what happened to him in canon but I thought both the Creevey brothers died. I'm probably wrong though, haha.

I am so, UBER glad you think Harry is in character. I was so nervous about writing him since I think JKR has him pretty much mapped out. I don't do really well with writing and guidelines. ^_^ This was a difficult piece for me to write. After a while the inspiration would stop flowing and I'd had to click "replay" on my iTunes for the song that was basically running the machine of the story, its oil.

And that's why I'm so ecstatic that you think my story is, to quote you, "certainly quite interesting, and an idea that I don't think anyone explored before." My jaw is dropping right there. I've read on the forums about your username change so of course I recognized you as the beloved author who wrote "Elvendork" and so many other creative fics. I understand that you want people to start remembering you as thehyacinthgirl, but I think for now LindaSnape is going to be stuck in my head for quite a while. heh xD

Anyways, I'm so awed that you even bothered to review my story and said it was good, too! YOU GAVE ME KUDOS!!! I'll definitely try to add some more depth and detail, something else I guess I'm not that used to. With humor, you just skate or scratch a bit beneath the surface, so it's easier (for me anyway). I wanted to try writing this, just to see if I could, you know?

Wow, this response is certainly longer than the review you gave me, but I really am so happy..wait. Let me go check the thesaurus for synonyms of happy. I'm so glad, gleeful, overjoyed, and delighted that you gave me this review and I really appreciate it. It's so nice to come to a review like this after a long, hard day. Thank you so much. *hugs*


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