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Review #1, by georgiacate We Are Children; Playing Childrens' Games

31st January 2011:
Wow! This piece is truly amazing. I don't normally like poetry but this just worked so well. I can't believe Jessica Jooney wrote those poems! They're incredible, and the poems fit in perfectly with the rest of the text.

JESSICA JOONEY IS A GENIUIS! She has to know it...
I heard she was writing a new piece; a longer one. I bet it will be her best yet :)

So, Jessica Jooney, if your reading this, I hope you realise what a complete legend your fans think you are, and I am willing to bet that you will become a totally awesome "published" author when you are older!

Love your biggest fan,
Georgia Cate
(more commonly known as the ace of hearts...)

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Review #2, by LilySnape4eva We Are Children; Playing Childrens' Games

2nd November 2010:
Wow. Very sweet, but who was the guy...? Was it Severus or James?

Author's Response: The main guy mentioned was Severus and she was marrying James.

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Review #3, by thehyacinthgirl We Are Children; Playing Childrens' Games

29th September 2010:
Wow, I wasn't sure what I would make of this. I really enjoyed it, though. It was a beautiful piece of work.

I never saw Lily portrayed as the type that would write/quote poetry so that was quite an interesting twist, at the end. Though, in a way it seems like something she would do. It's much easier than explaining in words the dissolving of a friendship that she and Severus shared.

I also particularly loved this description: Though sometimes he had flashes of anger so fierce he wanted to destroy, or sadness so intense he couldnít cry. But most of the time he understood, and that helped. Not much, but it helped. These lines made me smile.

Few people truly understand the complexity of Severus as they are blinded by their hate for him, I believe, and thus this was a breath of fresh air. This wasn't melodramatic in the least. It was realistic and still heartbreaking.

Your descriptions and your characterizations were spot on, I believe.

If I had any criticisms with the piece, it would be the flow. The line breaks really distracted me, not enough to stop me from reading, but enough for me to mention. I also would have liked to have seen a glimpse of James, but that's just me. I know full well that might have taken away from the piece as it was about Lily and Severus.

Great job with this piece!


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